My First Philippines Bargirl

My first Philippines bargirl experience came on day one of moving to the Philippines. I was in Angeles City and walked up and down Walking Street poking my head in every bar.

philippines bargirls fields avenue

I was super shy and really hated being rushed by the waitresses and mammasan so I didn’t stay in any for long.  I stayed just long enough to check out all of the girls.

The first thing that stood out to me was that the girls out in front of the bars drawing the customers in were a lot cuter than the girls inside.  There were 2 girls in particular working at bars next to each other that were head and shoulders above any others I saw.

Being that it was my first night there I didn’t want to pay a barfine, but I talked to them a bit and wanted to set something up for later.

At the time I wasn’t aware that you can just buy a sim for 40 pesos and put it in any phone.  Having no number made it hard to get any bargirl sneakouts going, but I had the plan to talk to these girls every night before I left the Philippines for Cambodia.

Plans don’t go well in Angeles and for the next 3 nights I didn’t see either of them.  I kept popping my head in their bar to see if maybe they were dancing that night, but they were nowhere to be found.

Finally on my last night I find the one I liked the most.  I have a thing for short tan brunettes with big boobs and she was exactly that.  She had a very pretty face as well.  She and her friend were still the hottest working girls I had seen in my 5 days of walking around looking at every prostitute in the city.

I was a bit desperate and let her know I was going to do whatever it took to get her to go with me. I ended up agreeing to the barfine plus tip for only 2 rounds in a couple hours.  I probably could’ve got a better deal.

Learned Something About Myself

So now we are in the trike and apparently the hotel I was staying at had 2 different locations and the trike dropped us off at the wrong one.  The security told us the other one wasn’t far, just a short walk that way.  I turn and look that way and it’s a pitch black street not in the touristy area of Angeles.

I was totally freaked out and was definitely not going to go roam down a dark street when I had just arrived in Asia (in later trips to Angeles I roamed those streets often at all hours of the night.)  Luckily someone else said it was actually down a different street, and it was a short lighted walk that was totally safe.

philippines bargirl

Back in my room I finally get her naked and her body was just as good as I expected it would be.  Round 1 was great and then we chatted before round 2.  This is when I learned something about myself, and it is not a good problem to have.

My dick has more trouble getting up for hot girls than it does for average girls or even ugly girls.  This hooker was in my top 3 hottest I had ever been with, and it won’t get hard at all.  We wait a little longer and still nothing.  She had said she wouldn’t do a bj, but she tried because of the situation.  Still nothing.

Eventually after like 45 minutes of awkwardness I was finally able to get it 2/3s of the way up for some awful action and then she went on her way.  This has been a trend for my 3 years in Asia.  It never happens with girls that aren’t hot, but with the hottest it happens about 50%.

8 Months Later

I saved her number and texted her when I got back to Angeles.  She was in the province and said she would let me know when she got back but I wasn’t really expecting it.  To my surprise a few weeks later she actually did and said she would come over.

She told me she put on some weight and it was really obvious right from the first second I saw her walking 100 yards away.  She had gone from the cute petite girl with the sexy face and big boobs to an almost fat girl with OK boobs and OK face.

That’s still better than most of the bargirls in Angeles actually, but not the star she had once been.  I didn’t mention it before but she liked to kind of act like a bitch.  That was her thing.  She actually seemed pretty nice with the important stuff, like giving me a bj when I couldn’t get it up.  But she had a bitchy difficult personality.

Now that she wasn’t near as hot her bitchyness was getting on my nerves from the start.  When we finally got into bed she said she wanted the same amount as last time (including the bar’s share) and I lol’ed.  Sneakouts are always cheaper because the bar isn’t involved.

After 8 months of consistent sex and finding many hot freebies on FilipinoCupid in that time I wasn’t near the push over I was before.  More importantly she wasn’t hot enough to make my little head do all the thinking.  She wasn’t flexible with the price so we never did anything.

If she was as hot as she was the first time then I probably would have done it just to get a second chance with the Philippines bargirl that popped my cherry. Or I would have tried harder to get her to find a middle ground we could agree on.  But when she had dropped from an 8.5 to a 6.5 there was no reason to even worry about it.

7 Responses

  1. Dokken says:

    Man I wish a female would tell me she wouldn’t suck my dick, that would be the end of her. I don’t understand why you damn mutha fuckers go all the way over seas and put up with that nonesense when there are dozens of women that will do anything. Forget the bitches that think they can afford to have standards, shit it aint America where they can “afford” to do it because of the afflux of desperate men walking around.

  2. Jay says:

    Not being offensive but… what precautions do you use to prevent STDs? Seems like being with so many pinas eventually one has to be infected! Especially Bar Girls…Condoms, Penicillin, etc?

  3. kick2dante says:

    at this point if i am paying for sex i just get bj’s… i prefer them anyways so it works out well

  4. Steve says:

    hey question… do you know if the bar girls can choose their customers? Do they have to go with a guy if he asks?

    • kick2dante says:

      they can choose

      if the girl is hot / new / young and brings in a lot of customers that buy lady drinks making money for the bar she can be very picky, or be a ‘cherry girl’ that never goes with customers at all

      or if they dont like a guy they can say they have menstruation and the bar won’t force it

      in some cases the bar puts a bit of pressure on if they never go with customers

      if the guy is a regular customer who’s been with other girls there, and the girl isn’t that hot, and she starts to cost the bar money….. they’ll say hey maybe you should let guys barfine you na

      they won’t force it though, if the girl keeps refusing the bar will say go work somewhere else

      • jspill says:

        Yeah same as Thailand. Although Philippines bars don’t pay the girls as much of a base salary, so you’ll see them going with old fat neckbeards that’d get turned down in Bangkok.

        A Thai bargirl can make $10-$15 / day just from dancing and drinks, a Filipina bargirl $2-5.

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