Filipino Cupid Register

Registering for Filipino Cupid is super fast and super easy. It is instant and takes almost no time at all. If you are considering trying onling dating with sexy Filipinas then registering with Filipino Cupid is a must.

There are so many sexy Filipinas on Filipino Cupid and if you don’t register then you don’t get to chat with them. You can waste your time trolling the free sites and dealing with all of the hookers and time wasters you will find there.


Girls that sign up for Filipino Cupid are a lot more serious about actually meeting foreigners, and the site does a good job of getting rid of the bad accounts that shouldn’t be on it.

When I first got to the Philippines I was using Date in Asia and spending tons of needless time messaging so many girls just hoping for a few to reply. I am a cheap guy and don’t like paying for things that I can get for free and thought DIA had to be just as good as Filipino Cupid.

Why To Register For Filipino Cupid

One day I was talking to a buddy about how weak the quality was on DIA and he told me that I needed to stop wasting my time and step up to the big leagues.

Once he told me about Filipino Cupid I knew I had to register. He told me how much better looking the girls were on Filipino Cupid, how they put up a lot of pics so you could get a better sense of who you were meeting, and how much more serious the girls there were.

Generally I am not a trusting person but I knew the guy I was talking to was a straight shooter. I had known him for awhile and he isn’t a salesman at all.

So I bit the bullet and signed up. I could tell it was the right decision from my first day. The sexy Pinays on Filipino Cupid are so much better then what you will see on the free sites.

The girls message you back at a higher rate, and they seem to be a lot less flaky then the girls on DIA as well. Filipinas will always be somewhat flaky, but the ones on Filipino Cupid are far less so then on DIA.

No matter what city in the Philippines you are in there will be lots of girls on Filipino Cupid ready to meet up. There are even girls from Filipino Cupid in other cities around the world like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, San Diego, Sydney and Melbourne.

So go ahead and register with Filipino Cupid and start your search today.