Getting Laid as an Indian Guy in the Philippines

This is a guest post from a reader.

Hello, I wish to personally thank you Dante for your assistance. I am an avid follower of your blog. I just returned from Philippines and had the best time of my life and wanted to share my story for those thinking about going. I wish to remain anonymous, but I really wanted to share my experience with someone.

I don’t care if you don’t put it on your website. Its not exactly any enormous feat, but its massive for me. I just thought you might appreciate it, seeing I got the all the inspiration from your website.

Banging 4 girls in the space of a week

Looking at my stats, you probably think that it is fairly low. But my trip was not a mongering trip, it was for a friend’s wedding.

I had limited time during this trip, only 3 days in Manila, of which I had to attend nightly stag/buck party events and day events too ie visit my friends parents, in laws, day spas, lunches, dinners etc and if you have been to Manila, you would understand traffic is crazy.

I also had 3 days in a remote province named Tagaytay, which I did not do much pipelining for as most of the time there would be for my friends wedding preparation and wedding, time leading up to my holiday was also limited as I work long hours, so I was not able to properly pipeline.

I only had my half an hour lunch break to really chat to these girls so lost a lot of ground there, many girls would not talk to me as I made them wait for days for a response.

I also did not pay for any of the girls I banged and lastly I am by no stretch of the imagination a handsome guy or even Caucasian, I am of Indian decent, but born and bred in Australia.

I am 30 years old but would lie about my age and say I am 36 as I knew Filipina’s loved older men, it also was a good ice breaker as no one believed it, no could even believe I was 30 let alone 36, I go gym, but still a little bit chubby when I take of my tee shirt, i.e. no 6 pack, but sport a reasonable 4 pack, I am not tall only 5 foot 11 inches, I have ok hair but nothing special.

I used only FilipinoCupid in achieving my feat; I tried Pina Love and Date In Asia, but got a lot of nothing or responses from lady boys, so I decided I would not waste my time. Please note I am not paid by FilipinoCupid or have any association with them, it is just my personal opinion.

I managed to get my first bang within 7 hours of landing. It was with a girl who I had talked to for about 1 month prior to landing. She had some serious attitude as I would rarely respond due to work commitments, but when I did, she was a sweet girl, she was 26 and turned 27 the day I landed, so I insisted I meet her the minute I land, which was by the time I reached my hotel at 10:30pm on a Saturday night.

This girl was about a 6.5 in her pictures and probably a 6.5 in person too. I knew she was DTF, as she would regularly send me pictures of her naked, but as it was her birthday, I decided that we would go to a bar first and get her a drink before going back to my room.

When I went back to my room, I did not know what to really do as Dante never really shared his room secrets, I guess that was up to us to decide. I had only ever been with one woman before, and only kissed a handful of woman, with majority being strippers who kissed me, FYI, I only ever go strippers for stag/bucks events.

I used all my knowledge I gained to date and tried to do it with confidence, I kissed her on her cheek/neck and tried seducing her. Before I knew it I had her in panties on my bed. If I had died then and there I would have been a happy man.

An hour later we finished up, but I had to get her out of my room, it was 3:00am, and I had another date set up at 11:00am the next day, so I let her go for a shower first and quickly dressed to indicate I wanted her gone. When she came out she got the message, dressed and I kissed her good bye and got her a taxi. I went to sleep happy that night.

The next day, I faced reality of the Philippines having set up 2 tight time framed dates with both 8’s, one being a model, the other easily being able to be model. I was bound to have a problem.

On this occasion the problem was Filipino time. The first date messaged me at 11:00am at the time the date was meant to start to tell me she would arrive at 1:00pm to which I told her to forget it.

I realised that it took me several hours to get last night’s bang, that there was no way I could do the same with a hotter girl in less time, my next date was at 4:00pm. This date did not show as well.

I was depressed and started to make alternative plans. I received a message from a 19 year old girl on FilipinoCupid, that I would have said she was a 5, but by all means, I just wanted a bang for the day, having got one the night before. So I called her over, she told me her aunty was out and if I could come to her, so I decided to go to her.

I should have known something was not right when she told me her place was in Burgos Street, the red light district of Makati, however she insisted she was not a bar girl and that I did not have to pay her. I got to her place, which I could not find, only for her to tell me that she left to go with her aunty.

I got really angry as she told me less than 10 minutes ago she was standing at the front of her place and to come. She then agreed to come to me and after 2 hours of telling her the location, which for some reason she could not understand, she got there and demanded me to pay the taxi as she had no money.

I paid the taxi, which was 250 pesos, but should have been only about 70 pesos. I paid as I could not be bothered fighting especially when I thought I might get something out of this. She ended up being worse than her photos, about 4.5 but I decided to proceed as I had no other option at the time.

We went up to my room and got kissing as soon as things started to proceed ahead, she asked if she could shower. I gave her a towel and she showered, after she came out, she came out only in a towel and sat on the chair.

I started to kiss again to which she stopped and asked me how much I would pay to have sex with her. I realised what was going on and stood up and told her I do not pay and that I had asked her before she came if she was paid hire.

She insisted she was not but stated that she wanted some money for books for school and that her friend is a bar girl not her, but she would still need some money. I got angry and demanded she leave, she pretended to be upset and left. It was ok as I probably would have regretted it and it was also time for me to meet my friends for dinner.

The next day I set up a date with the one the most beautiful and sweetest girl I met on Filipino Cupid which I had pipelined for about 2 months, she was 24 and going by her pictures and Skype she was easily a 7. However I had to go visit the groom’s parents the next day, so I had to cancel the morning date and rearrange it for the evening.

I apologised profusely to the girl, but being the sweet girl she was she told me it was no problem and that she would meet me in the evening. I managed to get to see this girl at 5:30pm, after agreeing to meet her at 4:00pm due to the Manila traffic.

I only had taken her to Jollibee and Starbucks to which this day I regret so much as she deserved more than that, but we both agreed on Jollibee as I told her how much I loved it from last time I came to the Philippines and she only wanted to please me so she agreed, we both refrained from eating Jollibee leading up to our meet, easy for me as I don’t have one in my country, but in the Philippines it is at every corner.

She was the most beautiful and sweetest girl I met on the whole trip, she was even more beautiful than her pictures she was at least an 8 in person. She was also so cute, when I held her hand, I could feel her shaking from excitement, she told me I was the first foreigner she met.

We ate our food and when I finished we went Starbucks. Half way through our drinks, I used the my battery was dead excuse and headed back to my apartment after only 30 minutes of meeting. She went through her Instagram pictures with me and showed me pictures of her in a bikini showing her booty while we were in my room.

I am a bit of an ass man and hers was fine, I couldn’t resist and went in for the kiss, within 10 minutes of her in my room I had her naked. We banged for about 35 minutes, but I had to go as I had to meet my friends for the stag/bucks party.

As we finished up I had a shower and so did she. I felt so bad leaving her after only being with her for only 1.5 hours. I still regret this to this day as we both fell in love with each other, I walked her to the taxi and kissed and hugged her good bye, I still miss her till today.

The next day I arranged to meet with the model who cancelled on me the day earlier but I had to fit her in a morning slot, which was 7am, I told her not to be late as I had to be somewhere at 11:00am. She agreed, however at 5:00am I got a message to ask if I could pay her taxi fare, which she said was about 700 pesos return. I didn’t care as she was beautiful, so I said yes, I told her not to be late though.

Come 7:00am, I message her, and no response. I was angry as I only went to sleep at 3:00am and got up at 6:30am to meet her. I messaged her a couple of choice words. It seems Filipinas respond to masculinity as she started apologising. I told her I was not interested though and told her not to message me again.

I couldn’t go back to sleep as I needed to meet my next date at 11:00am and could not be bothered getting dressed or doing my hair again, so I went for a walk.

Come 11:00am the girl I was to meet was a 22 years old and an absolute stunner, an 8 going by her pictures and Skype. She messaged me at 11:00am and told me she would be late. I was hesitant as I had another date at 4:00pm, but I agreed as she promised she was in the taxi and not far away.

I met her at 11:25am at Starbucks at the bottom of my hotel, she was beautiful and was still an 8 when I met her in person, which I was surprised about. She was wearing heels, so I agreed we would not go far from my hotel and went to a Japanese restaurant nearby. I again used the phone excuse and managed to get her to my room after our meal.

However this one proved harder than I thought. I managed to get her half naked, however prior to entering my room she stated she did not want sex and she held strong. I tried everything from neck kisses to sucking on her boobs. I could see she wanted it, her body said yes, but her mind said no, it was 3:30pm and I respected that she was not going to give it up.

We got dressed and I walked her down, I told her I had to meet friends, she asked me what time I finished, I said I did not know but said she was welcome to come over later and meet me after to which she agreed.

My next date at four was with an actor/model who was only 18. She was the very jealous type, I had pipelined her for about a month, and when I didn’t respond to her due to work commitments she would assume I was talking with another girl and get very jealous so I thought I was in with her definitely.

At 4:00pm she told me to meet her at the Starbucks near my place, however told me she was with her mum. I knew if she was with her mum, I had no chance of getting her back to my place, so told her I did not want to meet her mum and only wanted to meet her.

She insisted her mum come to which I stated I would no longer be coming. I didn’t feel so bad as she lived within walking distance and previously she told me she wanted to bring a friend, which I had politely told her I was really only interested in her.

I quickly messaged another girl who had been messaging me for a few days. She was 22 and an indie actor. She was tall so I was worried she was a lady boy, but I did my usually nice way of checking and it appeared all clear. I met her at Starbucks again near my place, she was an 8 in her photos but in person more a 6.

We had a coffee and I managed to get her back to my room by just asking politely for her to come and check my place out. Within 5 minutes I was kissing her and had her dress off. Her body was amazing and I was really looking forward to this bang, I stalked her on facebook and she had an amazing booty.

However as I stood her up and tried to move things to the bed, she stopped me and told me that she only ever has sex with her boyfriends. I could have lied my ass off and said I want to be your boyfriend as that is what she wanted. But I knew I was leaving to Tagaytay the next day so I told her it would be impossible. I walked her to the taxi and kissed her good bye.

I had been teased all day and had a serious case of blue balls. I decided to message my date from earlier today who was playing hard to get.

Throughout the day after our date I messaged her asking why she withheld sex. She told me it was because she really liked me and was worried that if she gave it up so easily, she thought I would not trust her if I was to go back to Australia, she was a smart girl. She agreed to come over that night.

When she came, I was hungry and she was not in heels, but I lied to my friends that I was sick so I could meet her so we went somewhere close in order to avoid meeting them.

During dinner she was telling me how she never comes to this place we went to even though it was a common fast food chain as it was too expensive, she explained how hard it was in the Philippines for everyone, not just her and that her rent was only 6,000 peso a month, but even that was too much and she was looking for a cheaper place.

She was not asking for money, she was just sharing as she had a good job, she was a manager and at her young age of 22 it was good. I felt even worse as I told her the night before I spent close to 20,000 pesos at the bars in Burgos Street for my friends stag/bucks party.

We went back to my place and we got to kissing again, this time there was no resistance and we got to banging fairly quick. All I can say for a 22 year old, she was experienced and knew what she was doing, we finished about 1 hour and 30 minutes later. It was amazing.

She was the kind of girl I would have loved to have been my girlfriend if she lived in Australia, she was perfect, her little giggles when I asked her questions, her height, her booty, her nice sized boobs, her personality, we fit so well together. I fell in love with her. We both showered and went to sleep. She did not bring night clothes so she slept in her underwear, I probably didn’t let her go the whole night.

The next morning, I woke early and got ready, she stayed sleeping, but I had to check out that day. So I eventually woke her up, but before I did, I shoved a couple of thousand pesos in her purse to cover taxis. Whenever a girl visited me I always offered to pay the taxi to and from.

Except the prostitute who lied. But all of them refused, but I felt sorry for this one as she would have to take all up 4 taxis to see me, which is not cheap for a Filipino especially as she lived far away. So I thought it was only fair.

I did not tell her about it and later that day when she messaged me asking if I did, I pretended to not know what she was talking about as I know hard working Filipina’s are too proud.

I made fun of her how rich she was that she could forget about so much money and offered to take it off her hands if she wanted, she then believed it was not mine and then jokingly stated I could not have it as it probably was hers and that she forgot about it.

Deep down I know she knew it was mine, she was a smart girl, but who would turn down cash, I wanted her to have it too, not because of the sex or anything, but because I really had fallen for her and anything that would help her would make me feel better, no one can deny a bit of cash here and there doesn’t help.

Before she left that morning we went for another quick round, it was only 10 minutes but she went three 3 times. I felt really bad when we finished as I knew then she really did like me a lot and I knew I would probably never see her again. I almost wanted to cry myself as I really loved this girl. I accompanied her to her taxi and kissed and hugged her good bye.

That day we went to Tagaytay, I arranged no date as I was worried about traffic, I was correct, we left at 9:00am, stopped at a day spa along the way, and ended up being in Tagaytay that night at 8:00pm.

However along the way I messaged a girl who was very interested in me and had been talking to for about 2 weeks. She told me she did not live far from Tagaytay, but it ended up that she lived about 45 minutes away. She told me she would meet me the next day at 6:00pm.

I agreed to meet her but told her if she can’t make it to message me early as I would be out with my friends and did not want to go back to the hotel for her to cancel on me.

The next day at about midday she messaged me saying that she would meet at 11:00pm as she is busy at work. This girl was at least a 6.5 on the photos, I did not Skype with her as I was too busy leading up to my holiday.

I went back to my hotel to meet this girl however at 11:00pm she messaged me to tell me she couldn’t find the bus or car to get here and that she is still 45 minutes away. I got angry and took photos of my message showing she should message me if she couldn’t come or would come late.

She stopped messaging me. I spoke to the receptionist about how to get a taxi here, who was also beautiful and I had given my number to her earlier in the day but found out later she had a husband and child after her jealous assistant told me, she still messaged me though, but I decided not to pursue due the husband and child.

The receptionist told me there was no taxis in Tagaytay only tricycles, which I couldn’t imagine going in for 45 minutes, however she did say there was buses and jeepneys at this time as she came from that area as well and was going home soon too. I messaged the girl back to tell her how to come, but she did not respond. I decided I had been cancelled on again and decided to go to sleep.

At 5:00am I get a message from the girl who cancelled on me apologising for not showing up and if she could meet again at the same time tonight. I told her to piss off and was not polite about it. She apologised and said she miscalculated her timing and that she had been up all night arranging a motor bike to come the next day. I felt sorry for her as she had work that day at 9:00am and said that this time she message me if she is even 1 minute late.

I told her to come after my friends wedding which would finish around 11, but said that I did not know the exact time I would be back at the hotel and she may have to wait for me, She said it was fine.

After the wedding I reached my hotel and the minute I went into my room, reception called and told me that someone was there to meet me. I went down and it was her, however again her photos were deceiving. She went from a 6.5 to a 5. Her face was beautiful, but she was too petite for my liking, maybe I was accustomed to fatter girls as they were my only option in Australia.

I decided to take her to the McDonalds across the street, maybe subconsciously I thought I could fatten her up, it was lucky too as she said she was hungry, she ordered a bigger meal than me and ate it all, I think she just had a fast metabolism.

After we ate I managed to get her back up to my room, but as I got up there and tried to take things further, she was insistent on going, I made out with her and told her she could stay the night but she was insistent she had to go. I agreed and walked her down to her motor bike, but as I walked down she walked me into the 7/11 nearby.

In there was 2 of her work colleagues who accompanied her on the trip up by another motor bike. She admitted she was bad at directions and needed help to get here. I thanked them but at the same time was angry as it appeared they were the reason she was returning home. I said my goodbyes offering one final time if she wanted to stay, which she advised she did not.

This was basically the end of my trip in the Philippines as next day I flew out. So far I was happy with my trip. I had a lot of LMR (last minute resistance) and no shows. But had some quality bangs.

I honestly could have had more bangs, with 4’s and 5’s as I had a lot of offers from 4’s and 5’s who were happy to just come up and get it on and had I have had more time I would have, but decided I was after quality not quantity, especially on my short trip, which was my demise.

However I was angry I did not get at least one more bang.

The next day was my flight but my return flight was via Brunei where I had a 20 hour layover. I knew it was a long shot getting a bang in Brunei especially when I did no pipelining, but I thought I would give it a crack and got on to FilipinoCupid and messaged every girl on there from Brunei on the drive back from Tagaytay to Manila airport which is very hard as internet is not great at all in the Philippines.

I got one response from a 29 year old. She was living in Brunei for 7 years but was a Filipina. She looked like a 6.5 in her photos. I arranged to meet her the next day to which she agreed. I told her not be late as my flight to Australia was not long after we met as I did a morning city tour of Brunei.

We met at my hotel lobby, but prior to meeting me she told me she didn’t want sex, to which I agreed as I had no other option anyway. She was not as good as her photos, probably a 5.5-6, but she had a nice booty, so I continued. I went to a coffee shop nearby the hotel and warmed her up a bit and used the low battery excuse to get her back to my room.

I could tell she was interested as I had mastered the technique now having been on so many dates. She agreed to come to my room and within 30 minutes I had her naked and we were banging. We went an hour after which she asked me to finish as she was all but done.

We sat and talked a little after and took some selfies so she could show her friends. I had an hour to kill before my flight so we decided to have another quickie, to which I kept my clothes on so did she and we just banged doggy style, I showered after, checked out and she walked me to my taxi.

I was hesitant to kiss her good bye due to being in Brunei, with its very strict laws and asked her first if it is a problem, which she replied it is but she still kissed me.

This was how I wanted all my dates to be, no strings attached, just pure seduction and sex. We both agreed that we had no obligation to each other and that we would keep in contact if we ever crossed paths again.

I was fairly sure she had a boyfriend, which she confirmed later, but said he also had a wife and that she was just comfortable with him, but that she wanted to get rid of him, hence she didn’t consider him to be her boyfriend and was rather his mistress.

Overall if I had to do it again, I would probably do less pipelining and be happy to go for 5-6’s rather than 7-8’s, not because it is hard to pipeline but as the expectation from the girl after pipelining is fairly big, which I feel is unfair on the girl as I can’t really give them what they want which is a relationship due to the distance.

I also think I would stay longer and come specifically for mongering rather than trying to fit it around a holiday. I didn’t want to tell my friends what I was doing as I didn’t want them to think less of me, so I really had to be coy about what I was doing, which made it hard to set up dates etc.

Also I noticed on FilipinoCupid that the hotter girls that message me are from provinces, not to say that girls in Manila are not hot, I just think being a big city, that they get enough attention and probably not interested in an average/ugly looking dude like myself, while a girl from the province would be very interested to meet a guy like me, comes down to supply and demand I guess.

Its hard to account for no show’s, but not much you can do there I think, maybe be more handsome, which is not a choice for me.

LMR is also another issue, I guess my game was not at its peak, but again whenever there was a hint of it, I tried never to force the issue, as I never wanted to ever be that guy that plays with the line as I consider myself a good person no matter what you think of me from my story above and would never want to be perceived to be that kind of guy who would cross the line just for sex and there was so many options there I really didn’t feel like I needed to.

I never paid for sex, I just can’t bring myself to do it, as I always considered it for guys who can’t get it the normal way, I don’t consider myself a handsome guy, but I still think I can get girls the normal way if I try really hard, they might not be great, but at least I never paid for them. My friends do it and they told me why they do, they say it is better than leading on an innocent girl for 3 months and suck her into a one night stand promising her the world.

In my opinion neither is right, not that I am one to judge as I obviously do it and if there is a hell I think that I will burn in it, but at least I had a good time, and so did the girls. I am a firm believer of do what makes you happy as long as you are not hurting anyone. No one got hurt in the process of all the above as I still talk to the girls, distance is a killer though but we all knew about that before we signed up to it. .

Honestly the only person that got hurt the most was me, I never knew I would fall for these girls so hard, I am not a pro at this, and never got so much attention in my life, I had fun, I managed to bang 4 times the amount of girls I had banged in my whole entire life in the space of a week, but in all honesty I don’t think I will ever do this again, I don’t think I am made for it, but I still have no regrets………yet.

Thanks for reading, G.

28 Responses

  1. kick2dante says:

    sounds like you had a hell of a first week

  2. jspill says:

    Funny read and great pics. You and Dante are like twins separated at birth

    On paying for sex, no one wants to until they’ve banged a decent amount of girls, enough so they have nothing to prove to themselves anymore and are bored of dealing with all the BS you dealt with… not turning up on time etc. If you move to Asia you’ll reach that amount faster

    And paying for it doesn’t mean you pay for it every single time, it just frees up more time and energy to chase the hottest ones on the dating sites

    And it helps you get to the point where girls don’t affect you emotionally anymore, no ‘falling in love’ feelings or putting the pussy on a pedestal, just stone cold killer sexpat. Now I just have fun with girls that I would’ve fell in love with if they were one of my first 5 girls

    That’s an interesting point about the hottest FilipinoCupid girls being in the provinces because they get less attention, now that you mention it I did notice that. Had some hot Davao girls offer to pick me up from the airport and be my tour guide. They must be starving for guys

    And banging in Brunei! Nice.

    • Cam says:

      lol I guess it just depends on the guy. One of my buddies in college paid a hooker to take his virginity at 13 haha.

    • Tyler Durden says:

      Hardly any foreigners here in Davao. So many colleges which means so many college girls. Most of the foreigners here are your run of the mill married old guy. You’d likely be the first foreigner a girl you’ve met has ever met. Most say that to me at least. Most of the college girls are from poor southern areas in the Philippines. They’ll beg to take you to their province, but travel at your own risk.

      Wait, maybe I shouldn’t be telling anyone this. Oh y ah, stay away from Davao – really unsafe here

  3. southernallstars says:

    taxi money is a grey area in PI, most of the girls will tell you they take a taxi and then come by bus, jeepney or mrt. Or only take a taxi from the station to the mall. They are usually hookers, who at least want to make some money for meeting you, some aren’t even hookers but live on taxi money alone.
    having to take four taxis is absolute bs and a few thousand pesos for the taxi is more than ten times of what it costs, she was a hooker and actually got her regular rate, the going rate for freelancers in Manila is 2-3000 peso plus tip, 4000 would already be overpaying. If you travel from North Quezon to Makati, which is easily an hour ride with moderate traffic, the fee would be maybe 250 peso….

    I am saying it this clearly to prevent scam, it is very common on FC.

    btw, when travelling by taxi always ask first if the driver will use meter, most will if you ask!

    • thibault says:

      scam? just see it the other way, the way of p4p: paying a girl for taxi money is the best value you can find for sex, thanks to the -hypocritical -unwillingness of the provider to consider herself a whore, or the foolish pride of men that dont want to pay for them, thus justifying the bullshitting.. thank both anyway for this superb offering, this pussy buffet they allow us to feed on because of their misplaced pride

      • G says:

        I read about the grey area, that’s what gave me the idea of giving her cash. But I still don’t think she is a hooker as she never asked me for the cash. If she knew it was mine she probably would have throw it back in my face. But agree that taxi fare is a scam/grey area at times.

    • NormalNomad says:

      “Some aren’t hookers but live on taxi money alone.”

      If they’re living on money they get from men who are paying for sex, they are by definition hookers.

  4. Cam says:

    Nice work man. Glad to hear that you had a good time! Also, you have inspired me to submit a guest post of my own haha

  5. kick2dante says:

    the burgos ‘not a hooker’ girl is one of the most annoying types about the phils, flakes, wastes your time, lies about taxi fare, says she doesnt want you to pay and then asks for money……

    you handled it fine but in the future make them come to you don’t go to meet them…… at least that way you can just sit around watching tv while you wait not stand around in front of their building

  6. thibault says:

    ” I don’t think I will ever do this again, I don’t think I am made for it”
    you will. sooner than you think.
    a lion that has tasted human blood will actively seek it afterwards. that s why they must be shot.
    you have taested pussy. the alpha living. you need to be silenced. but as the lion can escape his cage to savannah. you can flee to SEA

  7. G says:

    Thanks for comments. I know I only thanked Dante in the above. But I noticed you all have added to this website, so would love to also thank you guys as well. Keep up the good work 🙂

  8. Henry says:

    Moral of the story: if an Indian guy can do it – anyone can 😉

  9. IndianDude says:

    @G or @jspill – Do you know where he stayed? Indian dude coming to Manila for 7-10 days – I want to follow this to a T 🙂 Or any recommendations?

  10. Jasper Laguitao says:

    Amazing read Indian guy

    Just one thought though

    What’s your line about the no battery on your cellphone ? How do you do relay it to them ?

    • G says:

      Just told them my battery was low and i was expecting a call if we could return to my place to charge it, i cant remember but i think most of the time i was telling the truth as my phone battery was dead and I stayed at Gramercy

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