How to write a Dating Site Profile in Philippines

First off, you may want to put something like ‘no offence I am not interested in ladyboys’, if that’s not your thing (not that there’s anything wrong with that, has you covered there). This way if they read your profile they’ll likely warn you ‘I am ladyboy is that ok?’.
How to write a dating site profile in the Philippines

My buddy in Thailand who has a few guest posts on this blog sent me the chat exchange above. Don’t get trapped (unless you’re into that). Some of the hotter looking girls are actually LBs.

If you are not in the market for working girls then you should probably also include that in your profile.  That way if you message a girl who is only after money and she checks your profile she won’t even reply and you don’t have to waste your time with her.

Many working girls will have the same things in their profiles as well, though sometimes they will use certain code words to try and let you know what’s up.

If a girl keeps saying she wants a ‘generous’ or ‘helpful’ man to ‘take care’ then she may want money.  That in itself isn’t enough to make the assumption on though.

How to write Dating Site Profiles

That aside, I wouldn’t spend much time stressing over how to write the perfect online dating site profile. Or even a good one. My FilipinoCupid and Pinalove profiles say almost nothing.

Dating site girls in the Philippines tend to just look at your pics and not take things too seriously. Some have short attention spans and don’t really want to read a lot about you in your profile anyways.  Don’t bore them with long paragraphs about your job or life story.

In Asia your picture is far more important than the words in your profile.  Try and have a big smile on your face or be doing something fun in the picture.

Remember Asian girls always want the mood to be light and for everyone to be having fun.  Don’t have a serious look.

Filipinas’ Dating Profiles

Don’t pay any attention to them.  I will bet that the next one you open will say that she is only looking for a serious relationship.  That she is looking for a ‘god fearing man’.


[x] my buddy closed this one on the first date

That she doesn’t want anyone that is ‘playing games’. They all say the same things, and many of them are lying or just copied something from a movie or song lyrics.

There will be girls that write novels in their profiles about how they are only looking for a serious relationship and not just fun. That if you are only here for fun ‘move onto the next profile’.

Then I message them and tell them I am only looking for friends and invite them to my place.

15 minutes after they arrive we are watching a movie and they snuggle up real close letting me know to make my move.

In summary you don’t need to put any thought into how to write a dating site profile, or pay attention to them at all.

IRL girls decide if they’re going to sleep with you within seconds of seeing you – same thing with dating site profile pics.

7 Responses

  1. jspill says:

    how many ladyboys in Philippines?

  2. Harvie says:

    I find pictures are the most important aspect. Make sure you’re dressed very smart and clean shaven, good advice and online dating sites are the best place to meet girls in the Philippines.

  3. King Epic says:

    The “only looking for serious relationship” – I don’t blame them for stating that. Perhaps they don’t want to look like sluts to other guys, or – more importantly – themselves. Then they’re able to tell themselves that obviously they were looking for a relationship, but it just happened.

  4. kick2dante says:

    ya definitely not blaming them for saying that, its smart especially if trying to hook a western fis… i mean man

    @harv…… a nice pic certainly can help, but i have used anything from a picture of wilfred (the man in dog suit) to a far away pic in sunglasses and a hat to a picture so blurry u couldnt see me……. all have worked about the same

  5. I88888I says:

    Can you email me the contact details of that LB?

  6. kick2dante says:

    this was long ago i dont have anymore, lol it wont be hard to find them

  7. iamforeverteen says:

    (Peace out to a fellow pinay who will read this)

    The entry above is so true lol. I signed up today on pinalove just to look up on girls and their profile. I find it funny that a sexy photo of them is the opposite on what kind of guy they want to meet, haha. And the infamous line ” I want a guy who will support me.

    (Im like: wth is support youre talking about lol, starting to think that this is just one of pinay attitude, and makes me want to relocate to planet mars)

    Anyway, there’s an idiomatic expression about it (referring to guys they want to meet) “Maginoo Pero Medyo Bastos”

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