Filipina Women & The Cute Things They Say

Sometimes Filipina women will say the cutest things without even realizing it at the time.

Cute Filipina Women

Even though many Filipinas speak pretty good English they sometimes will say something that is just adorable that they didn’t really mean.  Below are my three favorite examples of this so far.

Filipina Girls the MoonsThe Moons

I was talking to a Filipina when she started telling me about some religious men called ‘the moons’ that she’d heard about.

I have zero clue what she is talking about.

Then she tells me that she saw it on a TV show where some warriors killed a bunch of ‘moons’ but kept one as a slave. I’m still totally lost.

I ask her to describe these ‘moons’ and she says that they wear brown robes and pray to the moon.

I ask more about the show and come to find she is talking about the show Vikings where Ragnor keeps a monk to live with him.  Not sure what made her think they prayed to the moon.

Filipina Women Jumping as Birth Control

This one is funny but also kind of scary.  I was with a Filipina chick and asked her if I should wear a rubber and she said no need.  I ask her why and she says because she won’t have a baby now.  I ask if she means because of the time in her cycle and she says yes.

After we finish she runs over to the bathroom and says this is why I don’t need and starts jumping up and down.  I ask if she is serious and she says yes.  I tell her that just because some comes out that doesn’t mean…. but she KNOWS that it works.  Sigh. Met a few fun characters like that on FilipinoCupid.

Toilet Seat Music

This one actually comes from Cambodia and is my favorite.  In my early days of chatting with ‘Cute Hotel Chic’ (long time blog readers will know) I ask her what music she likes.  She lists off a few people like Rihanna, Justin Bieber, Toilet Seat……. wait what?  I haven’t heard of Toilet Seat.

Filipina Girls

I ask her if she is sure and she says yes she really loves Toilet Seat’s music.  I ask her if she knows what a toilet seat is and she looks over at the bathroom and starts laughing.  I ask her what type of music Toilet Seat is and she says she is very good singer.

It took quite a few days but after asking around someone said she probably means Taylor Swift.  When I ask her if maybe she meant Taylor Swift she says yes.

Taylor Swift.  Toilet seat.  Sounds similar I guess.

3 Responses

  1. jspill says:

    so did you go rubberless?

  2. kick2dante says:

    she had to jump didnt she

  3. Kim says:

    Errrr not cute at all. You just described some dumb little bitches with low life.

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