PI Freelancers vs Bargirls | Prices, Pros & Cons

If you read up on the Pinay bargirl scene you will read many different opposing views. Some guys will say that you should never go with a freelance prostitute because she is more likely to have a disease or to try and scam you (I’ve never really had a problem).

There are many different stories of scams but how often do they really happen? Or is it just a few isolated incidents that get told over and over again? And how much safer is a bar girl when it comes to disease?


Pinay Bar Girls

In most major cities in the Philippines there will be some ‘bikini bars’ where there will be sexy Pinays in bikinis (hence the name) that will sit and entertain the guests.

You can buy them some overpriced ‘ladies drinks’ to get them to sit with you and at some you can pay a barfine which will allow you to bring the girl home with you. Depending on where you are the barfine might be anywhere from 1000 – 4000 pesos and then you will be expected to give a tip on top of that.

A 500 tip is usually pretty well accepted, unless you are somewhere like Burgos Street where they will want a whole lot more. The advantages of getting a bargirl are that it is quite simple. You go into the bar, you see her in a bikini so know what she has to offer, and you chat with her and get to gauge her personality.

There is a bit of security by going this route because if the girl doesn’t live up to her end of the bargain you can go back and complain and get your money back. They also get health checks fairly often, but knowing how weak the medical care is here they probably don’t amount to much. Still it lowers your chance of taking a girl with something obvious like herpes or warts.

Pinay Freelancers

Pinay freelancers (girls not working for any bar at the time) are a bit trickier but it’s still easy. You can meet them basically anywhere but the most common place would be discos, on the street or in random bars.

If you are in Angeles City you can go to High Society disco and it will be packed with Pinay freelancers. Same with J-Ave in Cebu City or Cafe Havana and LA Cafe in Manila. Many Pinay freelancers in the discos are also Pinay bargirls after their shift is over (so you don’t need to pay a barfine).

You can also find Pinay freelancers on dating sites (more so on free sites like Pinalove than paid sites like FilipinoCupid), at the malls, or wherever you go. This is why it is always important to kindly ask any girl you meet if she wants money so that you both know the deal.

Pinay freelancers are usually not the same as the working girls we come to expect in the western world. If a girl in the US ends up as a hooker she probably had a drug problem or was just lazy. That is not always the case, some girls are just pretty and are fine selling their bodies and can handle being a pro, but for the most part western world hookers have some problems.

In Asia that isn’t the case. If you had the choice between work really hard to get a college education so that you can get a job at Jolibee and make $200 a month or go to bars and pick and choose the guys you want to go with and make double or triple that which would you choose?

Don’t get me wrong there are definitely some Pinay freelancers that should be avoided, but they are usually quite easy to spot. There is a bit more of a risk going with any Pinay freelancer, but with all the recent raids in bars in Angeles City and other places you probably have just as high of a chance at running into the cops there as you do with a Pinay freelancer.


Some might argue that since freelancers have an element of choice in who they go with (e.g. hot young ones that only work in discos, never bars) they may be less likely to have STDs than bargirls that get barfined every day by anyone who walks in. Then again the cheaper street girls may be going with guys even more than bargirls – you just have to make a judgement call.

Bargirls vs Freelancers

It’s really hard to put an exact dollar figure on how much you will save by going with a freelancer because not all freelancers charge the same price, and not all bars charge the same price. I think its pretty fair to say that the average price of a Pinay freelancer is 1000 pesos, and the average price for a Pinay bar girl is 2500-3000. Lets just call the savings per hook up $40 for simplicity’s sake.

If you take a 3 week vacation to Angeles City and will get a girl 15 of the 21 nights you will save $600. That is quite a bit of your budget for a trip and will have you back in Angeles City much quicker. And the math adds up even more if you live here.

Lets say through the course of a year you want to have a girl over a little less then every other day, so 150 times. That is $6000 a year! That’s more then half of my yearly budget. Now there are lots of guys on forums that want to convince you that going with a freelancer leaves you open to a scam from the police. This does not happen 1% of the time, but again for simplicity’s sake lets say that it does.

And let’s even say that the scam you have to pay is $1000, even though in reality as long as you aren’t actually caught with an under age girl the scam will be much less then that. But just to weight everything in the favor of the guys the opposing view lets give them the benefit of the doubt on everything.

So if for every 100 times you go with a freelancer you save $40 that’s $4000 in profit. But you have to subtract $1000 for the 1 in 100 scam. You are still up $3000.

Then if we are being realistic and call the freelancer scams the 1 in 1000 or 1 in 10000 events that they are and you can pay off the first cop on the scene (that set the scam up and wants your money) a couple hundred dollars and you can see how much the savings is.

And don’t think that Pinay freelancers are the only underage girls ‘working’ in the Philippines. There are many Pinay bar girls that are under age as well. One of the more popular girls in Angeles City has a big thread on one of the main forums related to this topic.

In the thread someone posted that she was just celebrating her 18th birthday in 2014. Yet she had been working in bars since 2012.  Under age girls are the main way a foreigner can get locked up and are the thing I am most paranoid about. You need to be careful with any girl you go with no matter where you meet her.

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  1. Joe says:


    On your scale of1-10 how would you rate these KTV style bar girls?

    How common are girls like the ones in the YT video on the streets for daytime game?

    • kick2dante says:

      hey those are definitely above average girls, personally i would rate the best looking ones in the 7 or 7.5 range, though asians often look better in person so maybe 8s

      don’t expect to see girls like the cutest ones in that video all over the place, the one in the purple had a sexy face, and the one showing cleavage was also quite attractive, i might see 1 or 2 girls like that a week

      some of the lesser ones from the vid are types you can hope to see every day

  2. Brockstar says:

    I’d say the biggest advantage of taking a broad from the bar is that you can see and feel the merchandise before you take it home. There have been a couple times where I have a looker at a disco (HiSo) taken her home only to find out she had a mom’s body the minute she took her sexy lil dress off. At that point, yeah, you still go through with it……but it sucks. I feel its kind of like realizing they forgot to put pepperoni on the pizza you’ve been waiting to 20 minutes to get. Lol

    The best thing about the FLs is you’re more likely to score a broad who is actually into you. Sure you still pay her, but she may stick around until you literally have to tell her to leave (getting in several pumps in between that time). I must say I am a fan of rolling a chick over at 4am, spreading her legs and busting a load. 😀

  3. kick2dante says:

    ya that is true, most freelancers probably would let you pull the shirt up a bit and take a peek, but its awkward to ask

  4. Has says:

    Hey loving these short articles your writing….

    Going in may and was planning to go to the bars to meet women and if there was one I particularly liked I’d buy her a drink and ask her to come to my hotel after she had finished work. That way the barfine is avoided but I still got to know her a bit. You think that would work often in Angeles ?

  5. kick2dante says:

    that is referred to as a ‘sneak out’ and some girls will never do a sneak out no matter what, others will definitely be up for it

    bars of course look down on that so do it discreetly, maybe try and slip the girl your number, or ask her to say her number and you enter it in a way where people wont notice

    • Has says:

      Yeah I’ll try that out…. So with free lancers most are OK with you not paying before the act? I was thinking of getting the women to leave their ID in a safe and I’d give it it back after the act.

  6. kick2dante says:

    you dont need to go through with all of that, and many wont have an ID

    never pay up front, agree on a price, be nice, pay her what you said you would pay and it shouldnt ever be a problem

    don’t leave cash lying around on the table in plane sight or a phone in an easy spot to snatch, most wont come over planning on robbing you but if you give them an easy opportunity…….. i’ve only had something stolen from me twice in 3.5 years and both times it was small money

  7. Joe says:

    Hey Dante,
    I’ve read about EE game from guys who say the women love
    Older guys (mid 30s+) with success as the EE women are trained to like providers and leadership. They say younger guys are seen as losers by the women in some EE countries as many girls only want guys serious about marriage and not dudes out sowing wild oats.

    What’s the deal with Asian girls?

    Do they like good looking younger studs like the young hot girls in America or are they motivated by something else?

    Are young digital nomads looked down upon like in some EE places?

  8. kick2dante says:

    Asian girls like any guy that is kind to them, treats them well, and can provide for them

    they are not near as judgemental

  9. Has says:

    Hmmm don’t know if I could take the risk of going with a women without ID. I know it’s extremely rare for the underage scam to happen but still….
    How are the women when it comes to the GF experience?

  10. kick2dante says:

    they are very good

    lots of girls in the 18-20 range will have an ID with them, but not all

  11. Has says:

    Im going to be there for 11 days so I’ll try girls from bars and the streets….. Whats the main ethnicity and age group of men that you see there. I chose Angeles over pattaya as iv read there are less young men (35 or younger) and mostly white and Korean men ?

  12. kick2dante says:

    ya pattaya and thailand in general are loaded with young white guys

    in phils/angeles its mostly older white guys, you chose well

  13. Has says:

    Do free lancers also expect a tip?

    • kick2dante says:


      if you agree to a price for one time and she ends up staying all night for many rounds then probably should give her some extra, or if you really feel like you want to tip then by all means do it, but no tips necessary

  14. Has says:

    So how does one approach a girl to ask her if she will come back to the hotel for money…..obviously there is a risk that the girl may not even be a working girl so any advise and tips on how to approach women and lower the chance of making myself looks like a fool???

  15. kick2dante says:

    always be polite, if a girl is in a hooker area she is very very likely a hooker, if she isnt then she has been hit on their before

    hey how are you? thats cool are you busy? want to come with me?

  16. Juan says:

    Why are bar girls wearing four numbers at the clubs and what does it mean?

  17. kick2dante says:

    so that you can ask the mamasan to bring girl number xxxx over

  18. against ignorance says:

    easy girls to choose from in the Bistro in United Nations Avenue Malate from 1000 to 5000 pesos no bar fee and you dont even need to consume a drink

  19. John says:

    My personal experience is the girls l pay top dollar for in the bar have now made their money from me when l get to my room all will start playing with there phone and wlill lack any passion on the bed, they have now got no incentive to please..on the other hand the freelancers not only are they less than half price but they perform to the level your happy with, l have noticed a lot more girls and a lot more men in angeles now days doing there arrangements on the streets

  20. John says:

    Remember always pay the money after youve done your bit

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