I Got Used For Sex

When you approach a girl here in the Philippines you really never know how it will go. Some will be super shy and won’t want to talk to you at all.


Others will be very happy to have a new foreigner friend, but think that friend actually means friend and not want to put out. Then there are the girls that are curious to hang out with you but need to get to know you better.

It’s very rare that I meet a girl in public that wants to fuck right then. I can really only think of one other time actually. While this technically wasn’t a same day bang it was just the same.

Girls off dating sites like FilipinoCupid are quick to come to your hotel and bang, fairly often. The ones you meet in public though generally take some more time.

Roaming Around Makati

I was walking around the malls in Greenbelt one day and approached three girls in an hour. The first was a smoking hot Chinese girl who was with her friend.

Then I was walking behind this girl in a striped dress and noticed she had a great ass. I was ready to approach based solely on the back view but also snuck a peek up front. Nice boobs and pretty face so I gave her my number and moved away quickly.

One thing about the number approaching game in Manila is that it is a lot more crowded than Cebu or Angeles so ‘good’ approach spots are hard to come by. You gotta put yourself out there a bit more.

The third girl was also wearing a striped dress, and she actually texted me that same night. I was hoping it was the 2nd girl who was an 8…….. actually I was really hoping it was the Chinese girl for some variety, but I was happy to get a text from any.

But this girl seemed very stand off-ish. I don’t even know why she texted me really. She asked why I wanted to be her friend and said she didn’t trust foreigners we were all liars lol.

We texted shortly and maybe I will see her some day but I doubt it.

Wake Up the Next Morning

When I wake up the next morning one of the texts on my phone is from a random number. I text her and she says she was the girl from the mall the day before.

I quickly realized it was the other girl. She is VERY forward in her texts right from the start. She asks if I am busy later and invites me to come over to her apartment.

She asks me to tell her how I am in bed. Then she says she doesn’t mean to be to naughty but asks how big my dick is. She said she had never been with a foreigner and literally said ‘it’s every young girls dream to be with a big dick.’

At this point I feel like I am either A) getting trolled or B) she gave her number to a ladyboy friend. B happens from time to time, if a girl has a boyfriend or doesn’t like you she may give it to a friend, sometimes that friend is a ladyboy.

One of my biggest ‘rules’ about girls here is to never talk about sex with them, and that the ones that do want to talk about sex are generally just wanting attention.

90%ish of the girls that bring up sex and are as forward as her are girls I never actually see. They are generally off dating sites (or Tinder) and are bored and want attention from guys.

filipina-girl-in-bedBut this girl was hot (solid 8) and after confirming where we met and what she was wearing I was reasonably certain it was actually her.

I asked for her FB for full confirmation but she said her ‘overseas bf wouldn’t let her have FB.’ Probably a wise decision by him.

When I text with girls here I don’t speak perfect English. I use bad grammar for no real reason other than I’m an idiot and it entertains me.

Well she calls me out for my bad English and asks if I really am the foreigner that gave her my number.

She says she is a professional woman working in a management firm and she wants me to speak properly, so I do.

I try to get her to come to my place off AirBnb instead of going to hers but she says she can’t. She lives next to her work and will run home for a bit on her break for us to play around.

We set a time but about two hours before it I get in a really good poker game that I can’t leave. I try to push back our ‘meeting’ til later that night or the next day and she gets pissed and says forget it.

Since I am not to keen about going to girls apartments (only done it twice in 3 years) and there are some red flags here (talking about sex, rare that girl I just met wants to insta bang) I am not that worried about it.

Then the awful player in the poker game leaves right as she asks why I can’t just stop by for 30 minutes and then go back to ‘work’ after. I say great idea and we both head to her place.

Is This Happening?

Her apartment is in an OK area of town but it’s kind of back off the main road and I am definitely on my guard. Everything seems legit but this is such an outlier I want to move slowly and check things out before I dive in.

I get to her apartment and she is on the phone with her boyfriend and makes me wait outside for ten minutes. She tells me this in text and doesn’t open the door. More red flags….. but her apartment seems reasonably nice and there is a gate/guard out front.

She comes down to the lobby to get me and I am planning on peeking into any rooms/closets when I get there to make sure we are alone. That doesn’t happen because when we walk into the room she walks straight to the bed and pulls up her long dress to her stomach and sits on the bed exposing some very nice soft white legs.

Also some yellow panties. And I also get a great cleavage shot as I am approaching. I try to make a bit of small talk but she isn’t very chatty, so I just go in for a kiss on the neck.

She had all the lights on which was cool since she was hot but also made it a bit awkward. I mean I didn’t know her at all, she wasn’t a hooker, and we were going at it instantly.

I tried to take her dress off but she wanted to keep it on so I just worked the top down to reveal her nice C’s. I sucked on them a bit and she pulled my shirt off.

filipina-girl-getting dressedI then took off my shorts and she laid back and I started sucking her boobs and fingering her a bit. After a few minutes she told me to lay down and SQUEEZED my cock.

I hate girls hands on my dick. How are they so awful at touching it? Don’t squeeze it ffs, be gentle.

So I ask her to please not touch it and she says ok. Then she asks if she can suck it and I of course say yes.

In her texts earlier she had said she loves to ‘suck on guys for hours if she likes them’ and also had asked how good I was at licking.

I ignored the licking question, and when she made hints at wanting me to lick her when I was there I ignored them as well.

I continue to get her wet with my fingers while she sucks and then she hops on. And her phone rings and it’s her boyfriend again so she hops off and runs into the bathroom. Great timing.

At this point I notice a mirror on the wall next to the bed. Based on the angle of this mirror its not there for her to check out her outfits. She claims I am the first white guy she has been with….. I have my doubts.

She comes back after the phone call and sucks me for a minute or two and then hops back on. She didn’t ‘drive’ at all and I had to bang up into her. After 5 or so minutes we switch positions and then finish in missionary.

Can I PLEASE Shower?

I go to get a tissue to wipe up the puddle on her tummy and then tell her I am going to take a quick shower. She says that I should just do that when I get home. I say come on two minutes, please just 1 minute! Fine 30 seconds!

She never says yes but I obviously hop in anyway and get a quick wash in on my junk. I wanted to wash sweat off my whole body but only did the important areas.

After I dry off I go back to the bed to put my clothes on and she is staring at her phone obviously avoiding any eye contact. I ask her how much her apartment is and she tells me she will text me later. I’m like ‘uhh so I guess I go now?’ and she says ya.

I go in for a hug and she just sits there like a rock. I text her on my way out saying I hope we can try again when we have more time and no response.

I am typing this a week later and texted her twice since and she never replied. She totally just used me for my body and once she got what she wanted from me she kicked me out (without even wanting me to shower!) and wanted nothing more to do with me :(.

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  1. heinz says:

    I don’t mean this in a rude way, but have you ever had the thought come to mind that she had overblown expectations of what it is like being f*cked by a foreigner?

    And maybe because of this she was dissapointed by your performance?

    The way she messaged you shows how high her expectations were, and her cold reactions after sex + no reply to your messages could come from her being dissapointed in you… just saying.

  2. kick2dante says:

    ya definitely, it was a pretty awkward experience for me, i didnt really know how to handle walking in to a girls room that i hadnt even talked to who instantly pulled up her dress………

    on the other hand this sort of thing happens a lot here, girls don’t need to fuck all the time like guys, ive had plenty of girls come over and we got along great, our personalities clicked, we chatted non stop the whole time before sex…… the stains on my sheets suggested they really enjoyed our time in bed…… and i never heard from them again

    honestly i feel like i get used more often here than girls use me……. but in this specific case of this blog post you very well may be right, she was wanting a porn star to come over and ravage her….. i did not do that

  3. sam says:

    you’re painfully awkward

  4. kick2dante says:

    thanks for the compliment 🙂

  5. QWSDCV says:


  6. Who says:

    The secret is to be the porn star…..

  7. Jack says:

    She told you what she wanted – licking. You didn’t do it. No wonder she was disappointed. I am a fat old guy with a small dick and ED issues. I have a GF in the US who is young enough to be my daughter, and she thinks I am one of the best sex partners she has ever had, because always I give her orgasms.
    Just sayin…

  8. yellowfever says:

    Really bro, not going down on this chick is weak sauce. I’d understand if you were paying her but in a regular hook up you should be trying to please the girl not just yourself.

    • Normal Nomad says:


      You have no idea where that pussies been or how many nasty herpes covered penises have ejaculated inside it…..licking every random hoes pussy is how you end up with throat cancer. Ask JP Morgans CEO about it—thats how he ended up with it.

      I’m very picky about which girls I lick. And I can count the number on one hand (my notch count is triple digit).

      If you’re good with your hands it doesn’t even matter if you have a tiny dick—-get her off with your fingers first and she won’t complain even if the sex is below average.

      • GuidoSexMachine says:

        @Normal Nomad – So much for me lickin  every random hoe’s asshole. Hope I don’t have throat warts or Hep C yet. My latest STD came out clean but who knows….Lol 🤔😆😋

      • GuidoSexMachine says:

        @Normal Nomad – * My latest STD test that is… 😋

  9. Steve says:

    Eat the pussy and lick the butthole, this is basic sex 101 stuff man.

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