Gramercy Pool / Gym Midnight Closing Time

This sucks, both Gramercy Residence’s pool and gym used to be open 24 hours but now it’s 6am – midnight for the gym, and 6am – 23:30 for the pool.

Since mid March. Someone told me about it at the time but I wanted to go see if they reversed that decision or not and they haven’t.

Part of the pool is cordoned off as well.


Seems everywhere in the Philippines something is broken or under construction.

Another way it’s gone downhill is the recent cockroach problem, I checked into an Airbnb room on the 43rd floor and saw some in the bathroom.


But they’re the small ones you see in Asia not the big ones. Pest control are working on it, last time I stayed here 3 months ago they were going from room to room.

Doesn’t seem to have helped though since then.

Airbnb room

I guess this eventually happens to all condos in SE Asia when they get old, it’s because some people cook in their rooms. Just luck of the draw if your neighbours do or not.

Or if you’re close to the rubbish bins or not, each floor has a spot to throw rubbish away.

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Aim for as high a floor as possible at the end of the corridors. Gramercy has 71 floors (top floor skybar has closed down a year ago, another piece of bad news).

Saw some hotties in Gramercy gym as always.

Daily rental studio

I still rate Gramercy as one of my favorite condos in Manila though, the BGC condos like Two Serendra are nicer complexes but the Fort area is too boring for me.

The room is nice, $41/night, this Airbnb owner adds a $10 cleaning fee though too. Now to go find a girl…

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Nice river view from 43rd floor.

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  1. inaddictaquate says:

    The pool looks like a crime scene. Leaving States for Manila starting next week for at least two months and booked up in Knightsbridge. Girls just as cute in the gym there? I owe you at least a beer/drink for all the knowledge you’ve dropped on this site.

  2. Reader says:

    Looks like some pool windows fell down? Regularly happens in Thailand as well.

    If you’re mainly active at night, it’s a 15-20min ride from BGC to Gramercy, which is not too bad

  3. Jasper Laguitao says:

    Probably caught lots of people having sex in the pool and gym
    That’s why their opening the gym and the pool to monitored hours

    You see , we pinoys are horny rabbits hahaha

    • jspill says:

      Haha you may be right

    • thibault says:

      pretty sure jspill is far from innocent in this case, so he should stay bemow radar on this matter… he published so much pics of him bringing sluts to condos pool, its highly improbable that there are not some stick y mini jspill floating at the surface of the pool . yummy.

  4. siberia says:

    I lived on the 65th floor for a year, loved the location as you have a good mixture of things to do in the surrounding area, malls, cinema restaurants and bars. The closing of the 24 hour gym is a bummer as that used to be good for me as i work odd hours. Regularly looked to see when the sky bar was reopening as it closed literally the month before i moved in and i had been there previously and was a good place to chill, but all signs point to it being permanently closed. One thing is the security there can be a bit strict sometimes when it comes to guests, as they force them to leave ID and quite often they would force me to go down to reception to get them rather than ringing then giving them access to the elevator. However if i was coming home with a girl they never stopped me to get ID off them, just let me walk straight through.

    • thibault says:

      so they re not strict, they judt do their jobk? only the part when they forve you to go down to get them is shitty, maybe thay dont want to give the elevator code to everyone.

    • jspill says:

      There’s no elevator code they just swipe an access card for the guest so the person can only go up once and only to your floor.

      Most condos will do that without you having to come down, just call your room phone then swipe the elevator card. It’s not their job to make you come downstairs too. Pretty annoying, they already have her ID, called you to check you know her, have CCTV on every floor (can only go to your floor anyway).

      • siberia says:

        Yeah that was the point i was trying to make, if they have phoned you and taken ID you wouldn’t think you would have to come down as well. Bit of a pain in the ass especially if you have multiple guests coming round, but apart from that definitely not knocking it, had a very enjoyable year there.

  5. Normal Nomad says:

    This is why you should NEVER “invest” in a condo in the Phils…..they will give you a place fit for a king for the first 2-5 years, then they just stop giving a shit and let everything fall apart as they’ve already gotten their money and moved on to the next building.

    I’ve said before and I’ll say it again: The condos wouldn’t sell for HALF the price they charge if foreigners could own land in the Philippines.

    If there was a foreigner owned Condo company they would destroy the Pinoy competition, lol.

    • John says:

      How is the security in higher end condos like Gramercy in Manila? Do you have to worry about your computer and valuables going missing when you leave your apartment?

  6. G says:

    Anybody stayed Avida 34th Street BGC? If so, is it any good? Guest friendly? How is the gym? Pool?

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