How to Move Abroad – Ask 5000 Questions

I really don’t know how anyone could have made the move abroad before the internet.  It is already kind of hard and confusing and takes getting used to, but without the knowledge I learned reading up on Asia I never would have had a chance.

How to move abroad

How to Move Abroad – Tips

The key is figuring out who you can trust and who you can’t, and that takes some getting used to. These are my three #protips for researching how how to move abroad.

Message Boards are your Friend

Well that is only partially true.  You can get so much great info off message boards and they are by far the best resource you can have.  As good as a blog or website can be to help you there really isn’t a way for you to ask a lot of questions and get all the knowledge you need (I added a Q & A function to this blog for that).

Blogs can help point you in the right direction and that makes things a lot easier, but message boards go above and beyond in this regard.  Particularly for a person like me who doesn’t like to assume anything.  I probably asked anywhere from 1000 to 5000 questions in the 6 months leading up to Asia and my first year here.  They didn’t all get answered but most did.  Without those answers things would not have gone anywhere near as smoothly as they did.

To deal with message boards you are going to have to have some thick skin.  Trolls have nothing better to do then sit around all day and post negative crap over and over.  It’s sad, but it’s what they do.  The good thing is it becomes apparent real quick who the trolls are and you can easily ignore them.  On the other hand it also becomes apparent who the helpful posters are that share good info and you should take in all the advice they have to offer.  Even if you don’t fully follow everything they say, it’s good to have their opinion in your head.

Trust the Blogs you Should Trust

Blogs can also be extremely helpful you just need to know what the purpose of the blog is.  Granted everyone who has a blog is trying to make money, but some people are so outlandish with their claims that you can easily tell they don’t know what they are talking about.  For instance I was reading one blog about some guys traveling around Phils and they said that EVERY Filipina they handed their number to texted them and wanted to hang out.

They didn’t say some Filipinas, or even most, they claimed that they ALL Filipinas texted them.  Unless Brad Pitt is writing that blog and is handing out 1000 peso notes with his number anyone with a brain can know that was BS.

Matt Forney’s blog said ‘if a Filipina wants to bring a friend on a date let her.’  Why would anyone want a third wheel to come along?  Not only is she going to block the chance you have of the night ending well with your girl in most cases, you are now also having to pay for another chick as well that you have no chance with.

On top of that I am not sure there is any more boring situation then hanging out with 2 girls that speak a different language.  The girl that is out with you will be even more shy because her friend is along (true in about 75% of cases) and you will just end up talking to the friend.  Then they will chit chat in their language and it makes for a boring awkward night out. I agree with the rest of his advice though.

I wrote a few Philippines articles for AFarangAbroad, that’s a decent blog if you’re looking for how to move abroad info when it comes to Thailand.

Take the Good, Forget the Bad

The internet really is a great resource.  Find some forums or blogs that have like minded people to the way you want to live your life and read everything you can.  The more info you can have in your head the better prepared you will be.  You will need to sift through a lot of pointless stuff to get the key information, but that key information can save you a lot of time and money.

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  1. jspill says:

    How to move abroad
    1. annoy 5000 people
    2. listen only to advice u wanna hear

    3. profit ?!?

  2. kick2dante says:

    lol nice title dick

  3. I have a question. Have you ever had your PayPal account limited or restricted while traveling in Asia? Seems like PayPal has a habit of doing that.

    That’s how I make most of my cash, so I wanna be sure.

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