My First Soapy Massage in Bangkok – Nataree

One of the things that I was really looking forward to checking out for my loyal readers was a soapy massage (‘ab ob nuad’) in Bangkok. If I was just traveling through Thailand and had no blog to write on I doubt I would pay for one. But I know what the readers want and I must deliver.


What I expected

Everyone on the Thailand nightlife message boards said Nataree is the best place for a soapy and I might as well go for the best. I have been a major nit (nice way of saying cheap bastard) for 3.5 years in Asia and while I am traveling I am going to treat myself to some nicer things – so off to Nataree I went.

Update – Shortly after I went Nataree got raided by police for having a few 17 year olds and non Thais working there. The 100+ girls working there are probably now at one of the other soapies in Huay Khwang – the Lord, Colonze II, Poseidon, Caesars, Alaina, etc. They’re walking distance from where Nataree was.


Emanuelle was also inspected by police but the girls there are quite old, like 30 ish

Trip to Nataree

I take the MRT and get off at the Huay Khwang stop exit 3 and it is right there. It is not the only massage shop in the area but I was told it has the most girls so I was making it my first stop.

You will probably be walked in by a papasan who will try and tell you the prices of all the girls. You have probably seen the Youtube videos of soapy massage places with the fish bowl, but while there is a fish bowl it is not like you expect.

I’d read there were girls in the fish bowl and girls outside the fish bowl in the room with you. What I didn’t realize is that the girls in the room with you outnumber the girls in the fish bowl maybe 8 to 1.

I was expecting it to be 50 girls in the fishbowl and maybe 10 girls sitting around the room where the guys choose, its the opposite. I talk a walk around the room and most of the girls are 2600 baht or 3200 baht. Then there are some for 4000 and 5000, I did not really notice the more expensive girls being any hotter.


The girl I ended up picking. Definitely not underage

The girls behind the fish bowl were nothing special so I kind of forgot about them and focused on the ones I was closest to and could get the best look at. Honestly its a pretty overwhelming thing because there are so many choices.

The papasans are not exactly pushy, they each give you your space once you have made it clear that you need some time. The only problem is there are quite a few of them and they each try and help out.

I had considered trying to slip some girls my numbers (writing ‘short time in room me add my line’) on a few pieces of paper but I didn’t risk it. The room is very crowded and at the very least other girls would notice.

So after circling the room twice I see this cute petite light skinned girl in the 2600 section that is as cute as any girl there and approach her. I tell her I want just a BJ not sex and she says OK. We start to go to pay and I make sure its no condom on the BJ and she says no. Scratch her off the list.

Then I go to another girl and once again she says condom for a BJ. Obviously I am not paying more money then I have ever paid in Asia to get blown through a condom. I decide maybe this isn’t the spot for me and go check out some nearby shops.

Other Soapies Weren’t As Good

I really hate walking into places like this. All the girls stare at you, the papasan is just doing his job but I don’t need any help other than telling me what the prices are.

The first one I go into has a couple OK girls but probably not as hot as Nataree. There is one that sort of stands out and I tell the papasan I would like to talk to her real quick before we go. He doesn’t understand so I ask her if I can talk to her. I don’t want to have this convo with every girl listening in. She rolls her eyes………

OK bitch you can sit in your empty massage shop that has no customers and not earn any money. 40 days in Thailand….. not a fan of Thai hookers attitudes that is for sure.


Waiting for the bathtub to fill up

The next two shops really have no girls I want to go with so I decide to head back to Nataree. On the way I walk past a cute girl on the street and hand her my number (not on the ‘short time room me’ note, the standard note.) Always be prepared.

Lets Try Nataree Again

So I head back into Nataree and go left to the bathroom. There were a few girls in this room both times I went and this time one of them is looking quite nice and is off by herself.

Very easy to have a ‘blowjob no condom’ chat with her and she says yes. I also go for 2 blowjobs because A) I always finish pretty quick and B) massage gets me horny as fuck making me finish even quicker.

Also from what I have heard the standard gameplan is get washed off in the bath and get a bit of a BJ, then get a body to body, then finish with a BJ that quickly turns to sex.

If I get a BJ in the bath that doesn’t make me cum I will be raging hard smashing my dick into the mattress, fuck that. So anyways I tell her don’t worry it will go quick it will be easy work and she agrees.

Only slight problem is that she is 3200 not 2600, but I found her to be in the top 5% of girls there AND she will do my special requests. Now is not the time to haggle over $18 or whatever that is.

Slowest Bathtub Ever

I swear that ish took 20 minutes to fill up and it wasn’t even a quarter full when we got in. I slyly snapped a few creeper pics while I was waiting hehe.


Ready to get in the bath

She sat between my legs and washed all over. She washed my junk like 3 times which included quite a bit of handjob action. She washed my whole body and then has me go to the bed. Hmmmm not going according to gameplan but she works there so I follow her lead.

I lay down and she puts in some Fisherman’s candy because she says she likes to have them in when she gives head. It gives a similar feeling to when a girl blows you right after using a minty mouthwash. Interesting change of pace from time to time.

So now she blows me, decent head but nothing special, and then washes me off back at the tub and says I should sit and rest for 5 minutes.

Everything is a Let Down For Me in Thailand

After 5 minutes she asks if I am ready and she says yes. OK then go get the air mattress…… she tells me to lay down on the bed again.

Hmm if we get the soap all over the bed won’t it stay wet? Maybe they have some magic sheets? Or I guess the girls outside of the fish bowl don’t do actual soapies and body to body.


No air mattress like in porn, just a hard bed in a motel style room

So I paid 3200 to a girl that I probably would have paid 2000 to at a disco….. and I got a free bath for the extra 1200. I mean it was fun, I enjoyed myself, but there is just a recurring theme in this country of almost nothing ever going as expected that gets really old.

Would I do it again for 3200? Definitely not. I can bathe myself. Would I pay her 3200 for a legit body to body soapy massage….. I would probably choose another girl because I know her head was just so-so.

Hard to talk to Thai Girls

So basically if you are going to do anything in Thailand I would try and always confirm they will do exactly what you want before you start. Of course the problem is they can’t understand you and you can’t understand them either.

Thoughts on the Raid

If you’ve lived in Asia a while you’ll know these police raids are a total joke, the girls aren’t ‘trafficked’ at all. They’re all working there of their own accord. I didn’t see any girls that were obviously underage but maybe there were three 17 year olds in a back room or something.


Via KhaoSodEnglish

And some foreign massage girls were working there, from Laos (being a hooker is a restricted profession for Thai girls only!). They also found records of tea money bribes and transferred some senior police figures to ‘inactive posts’.

It should be back to business as usual soon but in the meantime stay safe and have sex for free on ThaiCupid and Thaifriendly.

10 Responses

  1. jspill says:

    Yeah I remember my first soapy at Nataree I was expecting something like I’d seen on Redtube, girl rubbing her body all over me covered in soap suds, ass in my face etc. – didn’t happen. Just a boring bath together in lukewarm water slowly getting washed like you’re some old Grandad. Disappointing. Cute girl though.

    Addicts massage on Sukhumvit soi 24 is better. Sukhumvit soapies cater more to farang who want more of a porn star experience. Ratchada soapies mostly cater to Asians who only care about how beautiful the girl is.

  2. Sam says:

    Only the girls in the fishbowl will do the mastrass stuff on nataree 😉.

  3. uwotm8 says:

    Yeah well that’s what you get at Nataree, cute young girls from Northern Thailand, but you paid full price and a bang would have been included, so somewhat your own fault. I don’t think there’s a lot of places which do the full soapy.

  4. James says:

    I went to soapy massage five years ago in Bangkok and it included an inflated mattress.

    Which soapy massage in Bangkok provide inflated bed where she rubs her body all over mine like in porn

  5. Gregory Martinez says:

    So is Nataree open yet?

    • jspill says:

      No 🙁 I’d assume many of the girls will now be working at nearby soapies though, Colonze II, Caesar’s, Emanuelle, Poseidon, the Lord, Alaina, that’s 6 a short walk from Nataree

      If it reopened it’d have to be a new owner/name and maybe the prices would change / girls be gone already. Police still searching for the previous owner

      It’s really sad, it was a great place

  6. Yann says:

    The only thing i want is a rimjob. 20minutes of tongue assplay i orgasm much better than banging a whore using a condom. I found good places who only charge 800thb. That included shorttime room.

    • jspill says:

      At MITU japanese soapy on soi 33 they gave a really good rimjob as part of the nuru massage.

      For just rimjob I would imagine some of the massage girls on the alleyway between Soi 11 and 13 by villa market would be up for that for about 800 net (incl. 300 for the room). Have done full sex there for 1000 – 1300 net with some of the dirtier ones, 1500 – 1800 with others.

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