Handing out Numbers in BKK & Dumped by a Thai Girl


As I am traveling around Asia there are a few things I am trying to figure out. First I am looking for a unicorn fantasyland filled with 8s and 9′ that all give great blowjobs and will come to my room for free or for under $50. So far I haven’t found that place, but I will keep looking.

I am also trying to see how my different strategies for picking up girls in the Philippines will work in other countries. After being in Cebu for almost a year and going with ‘non pros’ (almost) exclusively I took a quick detox with pros in Pattaya before heading to Bangkok.

I had mixed thoughts heading into BKK. On the one hand I know Thai girls are very materialistic, there are lots of foreigners around so I have less value, and regular girls probably assume we are mostly sex tourists.

Add in the lack of English spoken here and how little I liked Thai girls attitudes in Pattaya and I wasn’t expecting to much. But I have no life so was going to roam malls and hand out numbers anyways.

Roaming Malls Is Weird Here Because

I don’t find Thai girls faces attractive at all. I mean sure there are some very hot ones around like anywhere, but how often do you really see them? But the average Thai face is just not my style at all.

One big plus about Thailand is that most girls are in good shape, some are to skinny, some are to fat, but a lot of them seem to be close to their best size and shape. But they aren’t very curvy at all.

So when you don’t find the faces attractive that means you are just roaming around looking at a bunch of average chicks that don’t do anything for you. Who do you approach?

My first day of full handing out I handed out 14 numbers which is my most ever in a single day (outside of Sinulog) and I also saw the 2 hottest girls I saw at malls the whole month on that day.

Two 9’s on my first day, wow Bangkok is amazing! There really are hotter girls here, thoughts of setting up shop here despite the crappy visa situation were creeping into my head.

A month later and I have seen no more 9’s, and only a handful of 8’s at most. Sample size is pretty small but there may be a few more elite level hot girls in BKK than Manila, but I’ll take the average Pinay over the average Thai.

How Do The Thai Girls React?

I was a bit nervous about this part. Filipinas are known for being very friendly and kind people. Thai’s not so much. Are they going to react the same way to a stranger approaching them?

For the most part the answer was yes. The vast majority of girls take it as a compliment, smile, say thank you, and accept the note. A few give you a bit of an attitude when not taking it but that happens in Phils also.

What happens here a bit more than in the Philippines is the girl who speaks no English and has no clue what you are saying to her. There were two times where this made for quite awkward moments.

The worst happened after I took a picture of a girl who was working at a grocery store. She was selling liquor and I tweeted out how I was about to approach her.

When I did she had no idea what I was saying and just froze. I tried to say it again and nothing. Her boss who I thought had wandered away was now right up next to us and he tried to grab the note thinking that I was a customer not a…. what am I?

I said nevermind and got the F out of there as quickly as possible. By coincidence the other best example of this also came from a girl working in a grocery store. I tried to give her the note, she didn’t know what I was saying and tried to call her friend at the next aisle to come figure things out. Again I left.

Neither of these Thai girls were that hot, they were just in good approach spots and since I don’t find many that hot I was just mostly going for easy approaches.

Can I Approach A Thai Girl With A Tomboy?

One of my main rules for who not to approach is a girl who is with a guy. If they are 1 on 1 together then I will never approach no matter how hot she is.

If there are 2 girls and 1 guy and 1 of the girls is really hot I may observe from a distance to try and figure out if the hot one is with the guy.

But what about when it is a girl with a tomboy? This is a situation that I always am unsure of in the rare times that it comes up. Are they really ‘together’ or are they just friends. Even if holding hands girls that are friends do PDA ish like that all the time in Asia.

And if the hot one is bi then there is some awesome potential there. Well I tried to approach one in BKK and it didn’t go well. The girl quickly rejected me and the tomboy did not look too happy about it. Lesson learned (not really, I’d probably try again if the girl is hot enough.)

Getting A Textback From a Thai Hooters Girl

I wrote about a night I went out with some guys and how before we went into Nana Plaza I needed to take a quick walk through Hooters to look for the uberelite girl I saw at BKK airport who worked at Hooters and picked up dudes from the airport.

Well she wasn’t there again 🙁 but I used the opportunity to hand my number another very hot (8.5ish) girl working there who was in an isolated and easy approach spot.

Considering she works at Hooters right across from Nana I am not expecting much here. She must get hit on by 5 guys a day at a minimum. But I will always take my shot because you never know.

To my surprise she texted me the next day….. and I really had no clue how to proceed. I had only a week left in town, my long build her trust be a kind friend to her game didn’t have time to materialize.

She was hot enough to take on a legit ‘date’ but I didn’t really see her instantly wanting to go on a date with me. I decided to let my buddy decide how I should proceed on this one since things hadn’t gone to great for me in BKK and his advice: offer her money to come over.

While I definitely had that as an endgame option and one that I would likely be using I didn’t think starting with it was the best play. If she is not a hooker you are instantly burning your bridge, and this is a nice bridge you don’t want to lose.

We talk it out and decide on invite her out the next 2 days for lunch (she works nights) and if she hasn’t said yes after 2 days then throw the cash at her. She tells me she is busy studying for an exam and that it is a busy week for her. Great timing.

I ask her in my kindest possible way if maybe she could visit my room if I paid her and she said no. Not a hooker either. Well shit. Even when the really hot ones don’t work out I am just glad I had a small chance. Given time to play the long game it still probably wouldn’t have worked, but you never know.

Getting Dumped By A Thai Girl 🙁

There are two main malls on Sukumvhit near where I was staying. The best one for this by far is Terminal 21 which is a cool mall with an airport/city theme. Each floor is a different city.

There are lots of great approach spots down these little alleys where the shops are, and it is huge with like 7 or 8 stories so there is lots of room to roam.

The other mall is ‘Emporium’ and this is the most boosie ass mall I have ever been in. Rolex, Prada, Fendi…… any big name overpriced type of fashion is here.

Am I really going to go hand my number to a girl who was just looking at a thousand dollar Fendi bag in my $2 t-shirt. Your g-damn right I am. But I didn’t go there often as I liked Terminal 21 a lot more.

Anyways I gave my number to one girl at Emporium and by the way that she said thank you I just had a good feeling about getting a textback from her. The next day it came.

We chatted and she was quite good at English. Things seemed to be going well. I met her on a Saturday and she told me she only comes to BKK some weekends and lives a little ways away where she goes to school.

Well even though I am not a fan of going for the insta hang out it was Sunday and she was leaving the next day. Who knew if she would be back in town the next weekend. I invite her and she says yes but only if her friends can come. No thanks.

She says that she needs to get to know me more if I want her to hang out with me without her friends. Of course this is totally understandable so I try to text her a bit more than other girls to speed up the ‘get to know you’ process.

And a week later she sends me a lengthy text that felt like a break up text. I was so very torn up over this :(.


Honestly I don’t know what the right way I should have gone about this one was. I wasn’t in town long, she didn’t want to hang out 1 on 1 unless she knew me….. how else can this be accomplished without texting her? But she claims she doesn’t like guys that text her too much. Tough spot.

Stats and Final Thoughts

I handed out 62 numbers got 18 textbacks and had 11 Thai girls that wouldn’t take the note from me. 62 hand outs isn’t really a big enough sample size but that is all we have to deal with so it will have to do.

I roughly get 1/3 textbacks in the Philippines so that is pretty close. I get about 3% bang rate there and got 1/62 which is under, but I didn’t have enough time to let the long game work which may have led to more.

Also sometimes girls don’t text you until weeks (or even months in rare cases) after you gave them your number. So more may be coming at any day.

The real difference comes after you start chatting with them. The average Thai girl is quite bad at English which makes texting with them an adventure.

The first 3 girls that texted me all were terrible with English. One used a translator, the other 2 basically only did 2 or 3 word replies, or smileys.

One of them I met at Terminal 21 and a week later I bumped into her there again. She worked nearby and used the BTS stop there to get home.

We had texted every day but always the same ‘good morning have a good day’ ‘did you take your dinner?’ boring texts. Then when I saw her again I said hi and tried to chat with her.


Terminal 21 Mall

She couldn’t speak English at all. I asked her where she worked and her friend had to interpret for us. Where are you going? Again friend has to interpret.

Another girl worked at a restaurant and after I picked up my takeout I gave her my number. She added me but didn’t reply to messages for 3 days. Then finally she replied sorry she doesn’t speak much English.

I saw her again when I went to get food and she looked like a deer in the headlights when I tried to have a very simple conversation. Everything I said she just shook her head yes. She was so uncomfortable I said goodbye and quickly left.

Oddly both of these girls were up to meet, but they both wanted it to be at the mall and they had to bring a friend along. What is the point? Go on some horribly boring and awkward day talking to an interpreter? Again the $20 blowjob bars are nearby……..

It is pretty clearly a big waste of time to do the mall walking here. But I have no life so once I have done my 4 or 5 hours of work a day I have plenty of time to waste.

In a future post I will get into what is a much better life strat for Bangkok. I wouldn’t completely write off the handing out idea, but it would be much lower.

Those 700 baht BJ places would be much more involved, and generally the girls on ThaiFriendly and ThaiCupid speak much better English then random girls you meet at the malls here.

8 Responses

  1. RumandCokeMan says:

    Hey Dante,
    Could you currently rank from best to worst your preference for best place to live overall (I guess pussy is the majority of this right?) of all the SEA countries you ve lived in (i.e. 1)Phils 2)Indonesia 3)Thailand 4)Vietnam 5)Cambodia)?

  2. dante says:

    i would say its not just the pussy but its more the attitude of the girls and all the people

    you got the list pretty spot on….i struggle with whether hcmc or bangkok are better… and i would have jakarta tied for the top if not for the visas

    actually have some ebooks published that break that down in great detail, one for digital nomads and one for guys who want to retire, they are up on amazon already just haven’t made it on this site yet

  3. abcdeffff says:

    what stands out about the way you are treated in jakarta? Sounds like it must be exceptional to be compared favoribly to the philippines. I live in cebu . Do you have any examples (women, food, lodging, how people treat you as an american) that stand out comparing to the philippines that someone living here could really understand and appreciate?

    • dante says:

      ya man lots of stuff coming up on jakarta very shortly just check back

      if the visa and traffic werent so bad i would put in a lot more time there

  4. Masterbate says:

    Nice breakdown, 62 approaches, it seems like hard work in the end,and you have a thick skin, you could learn one or two sentences in Thai for handing the numbers, something like “you are beautiful, cute, bla”

    I havent been to Phils but spend some time in BKK, overall i found the quality great, many 7s, brown skin, girls dont give blowouts when rejecting and people are very friendly, I felt a huge value, IOIs and receiptiveness to being approached, although BKK is full of foreigners, if you are young and white you still got leverage but i didnt approach as much as you did, give you credit for having balls.

    • kick2dante says:

      ya i was surprised how receptive the girls were to approaches there, the key is just being polite, respectful, giving a compliment, and backing off if they make it clear they don’t like you there

      overall i find thai people ruder than most, but not in this scenario

  5. Ragnar says:

    😀 Great blog bro, big fan of your meticolous approach. Much to learn from your shotgun approach, will try the handing out number approach next time in BKK, but yeah the language barrier is tough in Thailand, speaking thai would really make a difference.

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