‘Gray Area’ Girls in the Philippines

One of the toughest things about trying to hook up with girls in the Philippines is figuring out if they want money or not. When it’s not immediately clear either way I call these ‘gray area girls’.


There are some expats in the Philippines that just assume that every girl wants money and give them ‘taxi money’ before they leave.

That really isn’t a bad strategy because so many girls here are hoping for something extra.  However I have some reasons why I don’t like this, and being a cheap bastard is only part of it.

I don’t mind paying a Pinay if that is what she is after, but I want to know that going in. There’s also a small % of times they act all offended when I offer them taxi money ‘do you think I’m a prostitute?‘. Can’t win.

Even if they are a working girl, sometimes they don’t like you making that presumption or being treated as if they are one.

What I really don’t like though is spending my time and energy on a girl, and then also being expected to pay.  A girl can either get my money, or my time and energy…. I don’t want to give her all three.  I put in basically an insane amount of work trying to meet girls that will hook up with me knowing it’s not leading anywhere long term and that I am not going to pay them.

I spend on average 90 minutes a day walking in malls looking for girls to give my number to.  I am on FilipinoCupid and Facebook all the time trying to contact hot girls.  There are days where send and receive 1000 texts in a day.  On top of that I always ask any girl before we hang out if she goes with man for money.

Despite all of that effort to widdle it down to the small percent of girls that are also interested in casual hook ups far too often I get money requests.  Why did they put out in hopes of money after I already told them I am not going to pay?  Who knows.

Some other problems with trying to get casual hook ups are that from a time to money investment standpoint it really is not worth it.  I could definitely just work more and go with pros and it would be a better use of my time from a financial perspective.  But works sucks so…….

Also Filipinas for the most part just aren’t that hot.  I can walk the nicest, busiest malls in the city where the hottest girls like to go and not see an 8 in 2 hours.  There are days where I have not even seen an approachable 7 in all that time and just force my number out to a 6.  You can easily find slutty 6s on Pinalove in 5 minutes.

Or you could just go with a pro that’s a 7 for 1000 pesos and take out all the hassle.  That is definitely the much easier route.  Considering I have no life I have no problem ‘wasting’ so much time looking for girls.  However I don’t think many guys would want to put in all the effort I do when they can just pay instead.

The Gray Area Girl’s MO

They have so many MOs that it is hard to list them all.  Some are just straight up pros but are to shy to ask for money and just hope you will give it to them.  Some Filipina girls are ok with not getting money, but wouldn’t mind if you gave them a ‘gift’.  Others will text you 2 days later with their ‘big problem’ and then you will know.

But here is one of the biggest problems with them…. they generally aren’t that hot.  After being here for 3 years and having consistent sex throughout I am not so eager to pay a 6 or even a 7.  Especially not after spending time being her friend, and spending time hanging out with her and maybe buying her dinner that night.  And even more especially after she has said she doesn’t want money before the hang out.

If I knew she wanted money I would have either A) told her nevermind and not hung out with her or B) if she was hot made a small offer and if she didn’t accept say ok and forgot about her.  I have no real need for it now, and can be patient for the right opportunities.

On the other hand I hate the idea of getting some from a poor impoverished girl who was only giving it up in hopes of getting money and then not giving her anything.  I would rather go sex-less or pay a pro then be in the position of doing that.  If I wanted to do that I could get laid three times a day, but karma would kick my ass at some point.

That is why I take the risky line of possibly offending them and asking ‘do you go with man for money’ before we ever hang out.  I would definitely prefer to live in a world where I don’t need to do that, but PI is not that world.

I find the whole concept of gray area girls to be the toughest part of my current life (admittedly not a bad toughest problem to have.)  I wish there was a cut and dry answer, you would assume prefacing any meet with no money would be enough…… but it’s not.

I have so many examples of different gray area girls in the Philippines and will break down some more in depth.  This will give you a chance to see what you will have to deal with if you ever make the move here and attempt to find casual hook ups.  Any comments following those articles are greatly appreciated as I would love to ‘figure them out.’

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  1. Swiss says:

    You’ve been living the poosy paradise dream run for 3 years. Impressive.
    What do you do for a crust?

  2. kick2dante says:

    i am not sure what a crust is lol

  3. Swiss says:

    $$$$$ my friend

  4. kick2dante says:

    work online/poker

  5. Swiss says:

    Freedom fighter lifestyle.
    Do you see many girls with big ol titties getting around the Philos?
    I searched for them but only saw massive ones a handful of times.

  6. kick2dante says:

    umm i would say they are bigger and curvier overall than thai’s/cambo’s, but also get a lot of let downs when the padded bra’s come off also

  7. Guy says:

    The girls who have the ‘problems’ are the more dishonest, but craftier ones. If their bf is naive, he will think “oh, my little buttercup is an angel, I would never bang a prostitute.” Then she will ask him money for her little cousin’s dengue, pay for someones funeral,etc and he will happily fork over many multiples of what a barfine would be. She can do this multiple times a year, with multiple guys, and a lot of them never catch on. Quite lucrative.

  8. PUAabroad says:

    Sounds very similar to Vietnam. I’ve been here over a year now and had plenty of ‘gray area’ encounters. One girl waited over 3 months to tell me about ‘her problems’ but then they came thick and fast-the long con…hmmm.

  9. kick2dante says:

    ya ive heard viets can be quite ruthless

  10. Ronald says:

    Here Ronald from holland who spent about 50% of the time in the Philippines
    – Do you give ur “meat” girls (false) hope on a permament relation?
    – Did you ever try to get a relation with a pretty young and found already out they just play to (and chat smilling with “mama” being manny other foreighners). Its like manny just need “an (excitement) dream today” and fotgot you tomorrow.
    -My presumption is that the young and pretty just like to play like you like to play them and the older (or jolibee belly) girls look for a “looser” who sticks with hem.
    -I always offer money after bed (if i made no/less other costs) , only one girl who was chatting whole time with other foreighners when she was with me (DIA, Ash Barbie Manila Tondo) did not accept my money probably because i offered to les and she hated me because i was “so jalous” to ask her to stop chatting whole time.
    – i doubt these days if i ever can find a nice pinay (skinny , young) who stays with me, most dont understand me , call me crazy, because i am smart (like that they talk back) and eat at pinoy places. Most pretty are used
    to tourist who just eat, club, go in bed and find it strange i want to swim and talk with them e.g.

  11. kick2dante says:

    i never tell them i want a relationship and always tell them i dont want one, yes many play also and forget you quick, sometimes u get one that keeps coming back, other times they never do

    i think most want a relationship but they get horny from time to time, girls are like camels and dont want or need sex as much as us, and by the time they get horny again they have found some new toy and are bored of us

    • Dr. Who says:

      My problem is they all keep fucking falling in love with my sexual performance but I find sex almost painful. They have shallow pussies well some of them, also entering into them becomes almost an olympic sport and if you are like me who likes to fuck a few times a night you almost cant cum because they are so fucking tight that the circulation just sucks the life out of your dick. I don’t know what foreigners most of these chicks have been banging but anything over 3 minutes is a miracle to them, and I’m like a 20 minute sometimes 30 minute artist. I try to get them to cum first well before I even ponder cumming. But fuck 30 minutes in the vice known as their pussy is almost torture.

      • kick2dante says:

        you sound like kind of a big deal :p

      • thibault says:

        thats how i feel when i take viagra. just, i m still able to see thats a vast bullshit.

        • Jobo says:

          I use to take Viagra and drink a lot. It was great but one night I had to wake up to go to the cr to shit. I stood up after shitting and my legs gave out (I leg press over 600 lbs so no reason for my legs not support to me) and I passed out, bounced my head off the concrete wall and landed in my shit. That hurt like a motherfucker. I don’t touch Viagra anymore it messes up my blood flow and heart.

  12. jan says:

    I bang my phil girl for an hour and she commes 4 times!
    And that 3 times a day.
    But she had 2 babies.
    I take a girl with babies cause they are more responsible and stay with me.
    she is so sexy that i dont need viagra (I am 60 but slim).
    I am good shaped but had never the problems described.
    Maybe you need to take gel.
    maybe the girl is not realy loving you but just acting(they are verry verry good in that) .
    maybe you better start slow until she is wet..

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