Main 2 Gyms in Angeles City

Not a lot of options for good gyms in Angeles as it’s a small town.


The main thing that sucks about most gyms here is that they don’t use the aircon so it is like working out in a sauna.

There are two Angeles gyms that I know do use the aircon, but they don’t really use it as much as they should.Still these are the best gyms in Angeles City so if you need a place to work out you probably can’t beat them.

gyms in angeles city philippinesIt is kind of surprising that in a city with so many expats that there aren’t more gyms that use aircon. Then again many of the expats in Angeles are old and retired so they may not be into fitness.

Gyms in Angeles


AC1 is located over near Korea town.  They seemed to use the aircon the most of the gyms I saw in Angeles so to me that makes it the best gym.  There are plenty of machines and free weights but it can get a bit crowded at times.  That’s not a surprise, I’m not the only one that likes to work out in comfortable temperatures.

It was actually a really good deal if you could sign up for a longer term contract.  I can’t remember the exact costs but I think it was somewhere in the $20-$30 a month range, however that was a ‘promo.’

The one negative I have heard about this gym is that the personal trainers can be a bit aggressive trying to help you out even if you aren’t hiring them.  Some people may like that actually, I would not but I didn’t notice it going on when I was there.

Fitness Connection

Fitness Connection is located on MacArthur Highway and is pretty near to Fields Avenue.  I had heard this was the best gym in town so it was where I went first.  It was $5 a day to work out, they also had long term plans but I wasn’t in town long at that point.

There was more equipment here then at AC1 and it wasn’t very crowded.  I prefer to work out with less people around so that was nice. However it was hot and stuffy inside and had a pretty bad gym stench to it.  This was a while ago so maybe they use the aircon more now.

Outside of those I’ve not really heard of any other gyms in Angeles City worth checking out.

Update – A cool Philippines Youtuber I follow, SezStyle, just put up an Angeles gym vlog:

Update 2 – Fitness Connection is now called Enhanced Athlete Gym. Did a review here.

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  1. Bags says:

    I’m planning a trip to the Philippines for March 2016. I heard from a friend of a friend,that easter is a bad time to go there. Do know of any reason why this might be true?This will primarily be a p4p vacation.

  2. kick2dante says:

    Many many girls will go home to be with their families during holy week, it’s amazing how much the whole country shuts down that week, malls are closed good friday and they close at like 1pm on ash thursday

    my first year in phils i showed up at the bus station in manila trying to get a bus to subic……. the lines were hundreds deep, i literally think it would have taken 5 hours just to buy a ticket….. i had to get a taxi to the overpriced foreigner bus (swagman) to angeles and then go from angeles to subic

    there will still be some girls in Angeles, but from ash wednesday til the monday after really isnt the best time to be there, i would suggest asking girls you meet before those days if they will be around over easter and getting their numbers if they say yes

  3. Bags says:

    Thank you kick2, I thought that be the issue but I was having trouble finding some one to give me a straight answer. This is a great site, thank you!

  4. kick2dante says:

    no problem, always glad to help a loyal reader 🙂

  5. Bags says:

    Hi kick2, I’ve decided to expand my Asian stay to include pattaya. I’d like to be there for songkran, but, I’ve heard many of the ladies go home either before or after the holiday. Would you recommend songkran at the beginning of my stay or at end? I’ll be there for about two weeks total. Happy new year!

  6. jspill says:

    Yeah there are tens of thousands of girls there, should still be plenty around Songkran. And some from Bangkok and elsewhere will go to ‘play Songkran’ in Pattaya. I’d have Songkran at the end of my stay, to meet some girls to party with or have them come over when the party gets too much. They go a bit full retard in Pattaya with the water fight.

  7. kick2dante says:

    i have never been there during songkran so i really dont know what to tell you, my guess is that there are so many girls in pattaya you would be fine either way…….. but thats just a guess, maybe jspill can give a better answer cuz he lives in thailand

  8. kick2dante says:

    seems to me people who live in thailand hate songkran, people there who only experience it once like it

    • Brendan says:

      I will be be Angeles for days can anyone advise which gym has spinning bike classes or even just the bikes? Thanks in advance for any help given.

  9. Chachi says:

    Hi kick2dante, I would like to know how would be the membership fee in Fitness Connection. One week today I will be staying in Angeles because of school so I need a new fitness gym to be able to keep being fit. I would appreciate if you could tell me how much the membership fee is. Thank you so much !

  10. kick2dante says:

    hmm i havent checked on that in angeles for a few years, it also depends on how long you can sign up for, if oyu do month to month its more expensive then if you do a year contract

    try checking with both of these gyms and hopefully one has a promo at the time

    sorry i cant give a better answer but don’t wanna give wrong info

  11. Has says:

    Iv decided I’m going fly to Manila next time as flying to Clark cost an extra £130 {$185) and then another 500 ($10) peso to get to the hotel (and yes I tried haggling😠) plus it was really hot

    Anyway from Manila what’s the cheapest way to get to angeles? That’s including a taxi to a bus and then the bus to angeles

    And thanks for all the previous advise you gave dante. Want to angeles for 11 nights in may and your advise helped a lot 😃.

  12. kick2dante says:

    get a white metered taxi line from the arrivals floor of the airport to victory liner pasay station, bus to dau bus terminal, dont take the first trike drivers waiting at bus terminal walk up towards the main road and get a trike there and it should cost 50-80 pesos……..

    in the future if you fly into clark again you can take an airconditioned jeepney to walking street for 50 pesos and get a trike from there

  13. PTV says:

    Is Fitness Connection still there? I went looking for it but couldn’t find it? I googled it but can’t see a website?

  14. Deepwrath says:

    Angeles is a huge town, and there are many gyms.. Destination, abs and curves, enclave, anytime fitness, fitness hub, iron gym, Fitness connection, aka Elite Fitness, boulders and shoulders, Kandy Fitness…

    If you’re concerned about having an air-conditioned gym you probably don’t even need to be there to begin with, but quite a few of the ones I just mentioned are air-conditioned. (Enclave, Fitness Hub, Kandy Fitness, Anytime) -are for sure. I can’t remember the others since I haven’t been to those in a while.

    And if yall are looking in Pattaya go to Tonys Gym on 3rd road. I live in Angeles now, but when I lived in Pattaya Tonys had good equipment and was always busy.

    • kick2dante says:

      thanks a lot for the update its been a while since i was in angeles and didnt find much time to work out when i was there

      seems a lot more gym options nowadays then vs 4 yrs ago

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