Finding Filipinas in Thailand? Not So Easy

Even though I am very pro Philippines there are certain things I can’t argue – Thailand has better infrastructure, internet, value for money apartments, etc. I can see why more expats want to live there.


Pinay in Pattaya!

While I certainly wouldn’t mind having some better food, faster wifi, or knowing that I would be at a good hospital in the case of an emergency none of those things are as important as what living in the Philippines has to offer – much nicer, friendlier, and more genuine people.

Not only that, but the locals speak very good English (for Asia) so you can actually communicate. Plus the visa system in the Philippines has less hoops to jump through and actually makes you feel welcomed instead of just tolerated for your money. No need for border runs.

So I wasn’t surprised to hear that quite a few expats in Thailand are bored of the same old ‘you can eat spicy?‘ conversation on ThaiCupid dates and are on the lookout for Pinays instead. Get the best of both worlds – a better girlfriend experience (GFE) while living in a bit safer country.


Cute Filipina tourists at the Bridge over the River Kwai, Thailand

Finding Filipinas in Thailand

Well it won’t be easy.  While Pinays often do go to other countries to work Thailand is not one of the main places they go, even in Asia. Hong Kong and Singapore are more popular destinations. You’ll notice some airline carriers don’t fly direct between Thailand and Philippines, instead routing through SIN / HKG.

I know of about 10 Pinays that went to Thailand on vacations, and a couple that went there to work.  The main jobs that they will get in Thailand are English teachers and nannies.

I am kind of surprised you don’t see more of them working the front desk at hotels since finding good English speaking Thais is so hard.  I know there are many Filipinas in Dubai that work at hotels.

You might get lucky and bump into some at touristy spots, but unless you’re going to be hanging around outside schools it’s not that easy to find Filipinas in Thailand without dating sites.


Online Dating

I ran a search on Pinalove and there are about four pages of results for a Thailand search, all ages. Around ~200 girls total but some of those won’t be active anymore, or have no pics up.

And I feel like a few are actually Thaifriendly accounts that are mixed in there (PL and TF is the same company) to bump up the numbers. Pretty weak sauce but worth a look.

FilipinoCupid is way better though. It has tons more girls and they don’t seem to mix in any Thais into the search results. A Thailand search, all ages and provinces, returns 799 sexy Filipinas.

FC is 400 Pesos (300 Baht, or $8) per month on a year subscription, or about $26 for one month.


Social Networking

There’s also a Facebook group Filipinos in Thailand with 4k members. Just be careful if you try to add too many random girls Facebook bans you 😀

You could also try, expat networking sites like Internations and, or the forums on Couchsurfing.

Failing that post an ad on Craigslist personals 🙂

Out & About

Khao San road in Bangkok comes to mind, a lot of foreign tourists flock there, and Filipina chicks will feel right at home because it’s full of young white dudes, has cheap beers, and there’s no dress code, everyone just goes out in flip flops and beach wear. I remember bumping into a group of Pinays there.


The most popular nightclub for non-Thai Asian tourists is Route 66 on RCA.

As for touristy spots, you might overhear some Pinay accent at waterfalls in Kanchanaburi (above), Koh Samet Island, Pattaya Walking Street, places like that. Or Chiang Mai, as it’s one of the easiest places to live long term on an Ed visa.

If you know any better ways to meet Filipina girls in Thailand tell me in the comments!

5 Responses

  1. Joe says:

    Dante and fellas,
    Have you guys ever tried to take a Pinay to a neighboring country to vacation or live? Are most of them cool with going somewhere new and decent like Phuket, Nha Trang, Bali, etc. or do they tend to be fussy and stuck in the provincial mindset?

  2. kick2dante says:

    i have never tried cuz i dont like to travel

    pretty much any girl would gladly take a trip anywhere if you are setting it all up and paying for everything, they are to poor to do it themselves and would jump at the chance

    • Anonymous says:

      Thats true. Have had a pinay friend visit me in Bangkok when I was there. She stayed for a week with me and I looked after everything including return tickets. She was happy and so was I.

  3. Rolf-Dieter Stille says:

    my Gosh- it is very easy. Go to church in Thailand – a lot of Pinay there every Sunday

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