Filipinas That Lift

Quick post as I just had to share this vid, from a Youtube channel that I sub to. This Filipina girl is pretty hot and works out. I came at around 2:20.

If you’re reading this Anika Meija, hit me up.

Couple shots from around Youtube:

filipinas that lift

She lifts, bro


Those quads!

Another good example of a Filipina athlete / MILF is the famous Maria Kang.

If you didn’t hear about her, she really pissed off a ton of fat white feminazi chicks by posing for an advert with her three kids – the caption read ‘what’s your excuse‘, for not being fit, while she was looking sporty and ripped.

maria kang philippines fitness

The video below explains it really well at 3:20 onwards. She even had to deal with 40% bodyfat chicks calling her out on daytime TV.

Warning: watching the whole thing may make you move to the Philippines and never look back.

Overall working out and gym culture amongst women is a little more common in Asia than say, Thailand. Maybe because they pay more attention to western culture here.

Filipina girls seem to realise that lifting weights doesn’t make a girl ‘bulky’, just sexier, and they also have better bodies for working out, thicker ass and legs. Plus they’re hornier and realise guys like girls that exercise.

2 Responses

  1. jspill says:

    nothing hotter than a Pinay who lifts weights

  2. kick2dante says:

    usually prefer soft bodies but obv id still hit it

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