Find a Filipina Girlfriend in Abu Dhabi

If you ever go to the United Arab Emirates you will be shocked at how many Filipinas there are in the country.  There are more in Dubai (where 21% of the population is Filipino) but there are a lot of Filipinas in Abu Dhabi also.

Considering how hard it can be to meet women in the middle east having this many Filipinas around would make it a lot easier to meet women there.

I don’t think approaching a local woman in a head scarf would work very often, and may even get the local guys pissed off.  However they probably could care less about the Filipinas in Abu Dhabi making them the easiest to get on a date.


Where to Find Filipinas in Abu Dhabi

Many Filipinas in Abu Dhabi work in hotels as either receptionists or house keeping.  Even if you live there you could still take a stroll through the lobby.

If there is a pretty Filipina woman working at the front desk just walk up and inquire about the rates.  After she tells you say you may come back, but compliment her on her pretty smile.  Discreetly give her your number on a piece of paper and hope she texts.

These girls are probably very lonely being far away from their family and will be quite happy to make new friends as long as the new friend appears kind.

Filipinas in Abu Dhabi on Dating Sites

I have received messages from Filipinas in Abu Dhabi on AsianDating and PinaLove.  Since we are so far away I am not really sure why they are messaging me….. but I do know they are active on the sites.

Log on and search Abu Dhabi and I am sure there will be many Filipina women to choose from.  Just remember to always be polite and keep the mood light when you are dealing with Filipinas.

They are very friendly and kind people and if you are the same they will be glad to spend time with you.  I am sure that the Filipinas in Abu Dhabi are the same as the Filipinas here….. just be nice and a gentleman and you will get what you want.

Another good option to find a Filipina girlfriend in Abu Dhabi is to sign up to Filipino Cupid and see if any girls message you when they’re in town and horny.