First Time at Jakarta Spas

About 6 months ago I was reading on mysexpedition blog and that is when I first found out about the Jakarta spas which also double as strip clubs / brothels. I had some interest in checking out Jakarta anyways, but now I knew I had to go.

I really didn’t know what to expect because so often you read about how great a place is and then when you show up it doesn’t at all live up to the hype. This happened to me a lot in Thailand, soapie is great = meh, xxxx gogo is great = meh.

Then one day I was on pattaya addicts forum and reading through a thread and some guy posted about a 3some he had at one of the Jakarta spas. Both of the girls were older and fat…. I wouldn’t have messaged them on a dating site let alone approach them at a mall.

But there were also lots of guys talking about how hot the girls are. It was definitely a case of I needed to see it for myself so I could find out the truth. Not everyone likes the same type of girls, and not everyone will think the same of these places as I do. This is just my opinion.

My Saturday

I had a pretty hot start in Jakarta but things had tailed off. The last two freebie girls that came over were not very good, one was a virgin who gave terrible head and the other was just so-so.

Friday I got no one to hang out and on Saturday as things were looking slim I decided today would be the day I would head to one of the sex clubs. I actually had some interest from quite a few girls on Indonesia Cupid, but none that would come straight to my place.

They weren’t hot enough to actually take out on dates, and then when one agreed to come to my place she wouldn’t send me any more pics, give me her FB, or Skype. No thanks.

So I headed up to Grand Indonesia mall around 4pm because it was halfway between my place and North Jakarta where the sex clubs are located. I handed out 5 numbers and had 1 interesting attempt.

There was this super hi-so looking girl in a very nice expensive dress who had two shopping bags and some guy who worked at the mall helping her. I saw her on the first floor and when she went to an elevator I went in and tried to wait until the guy broke off.

We got off on the third floor and I trailed pretty far behind, they walk to some area of the mall I had never been and the guy leaves her and she walks towards some other elevators. As I turn the corner to make my approach a security guard jumps in and asks where I am going.

This was BY FAR the most aggressive security guard stoppage I have encountered (or even seen) in Asia. As a white dude I can pretty much walk anywhere unencumbered, but this place was off limits.

The hot hi-so lady makes eye contact with me and I really want to…… but its not happening and I feign ignorance and say I must be in the wrong spot.

Off To Malioboro

I read Malioboro was considered the best one (or as good as any) so I might as well check it out first. The problem was I really had no idea what times to go and there is very little info online about these places.

I had it in my head that they closed pretty early, but then on some last minute research I was reading that they didn’t, again I was really not sure of how this all worked.

I knew that if you got there before 5pm the cover is only 90k (1.3 million is $100 basically) rupiah, so my original plan had to be to go during the day on a weekday and avoid Jakarta’s awful traffic, but I was bored so went this night.

I show up around 7pm and the cover at this time is 130k. They claim that it is 100k and put ++ behind it for 30% tax. This is just the first of many ++ type things that happen at these places.

I get my electronic wristband and everything you buy will go on this wrist band and then when you leave you pay the cover and your bill. I would prefer to just pay as I go, but that’s not how they do things.

7pm Saturday night this place is gonna be packed…… or not. I am the only guy in the place, there are no dancers, and the girls working are all just sitting around like they are hanging out together. No way am I going to be the only customer in a place like this, all eyes on me all attention focused on getting my money.

Jspill managed to get some good creeper pics of Maliboro girls when they weren’t looking in this post.

I turn around after 30 seconds of checking out the girls and go back down the elevator. I say sorry there is no one here yet, hand them my wrist band, and say I will come back in an hour (I was planning on heading over to another one nearby.)

They say I have to pay the cover. I am like uhh cover for what? Its not even open yet. There are 5 bouncers at the door and I am clearly not getting out without paying the cover. They say I can pay a deposit and will have 1 hour to leave and come back. Instead I go back in and roam around to try and figure this place out.

There is a gym, a pool, and spa / sauna that all look pretty nice, but the gym is quite small. I know there are many floors here so I just start roaming.

As I am roaming and am up on the 4th floor where I think the ‘massage’ area is (though I never could actually find the massage area) two VERY hot girls walk past me and go into an elevator so of course I follow.

They are in bath robes and one of them is in the top 1% of girls I have seen in Asia. Her face is beautiful and her body looks to be curvy but with the thin lingerie style robe on I can’t be sure.

The other is a solid 8 as well and way hotter than you generally see at any P4P establishment around Asia. I try to make small talk with them but they speak almost no English and also don’t seem to interested in chatting at this point.

Probably have to buy them a drink before they smile. Hookers are so sweet, but this was kind of an awkward thing so I shouldn’t judge to much.

So now my impression on the place has totally changed, if there are girls this hot it can’t be that bad. They go down to level 1 to some other type of ‘club’ that I hadn’t been in yet and I walk around.

It hasn’t opened yet so I head back up to the area where there are actually girls. Still no other customers around, I enquire about prices and am told 900k, 1.5 million, and 2 million. If the one from the elevator is 900k I just might have to do that.

I decide my best play is to pay the deposit on my wristband (pay the cover/tab and get it back if you return within an hour) and run over to Classic Hotel nearby that has a similar set up.

What Do We Have Here?

Classic is another one of the most popular sex clubs in Jakarta and I am not sure if it has a cover or not. I need to kill some time anyways so I decide to run over, check it out, and if no cover I’ll go in. Even if there is a cover I will ask to just peek my head in and see if there are any customers there.

I arrive at 8pm but am not exactly sure where it is. Since I am in a hurry I ask a 35ish year old expat I see and he says we are both looking for the same place. We get to chatting and I tell him I probably won’t go in if there is a cover because I have to rush back to Malioboro.

We go up the escalator and find out there is a 40k minimum and he says don’t worry he will cover me. I say thanks a lot and we head in…. if you are shy like me and don’t like attention right as you walk into these places you will feel overwhelmed from the start.

The set up at Classic Hotel is that there are a bunch of groups of maybe 10-15 girls all dressed the same. They each have their own mamasan who tries to set you up with their girls. So you will have 10 aggressive mamasans hounding you throughout the night until you choose a girl.

I am pretty good at shrugging them off but they do not give up. We take a seat by some pool tables and the guy buys two drinks one on my wristband and one on his. The vodka and oj’s are 70k each and he gets both.

I am telling him about the stunners I saw at Malio and am looking around here and at first I am not liking it. Then one of the mamasans brings up the hottest girl (or non stripper at least) in the place (wearing blue) and I ask how much and she says 350k.

350k divided by 130k ($10)…… under $30. She is a solid 8 imo and that is obviously sick value. You can also take a 2nd girl here for only 200k more. A threesome for $40-$45 would be pretty great value, would I rather be doing that then pay the 9 I saw twice as much? Probably.

I obv hand the 8 my number in hopes that we can set up something on the side, and I know that there is a very good chance I will be back here after I go to check out Malio again and may end up taking her later.

After she leaves a different mamasan funnels more girls over, some hot, some not hot. A 7.5 is brought to me, I would be happy to see this girl in any P4P establishment I have ever been in.

I have no time so try and give her my number after confirming she is 350k also, and she was. First I ask for her number but she can’t remember it, she tries to enter her line id in my phone but gets it wrong.

I pull out my number from my wallet and she says she will take it if I tip her, I tell her I will tip her if she visits me and she doesn’t take it. Sure she ‘accidentally’ messed up the line id.

Now I start to realize that there are topless dancers in certain spots and move seats to get closer. The guy gives me 50k for the drink (he drank it I didn’t want it). Some of them are 8’s as well with some very big perky boobs in the mix.

I go back to tell the guy that he should change tables to go watch the hottest one and he had already gone to the back room with a girl. Three minutes after I had left.

I go to pay for the drink and it was 70k. Except there is a 25k service charge so 95k, these places nickel and dime you like no other. So the guy told me he would get me in for free and then paid half. Whatever.

After you pay you give them your wristband and they give you a ‘boarding pass’ that lets you out. No sneaking out possible here, and when you give the girl the boarding pass she asks for a tip.

Back To Malioboro Sex Club

On my walk back I have some decisions to make. What is better, super hot girl from Malioboro, or threesome with two quite sexy girls at Classic. It is pretty close and one is (at least) half as expensive, pretty easy to know which I was leaning towards.

When I get back to Malio it’s 8:45 and things are more lively. There are some other customers around and girls dancing on the main stage on level 2, but they are in shorts and shirts, not exactly a strip club.

There is still just a weird vibe on this level as a lot of the working girls aren’t yet dressed sexy for the night and are just sitting around chit chatting with their friends. The really sexy girl from the elevator isn’t in this room so I go back down to level 1 and there are naked girls dancing on stage.

I walk around and I spot the really hot one. She is already sitting with a guy (no surprise) but with the towel off I can tell her body isn’t as curvy as my mind had made me imagine.

As I talk to one girl in there who spoke good English (English is very rare in this place, hard to get a straight answer on anything) she tells me the girls in that room are 1.5 million PLUS mandatory drinks. Now we are talking 3x or 4x what a threesome would cost. Decision made.

I look around and check out the girls, certainly some hot ones there but not $100+ for one pop hot. I go upstairs, pay my cover (no drinks bought) and head back to Classic Hotel (after getting asked for a tip by the doorman.)

My Run Bad Follows Me Everywhere

I have a great plan now, go back to Classic, watch the hot strippers, and either have a threesome or get a bj from one of the hottest ones.

I am hoping to talk one into doing it right there on one of the couches in the dark area near one of the stripper poles after I buy her a drink or two and tip, but if not we can go to another room.

I have heard that some of the dancers will do bj’s in these clubs but you have to buy them TWENTY drinks which would have to be $150+, probably over $200.

You know what really sucks? When you head into a ‘sex club’ that just had topless dancers and now the lights are dimmed and there is some shitty cover band on stage instead. No more topless dancers for the next hour. FML.

It takes me a long time to find out that they won’t be back for an hour also, had to ask many of the aggressive mamasans until one finally answers.

Well I am not sitting around here for an hour where is the hot one? Hey there she goes walking past with her bag….. and right to a guy who has already paid for her to join him. What is plan C?

I walk around for 20 minutes trying to find another girl. I have mamasans attacking me from every angle. At this point I just want to get out because the cover band has turned this from sex club to something awful. Bust a nut and come back at 8pm or 10pm another night when the titties are out.

I go up to the 7.5 from before who asked for the tip if I wanted her to take my number. I already didn’t like her attitude but she was sitting on the couch doing nothing so why not.

I try to talk to her and she rolls her eyes, mamasan comes over and tries to get her to go with me and when she stands up I say forget it. You can sit there and do nothing.

One girl with very pressed up boobies says she will do a bj with no condom but no cim (cum in mouth.) I almost take her but I get the feeling when the bra comes off they are going to be very saggy baby fed boobs, 90% certain on that.

I eventually take some other girl who agrees to bj with no condom (after two declined without condom, lol condom bj) and she wasn’t very hot but at least I got my nut busted. As I walked down to my room I got to pass the hottest one in the blue dress who I was targeting just to twist the knife in a bit.

And to twist it some more when I came back upstairs the titties were getting back on stage and at various poles around the room.

How They Compare To Other Pay For Play Establishments

There are certainly some annoying aspects of them, but they still have to be the best hands down. If you have money to burn Malioboro has the hottest collection of hookers I have seen in Asia. At least one 9, quite a few 8’s, and the majority of the girls are at least a 7.

It is going to cost you a lot at Malioboro, even if you take one of the 900k girls you are almost certainly going to be spending $100 for 1 pop in total. For one of the hotter girls $150-$200 after you factor in drinks. But you aren’t finding this quality in other places.

Classic Hotel didn’t have quite as hot of girls but the prices were far better and the strippers were certainly worth the 40k minimum ($3) that you have to pay to enter. The 2nd time I went in I didn’t even buy a drink just handed them 40k with my wristband and got my boarding pass (interesting how its called a boarding pass to exit hehe.)

There were definitely some chubbier girls around at that one, but plenty of 7’s, one clear 8, and a few in the 8 range. That is better then you are going to find at the vast majority of Thai gogos or Philippines girly bar.

Oh ya and you can bang them on site for under $30, short time room included in the cost. That is a pretty big plus. The aggro mamasans suck and the nickel and diming sucks, but in the end I spent $50 on the night which included taxis, checking out both clubs, and partaking in the action. Drinks would have made it a lot more costly.

Jspill took some more pics at Classic and Travel hotel in this post.

6 Responses

  1. thibault says:

    all the beginners error.
    to be clear, i wasn t there and would be a beginner. not talking about that. i mean, beginners error in the context of, p4p, and ,well, anything related to being a consumer in any domain.

    all the timing and decision making is fucked up. you did exactly what one shouldnt do.
    you could have it all.
    “Then one of the mamasans brings up the hottest girl (or non stripper at least) in the place (wearing blue) and I ask how much and she says 350k.”
    ffs. this is the moment of grace. your glory day. but now i hate you for mesing up.
    in theory you did exactly what should be done. refusing, keeping strong, forcing the mamasan to use her best card: the ultimate babe. be sure she does not propose this one to anyone, she s for connoisseurs.
    then you fucked it all up. there is a momentin life when you have to take a decision. it was this precise moment. whatever happened, it could not have been utterly bad. more probably good memories.

    it was a moment when all connects. the girls, the mamasan, the price, th conditions, even a bloody threesome ffs! (although threesome with non bi girls are often a bullshit, at least you could fucked them by alternating betwen the two)
    it was a nexus. yes, this precise point in space and time when everything is possible. think about 1955 in back o the future. every alternate univers comes from this place and time. an exception in the continuum.
    and you shat on your future. you defy the gods. you choose the future where biff has the sports almanach.
    your life is ruined. never again a so good proposition will be made to you.
    the rope is already tied to the roof. don t thank me.

  2. guy says:

    wheres the sheets on the bed?

  3. kick2dante says:

    just want to re-confirm all nudey pics taken by jspill 😛

  4. First timer in Jakarta says:

    My experience is that girls at Classic are mostly just fine. Went there for the first time on last Saturday. Not perfect, but plenty of cuties. On each of 3 floors there were at least 40-50, so I was almost confused. Minuses – mamasans and live music, both unbearable, almost feel forced to pick a girs ASAP. However, very enjoyable start of the night, which continued at Dragonfly….

  5. spirit maze says:

    filpinas look like dogs you find at a pet store.

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