Insomnia / iBar Review, Pattaya | 2016 Prices

For those that aren’t aware the main nightclub for picking up prostitutes in Pattaya is Insomnia / iBar. Upstairs is the loud fistpumper disco (Insomnia), downstairs is the more laid back hang out bar (Ibar). There are stairs inside connecting the two and they use the same VIP card.


Pics via Club Insomnia Pattaya Fan Page

This is considered to be the best venue to meet freelancers in Pattaya. Think High Society in Angeles City. I normally hate hooker discos but since it’s such a good pickup spot and you can get away with not buying a drink, I take a stroll through basically every night when I am in Pattaya.

In my month there I think I went in 26 or 27 nights. I did the same the last time I was there 3 years ago.

I saw 2 girls I had banged on my previous trip. 3 years is a long time and it made me sad to see one of them (the other was kind of a bitch) who had been my regular go to girl on the last trip.

She had a great body and was a nice girl. I thought she probably would have been wifed up in that time, but sadly she had not. I felt like telling her to get on Thaifriendly or ThaiCupid.

My last time here I remember walking up to girls and saying ‘want come my room’ and they would say yes most of the time. 1000 for short time was the price and only a few asked for me. The one that became my regular asked for 1500 for multiple pops the first time, but from then on came for 1k.


Prices Going Up

This time round in 2016 it seemed that 1500 Baht ($42) had become the standard short time price, at least for any of the desirable girls. My problem is I don’t really find Thai girls attractive (except for the super hot ones) so I don’t feel like paying $40 (or double what I would pay in the Philippines) to girls I don’t find hot.

They have really nice bodies, or at least they are in shape and not fat. But their faces generally do nothing for me. After my first few days of ‘omg these stomachs are so incredible’ had died down I realized I wasn’t too attracted to most of ’em.

I pretty much approached every attractive girl in the place in my first week there. I got their Lines and would invite them over in non peak hours. At 2am they have a chance to snag a big fish and get a real payday. At 9pm before they head out they are more likely to come for less.

For the first two I didn’t discuss price and this was before I had known that prices had gone up. I told them through Line that I just wanted a quick blowjob and they would only be in my place for 20 mins.

I even said ‘I am not sure if what I pay you will be enough, but its easy money ok’ and they both said OK. I gave them 600 when they left and both were fine with it. One of them (the hotter one) came over 4 times, the other I never invited back cuz she was less attractive than I remembered her being.

I got another girl for 1k for 2 BJs and she actually came home with me that night because she said she had to go to BKK the next day. I then saw her back at iBar every night that week.

She knew the price before she came, we got along great. She was horny and tried to talk me into fucking the second time. She said she always made guys wear condoms and I asked if I would have to wear one and her reply was: ‘are you clean?’

So no, I wouldn’t have had to wear one. But she gave really good head and I don’t fuck in hooker cities. She would never come back over which surprised me.

She would see me out and say hi and chat and give me a hug, but when I would invite her over in Line she wouldn’t reply. I even upped my price and she wouldn’t come.

She lived in Jomtien just past my place and we talked about how she should stop by on her way to Walking Street, she said ya, and then wouldn’t. Hmmm……


Come Party With My Friends!!!!

I was surprised at how much of this I got from the iBar girls. This is one of my main annoyances with Filipina hookers and I don’t really remember it happening at all last time I was in Thailand.

But this time quite a few wouldn’t come to my room unless I went up there and partied with them in iBar first. Most reading this already know I am not gaming a hooker.

In iBar there is much more of a party with my friends and maybe go with a guy if I feel like it vibe then upstairs. It exists for some girls in Insomnia, but I think girls up there are more money hungry (but generally less attractive also.)

I would see many of these girls there every night at 4am, I would try to go when there was spill over from the go-go’s (more on this later) so went really late. If they are there that late and not making out with a dude they are probably going home alone.

Maybe Thai hookers aren’t as quick to make a buck as I used to think.

Same Faces Different Day

This is really what shocked me the most about the place. After a week there I felt like I had already seen every freelancer in Pattaya. It is a much much smaller scene then I ever expected.

That spill over effect with the go-go girls coming in after their shift…. not so much. The same girls were there at 2am as were there at 4am. Or if new ones were coming in they weren’t hot enough to be noticed.

The times that I did notice hot go-go girls in there they were with guys that had already barfined them and were off limits. I even started to pick up on seating patterns and could predict which girls would be at which table before I went in.

In a city with so many hookers I am still pretty shocked at how small the player pool was here. And to be honest how little talent there was.


Too Many Young White Dudes

This is what just kills Thailand for me. There were times where there were more young white guys in iBar then I would have seen in 2 months in the Phils.

They are young, they are dressed nice, they are on vacation and think that buying drinks for a girl all night and then giving her 2k baht for sex is great value (because for anyone living in the western world it is.) I don’t wanna compete with that.

As much as I am trashing on iBar and Pattaya in general I can understand it from the girls perspective. They have loads of tourists coming through throwing money around.

Guys that will party with them and pretend to pick them up so they can go on tricking themselves into not being hookers. And then here I come in a $2 t-shirt and ask for their Line is and lowball them to suck me off.

If I were them I wouldn’t go with me either. Well if I really knew that it would be 600 baht to be in my room for 20 mins or less then I would. But I would never give it a shot to try it out and confirm.


LOL @ Them Having DJs

To be fair this isn’t only an iBar/Insomnia thing, this is how it is at every disco/bar I have gone to in Asia. They have some dude stand up in the DJ booth and pretend he is spinning while they have the same CD on repeat for a month.

I did get one just surreal out of body experience out of this. I was making my first lap around iBar and I got my first ever chance to listen to some awful ‘she used to call me on my cellphone’ song. R&B at its worst.

As I am walking around the first thing I see is some 25 year old tall blonde dude getting totally into this terrible song and singing it to the hooker that he will pay 2k to in the morning.

As I walk past the next table a guy and his hooker he will pay 2k to in the morning are putting their hands up to their ears like they are phones and pretending to talk to each other along with the song.

This entire lap around the place was just me seeing douchebags at their most douchebaggiest level and it was perfection. If I could go back and record anything I have witnessed over the last year it would certainly be that lap.

Then I got to listen to this song another 20ish times over the next month and it was basically always stuck in my head. Thanks iBar.

And now that I search Youtube to share this wonderful musical masterpiece with my readers I find out its a Drake song. Even worse.

40 Responses

  1. DongScholar says:

    lotta hilarious shit here, spill the beans on the internet in philz

  2. cebubanger says:

    so there’s no cover charge? and how long did you last until someone noticed you didn’t buy a drink? and how much prostitutes there want for long time?

    • kick2dante says:

      ive been in there 40+ times sometimes for up to an hour never bought a drink no one notices, no cover

      prices vary from girl to girl, for long time i would guess you are paying 1500-2500

  3. yellowfever says:

    Haha kind of funny i like to dance and have fun with the whores in insomnia and ibar. I actually have prolly done the phone thing multiple times while partying with whores you might of even seen me! You just dont like drinking/dancing. Even if I’m paying in the morning its still a million times funner hanging with prostitutes then dancing with fat chicks at the clubs in the USA.

  4. tpickles says:

    Every single girl I’ve ever taken from ibar /insomnia was longtime.I think longtime is pretty much a given with any of the girls from a disco.Usually sex asap back in the room then sleep,sex again ,then they leave anywhere from noon -5pm .again never discuss price but some girls will ask “how much you give me?” before going.
    The average girls are still happy with 1000 if they like you .The hotter ones ,which can be hard to find some nights, want 1500 min,and some 2000.

    Just my experiences from this past September.

  5. frank says:

    Same douchebag gangstar/player wanna bes type in PH. Kinda sad.

    On another subject I do the disco lap too..

    I stroll in to high society don’t say a word do a lap or two examine every girl then find/grab a 8 to 9 and leave. Funny thing is old guys have gotten mad at me.. Tell me to buy the girl a drink. I say hey buddy if you want her you buy her a drink. I’m not buying hookers drinks… They don’t get it.

    In Angeles I’ve noticed that if I wait at the McDonald’s end of walking street at 3am a flood of hookers with no customers from closings bars fills the street. It reminded me of a stampede you’d see on a nature documentary. A vast hooker migration of desperate hookers and I don’t have to deal with bars. After that there is another wave at 5am from the nightclubs.. These hookers are drunk and even more desperate. Supply and demand..

    • jspill says:

      Lol a similar stampede / funnel effect happens at the entrance to Nana Plaza in BKK about 2:30am, it’s easy pickings

    • kick2dante says:

      when i lived in angeles i went out at 4am EVERY night, there were lots of bars that closed at that time to (and it fit better for my poker schedule then a 3am break)

      the streets are packed all around fields

      there are some guys of this type in phils, but its on a whole nother level in thailand, there were more young white guys in ibar on a friday night then go to hiso in a month

    • Has says:

      Think I might try this when I go this may….. So I should hopefully be able to get the women for less yeah? Lol

      • frank says:

        If you want cheap go to perimeter bars. Some bars still 1500 and 1 or 2 girls in every perimeter bar is hot. I don’t see any quality difference between fields and perimeter girls except for the price. The girls move bars a lot too. So you will see girls work at fields one week then work at perimeter another week. The bars all compete for the same girls.

        • Mohammed says:

          I think I’ll just stick to the bars…..only there for 11 nights so don’t if I can be bothered waiting all night hoping for some women to come with me…..

      • kick2dante says:

        the late night after the bars close thing isn’t really great for someone on a vacation for a few reasons

        lots of girls are really scared of meeting guys off the street because mamasans tell them how bad and scary the dangerous street guys are (so the girls wont do sneak outs and the bar can get their cut)

        also the hottest girls will likely have been barfined by that time if they dont have menstruation or are willing to go with a guy, you don’t get the best pickings at that time

        and with so many girls around some won’t want to be seen walking off with a guy because they can get fired for sneakouts (or fined)

        i’m not saying you shouldn’t try it, don’t just base your whole night around it and rely on it, even though i did it every night i very rarely ended up bringing a girl home with me

  6. frank says:

    What is the age of consent in Philippines? I have a 17 year old college girl that wants to meet she claims she is a good girl. I mean legal age to go out/ date GF not a one time hooker meet up.

  7. Brockstar says:

    God I hate the music they play at the Asian hooker discos. The one that got stuck in my head (unfortunately) was the one that goes, “I’m in love the coco, coco”. I think I heard that each and every night when I went into HiSo. Then I saw the actual video…..and all I could think is, “you’re kiddin’ me, right?”.

    I think if I made a rap video I’d have nothing but fat chicks, midgets and ladyboys just to stick it to em’! 😀

  8. Big Johnson says:

    Is it true that Insomnia and Ibar don’t let ladyboys in? There are just too many ladyboys in Thailand trying to get picked up. I also do not like the faces of many Thai girls. They are very androgynous looking. You never know if they are boy are girl. Many of the Thai girls now are getting nose jobs, so they have an even weirder look.

  9. Big Johnson says:

    I haven’t been to Thailand in several years. Do Thai girls that are not working girls get tattoos? What about fake boobs? I’ve always thought that the girls with the tattoos and fake boobs had too many miles on them already. What is your thoughts?

  10. kick2dante says:

    i saw some tattoos on girls who i didnt necessarily think were pros….. but you can never be sure

    i never noticed any ladyboys in ibar or insomnia and assume they keep them out, right across the street (just to the left if you are exiting ibar) is the main ladyboy hang out in pattaya and i never saw any of them go into ibar or insomnia

    i would agree with the fake boob comment, 1 tattoo probably not a big deal but fully tatted would be a good sign……. jspill may have better answers on that one though

  11. jspill says:

    Some normal girls will get a small tattoo. There’s some link between it and the bargirl scene but then again I’ve met some university girls who bang hundreds of guys on Thaifriendly, are more sexually active than some hookers, never use a condom, and don’t have tattoos. So it varies. There’s no clear divide between good girl and working girl in Thailand. With fake boobs they cost about ~$1.5k so some guy(s) probably paid for it.

    • Dan says:

      University girls from Thai friendly have told you this ?or you can just tell they get around?

      • jspill says:

        Yeah they’d tell me, one in particular would send me pics of the guys she was seeing, still does. Even doing a threesome with 2 foreign guys at once then sending me ‘guess what I just did’ with pics.

  12. Dan says:

    Haha ,I’d like to see those pics .How many girls on Thai friendly would you say are like this?
    The girls I’ve been meeting the past couple weeks all seem pretty conservative,except maybe one .
    I must be doing something wrong!lol
    I have no problem getting messages on thaifriendly and girls line IDs but things seem to fizzle out quickly.Girls have so many guys messaging them ,it’s hard to compete it seems.Maybe I’m doing something wrong.

    • jspill says:

      I’d say it’s just variance, you can easily have a dry spell for a couple weeks. You’re probably not doing anything wrong.

      I wouldn’t say it’s a super high % of girls that are crazy nymphomaniac sluts, maybe like 5%. It’s not like they’re everywhere. But since you can meet girls so quickly, then that 1 girl in 20 comes around faster and they stick in the mind. You still have to cast a wide net though, fire off tons of messages and use different sites.

      Thaicupid isn’t free so the girls have way less guys messaging them. Still cheap though for a month. That should be long enough to get a ton of contacts. And nowadays a lot of Thaifriendly girls are hookers / semi-hookers only meeting up with guys who offer money + date. I wrote about this here:

      P.S. This was the uni girl lol –

  13. ahadh says:

    Need a elder woman above 45 in pattaya I am visiting

  14. Braker123 says:

    Hey Dante: You are spot on about Insomnia and IBar differences and the scene in general at the Pattaya discos. However, I sense a good deal of anger on your part as well…or maybe anger coupled with frustration about the limits of your game being successful at Insomnia due to your willingness to pay say 1,500-2000. And of course, for drinks.

    One thing about life, re music and girls, and younger vs older guys that you refer to : it always is different strokes for different folks. It seems like you don’t work much, or make much, but on the other hand try to party every night and you are outgunned in the money department. That’s not the fault of the other less experienced guys!. They pay more to level the playing field against guys like you ! Because they have to ! If they paid the same as you do, then they would lose to you every time. I was there in May and hit Insomnia almost every night and lived it. I would love to see you there again and watch you get angry, frustrated, and leave after that. ! LOL. Just kidding…you seem like a good guy…so peace and all the best !

  15. kick2dante says:

    i dont really ever get angry, i didnt see any girls there that were worth paying 1500 and spending hours gaming…… girls can get my time or my money not both….. unless they are 10’s, and i dont think i saw more than 1 or 2 8’s in a month in patts

  16. Maxollecavallin says:

    I wifed one. She didn’t ask for money. Don’t think they are all prostitutes. They just happen to have western boyfriends.

  17. Alex says:

    On my latest trip in early July I picked up a couple of nice girls from Insomnia for 1500 to 2000 THB but the absolutely best ones are available in Central beach road shoppng mall FOR FREE! I mean these ladies in their early 20s sitting behind their desks in the small shops and looking bored. You just have to chat them up and say something nice about their eyes and smile and and there you go, you have a young nice lady to shag for as long as you feel like changing.

    One of them was Bozo Savitee who works at the information desk on the ground floor, beach road side.

    So why go to Insomnia and pay for a lady when you can get better ones for free 😀

    • Reader says:

      Dat mustache tho…

    • jack says:

      closed mouth on all pictures = fucked up teeth.

    • Lionel says:

      yeah Bozo she is one of the Thai girls in pattaya who fuck with falang guys for free. they probably think their families and friends will look up to them when they are beautiful and sexy enough to get a Western bf. half a dozen of my mates living in or visiting pattaya have managed to make a date with Bozo by just talking to her at her workplace in Central or at a party. and yes she does have moustache both on her upper lip and lots of it on those between her legs lol 😀 recently she has been often spotted in Insomnia, drunk, wearing a tight bodycon dress and leaving with a fat old falang guy. as it seems she is not a freebie anymore..

      • Reader says:

        Someone gotta pay for her condo and the shopping trips in the end and I doubt she makes more than 12k at her job, which would barely cut it.

  18. Peter says:

    “let me know if u want meet we can have fun”

    sounds like a straightforward business proposal and advertisement for her services

  19. Sami says:

    I’m in Pattaya right now, was in Brazil last month, mainly Rio de Janeiro. I’m British, mixed Indian/bolivian heritage, 29 yrs old, long black hair to my waist and tatted up to the 9s. Last time I was in Pattaya was 2019 and I would pay a hooker every night without fail, sometimes 2 or 3, the most I’ve done in a day was 4: 1 russian, 2 Thais in a threesome and finished it off with an African hooker from ibar for long time (yes lots of kamagra.) as 2 years have gone by I would consider myself much more mature and plenty more game, and simply cannot justify paying my hard earned money to these peasant village Thai hookers that come from the sticks to Pattaya to get trains ran on them by lame white nerds that act like their players when in their home country they get no pussy. Especially when I was banging 8s and 9s for free in Brazil every other day in the month I was there. I was in ibar yesterday , it was absolutely awful. Full of douchebag white guys from their 20s to 40s, listening to shit rnb with Thai hookers (most of them ridiculously tattooed up and ugly, in my opinion) , pretending that they are getting them for free. The whole charade is ridiculous and embarrassing. The only Thai girls I like are the (naturally) white Middle and upper class thais from Bangkok etc, not the peasant village hookers u will find in Pattaya. Godawful place now that I look at it through my 29 year old eyes, I’ll be heading to pai after this and fuck some hot western backpacker chicks for free, and leave the farmer hookers to the western incels and geeks in Pattaya. Absolute cringe fest.

    • Dude says:

      God damn you sound like a elitist asshole. Get off your fucking high horse and off sites like these if you think you’re so much better than everyone else. “My 29 year old eyes” LOL. Wisdom, baby.

      The best part of it? “heading to pai for hot western backpacker chicks” LOLLLLLLL

    • Latecomer says:

      You are probably an old lady, alone in a freezing Farangland village
      Never been abroad? Of course not
      Focus your attention elsewhere, like Ukraine and Russia

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