Finding Filipinas on Pinalove

One of the greatest things about the Philippines is how horny many of the women are. They go to church and act like good Christian Filipinas but later that night they may log on to a dating site like Pinalove and meet a strange man.

And when I say meet a strange man I mean go to his place and let him be balls deep an hour after they meet. They truly are the masters of convincing themselves that they aren’t sluts while being sluts.

Sluts on PinaLove Want It Just As Bad As You Do

Actually if you live in the Philippines then there is a pretty good chance that you are getting enough ass that most of the women are actually hornier than you. While some of them may ride the cock carousel every night many of them save up their hornyness until they need a release.


And thats what we are here for right? So many of the girls on Pinalove sign up because they want some dick and they want it now. So many of them tell me their last boyfriend was 6 months ago and they haven’t had sex since.

So when you are horny and want some dick but don’t know where to go for it and don’t want other people to know what do you do? Hop on a dating site and meet a guy in minutes while no one else knows.

It is a great world that we live in when people can meet so discreetly and set up bedroom encounters without ever being seen in public together.

So many Pinays have dreams of hooking up with a foreigner but are far to shy to speak to one in public. But when she logs onto Pinalove you are her little secret and that turns her on even more.

So if you want your dick to be the one that breaks these six month long dry spells and feel the pussy juices when the floodgates open sign up for Pinalove and enjoy the wave.