A Good Time To Take A Trip To Asia

It is always a good time to take a trip to Asia, but now is a very cheap time to visit as well. The dollar is strong and the local currencies are weak. That means great value for you.

When I first moved to the Philippines when I would trade in a $100 bill I got 4,200 pesos. I felt like I was getting great value everywhere I went and I was, but it pales in comparison to what it is like now.

Get A Free BJ Every Time You Spend $100


OK OK you can spend your extra 500ish pesos however you want to. You are not forced to use it on a BJ though I would recommend it.

Around 2014 I was getting 4400 every time I traded in a hundo and again I was ecstatic over the extra 200 pesos I was getting. By the end of 2015 it had gone up almost all the way to 4700!

So what already was a great place to live with an excellent cost of living got better and better. This is something like 11% better value now then it was 3 years ago, and it was great value then.

If you are just heading over on a vacation this means you can splurge a bit more to get yourself a luxury hotel instead of a budget one. Or a really nice place off AirBnb.

You can eat at nicer restaurants and do more shopping at the malls. Or you can just get some extra blowjobs. The choice is yours!

It Is a Bit Stronger in Thailand

When I first went to Thailand the dollar rate was basically right on 30. You change in $100 you get back 3000 baht. Now it is close to 35.5. You know where my extra 550 baht is going.

This is somewhere around a 15% savings on everything you buy. Though it does seem like prices have gone up a bit more for condo’s and hookers in Thailand in the past 3 years, while in PI things just stay the same.

Now Is The Time To Travel To Asia

If you are reading this you probably have been thinking or dreaming about heading over for awhile. Well with the strength of the dollar and the weakness of the baht and peso now is the time to do it.

There is no way to predict what the dollar rate will be in a year or two, but we know right now it is great.


I Know Most Prefer Thailand

You may have noticed that I am not enjoying Thailand all that much. I know that I am definitely in the minority when it comes to Thailand…….. that’s OK.

I don’t find Thai girls faces attractive compared to other Asian girls. Most guys consider them cute, but not everyone finds the same things cute…. that’s OK.

Not everyone is going to like the same things and that is fine, we can all make our own choices. If Thailand is better for you then I hope you are happy there.

I think one of the main things that causes me to not like Thailand is that everyone else does. I am not saying this in some ‘want to be different’ hipster doofus kind of way.

What I mean is that since everyone else flocks to Thailand it spoils the market.

Why Pay More If You Don’t Have To

A month and a half in to my stay in Thailand the only decent value I have found in regards to girls is the massage shops or BJ places like Kasalong and Dr. BJ’s.

It is very hard to get a sex massage in the Philippines, in Thailand its expected. Having hundreds of these places all over is definitely a nice option. The girls aren’t the hottest but at $23 for a short massage plus BJ you can’t really complain.

But that is like the best value and even that isn’t great for Asia. Overall it just seems like every girl costs here more than in PI (or Cambodia) and really isn’t any hotter (to me at least.)


Who Wants To Live Around Assholes?

Not all Thai people are assholes. I have met some nice ones for sure. But in general the asshole level of Thai’s is quite high compared to other Asian countries I have been to.

You walk down the streets in the Philippines and people say hi and smile at you. You try and have a chat with someone and they are very friendly.

fake-thai-smileYou can write some of the Thai asshole problems off to the language barrier, but a big part of it is that they just don’t like us. And of course it is far worse when talking about people in the tourism areas/industry (including hookers.)

Basically it seems like every Thai person will smile to your face until they realize that you aren’t a stupid tourist that will overpay. Once they know you aren’t they have zero interest in you anymore.

They also are far more confrontational than I am used to after 3 years in PI. If you are getting into a confrontation in PI there is a good chance you are the cause of it. Filipinos hate confrontation as much as I do.

In Thailand confrontations are a weekly thing.

Your Mileage May Vary On Your Vacation To Asia

Everyone will have different experiences in different places. Maybe mine don’t jive with what has happened to you in certain places.

All I am doing is sharing how things have gone for me in the places that I visit. And so far Thailand has not been kind to me, but your vacation to Asia may prove to be different.

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  1. Akog says:

    First time post very long time reader. I am 32 ready to make the move to Phil very soon. Enough money to last few years but what are you doing to earn money? I’m not interested in hookers but gfs are fine. I like your style mate. You say sometimes you work what do you do?.also i know you do poker but that is something i am not interested in doing i can’t handle the swings when i lose haha.

    • jspill says:

      I’d google r/work online, r/beer money, r/freelance writing, that’ll bring up some Reddit forums with ideas. I started off with freelance writing then asked one company to give me a fixed salary and full time job, and they did. Dante does freelance writing plus blogging, and amazon affiliate sites.

      And this blog makes some side income, e.g. if someone signs up to a dating site we get a small commission. And Dante wrote a couple dozen Kindle ebooks. You don’t need much cash to get by here though, you can move over and learn on the job

  2. Randomguy says:

    Don’t bother with the Philippines. It has maybe one year left.

    • kick2dante says:

      wheres it going after that? :p

    • Birdpuller says:

      I’m confused they are still breeding like rabbits and popping out fresh pinays daily so its good for at least 20 years of action.

    • thibault says:

      maybe political.
      if the government realy dont want you to do their citizens, you wont.

      i man, they dont need a law, they can enforce already existings ones and make a bad rep to foreigners. once you e chased down in the streets by angry mobs, wether the girls are open or not wont be important.

      h! i heard girls in the middle east are eager to meet foreigners. do you think it actually possible? i i m wrong, throw me the first stone. becaseu someone will egt stoned to death anyway…

  3. Akog says:

    I won’t just be doing phil. Traveling all over Asia

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