How to Talk to Filipinas

At first I was going to title this post ‘the differences between western women and Filipinas‘ and then I realized I don’t know really anything about white women. So I might as well leave them out of it.

However, before I moved to Asia I had met a few Filipina women through friends or in the workplace and suspected I might have a better experience with them then I had with western women. It was just a hunch, but it has definitely proved to be true.

The main reason being because you don’t need ‘game’ with Filipina girls, or girls in any Asian country I have been to. Whatever ‘moves’, ‘game’ or PUA tricks you have used to get girls in the western world aren’t needed here.

Basically living in the Philippines all you have to do is not be an asshole and things should work out for you.

Keep the Mood Light

how to talk to filipina girls

Texts from a Pinay

Without a doubt this is the most important thing to remember when dealing with a Pinay.  You don’t need to have deep conversations and open up to her.

Asians rarely talk about deep topics, certainly not with people they barely know.

All you have to do with a sexy Filipina is SMILE, tell silly jokes, ask a few questions about her, and tease her a bit but not in a mean way, be playful.

A good way to see how to act with Pinays is to observe how they are when they talk to each other.

Even if they are speaking another language and you can’t understand them just observe how they do it.

You can see that they are always joking, they are slapping each others legs and leaning into each other when they laugh.

If you can master this you will make any girl you meet here feel comfortable with you extremely fast.

And in Asia all you need to do is make the girl comfortable with you.  You already have so many advantages (or perceived advantages in her eyes even if they aren’t true) that once you are in her comfort zone she will warm up to you very quick.

Kill them with Kindness & Corny Jokes

Another way to get girls in the Philippines comfortable with you is to text them often.  Again you don’t need to have deep long text conversations with them.

Just a “Hi friend how are you!? Hope you are having the great weekend!!” is enough to keep you on her mind.

If she has load she’ll reply and then you just crack some silly joke that you would tell to a 4 year old in the western world and she will reply with lol 🙂 and that’s about it.

You may also notice that they like to ask you ‘have you had your dinner yet?’

This is really confusing when you first get here because you are wondering why do they care?

In reality they don’t care it’s just a common conversation starter in Asia (same in Thailand).

Some Filipinas will be shocked if a foreigner asks that and think its such a kind thing to ask so you can throw it in from time to time as well.

This Probably All Sounds Really Dumb

I realize that you are probably wondering what the hell am I talking about right now if you’re not living in the Philippines yet.

And it does sound really dumb but that is kind of the point.

As mentioned you are playing with a stacked deck when you are over here and dealing with sexy Filipina’s.  You don’t need to try and do anything special.

All you need to do is not mess it up. Test out your texting skills before arriving on a dating site like Pinalove or FilipinoCupid.

24 Responses

  1. jspill says:

    your buddies seem to know how to talk to filipinas quite well

  2. kick2dante says:

    sigh dawn, you ruined her for me

  3. thibault says:

    I suppose in both cases the buddy in question is jspill…
    By the way do all girls master the english language like that? It feels like you re speaking with an american woman, outside of the fact a yank would not be that friendly.
    Being used to thais, this is an enormous gap in the quality of communication.
    I talk about this because, not being myself a native english speaker, i fear somewhat i could be…. How to say it. I could feel inferior in a way by having a lower level of english than the girls. In LOS mastering english makes you the international playboy. Since 19th century when brits conquered the world, its the language of, you know, the colobial masters. Use it and the world is at your feet, as perverse as it sounds. But for a continental european, being with a pinay that speaks this western language better than you, would make you feel you re the third world dweller. This somewhat interferes with our superiority complex as males and would belittle us in their eyes, which is never good for relationships.

  4. jspill says:

    ‘Interferes with our superiority complex as males and would belittle us in their eyes, which is never good for relationships’ sounds like a RooshV forum poster 🙂

    I wouldn’t worry about it your English will still easily beat theirs, and the girls wouldn’t care anyway. They’ll realize you speak 2+ languages already and you can stand out more for not being American (I’m not either).

  5. kick2dante says:

    not all girls speak that good of english, most dont, however it is easier to hook up with the ones that speak well because they wont have any fears of talking to you and will generally be an ambitious crowd that isnt afraid to take what they want

    in this case she wanted a foreigners dick to ride and that is what she took 🙂

    remember these girls arent like their western counterparts playing the role of district attorney looking for any reason to not fuck you, quite the opposite

  6. linnaria says:

    “Have you had your dinner yet” works everytime. To asian girls.

    Oh, and also “dont forget to have your dinner /lunch /breakfast” – it works also. All the time

  7. kick2dante says:

    yes they think you are so sweet for reminding them

  8. Skins says:

    The fact that most people speak fluent ENGLISH must do wonders for your quality of life. Sometimes I feel like I’m losing my mind living in Vietnam. I know that’s my fault for not learning their language but easier said then done. There’s a huge percentage of girls you will just never have a shot with.

  9. kick2dante says:

    ya im sure when i start traveling next year that is one of the things i will miss most

  10. Wayne says:

    I recently met a fillipina and reading some of your words of wisdom i am not sure where to head now especially issues around MONEY and CHEATING and AGE difference. My theory is if shes cheating i cant see and i did give her money but visited sometime later and saw where the money had gone but theres still apprehension Why? Maybe its that corny word love. Who cares im happy (i think hahahahahaha)

  11. Peter says:

    Did both of you guys hook up with that Dawn girl?

  12. Glen says:

    One question.. When you are using line app to continue chatting, do you use the normal line ID or do you have a separate line ID for chatting with girls?

    • jspill says:

      I just use the normal ID

      • Marcel says:

        i got one angry xom days ago she dsnt reply my text any longer
        wat can i do ’bout dat

        • jspill says:

          Girls lose their phone or get it stolen all the time, should always get their Facebook / email as well if you like a girl. Type her number into Facebook and her profile will come up if they added their number. If not try typing her name(s) and city, sometimes that’s enough.

          Or if you mean you got her angry… err apologize?

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