Ones That Got Away

Filipina girls can fall in love so fast and it’s hard to keep them from doing so. I don’t like having serious relationships here for that reason.

Filipina girls fall in love

Filipina girls are so sweet and all they are looking is for someone to be kind to them and take care of them, and I can be kind but I don’t want the responsibility of taking care of someone else.  So while losing a chance with a girl really only means I lost out on one night or a short fling, sometimes if the girl is hot enough then it can still sting quite a bit.  Over the years of there are three that stand out above the rest.

The Hottest Girl I’ve Seen in Asia

The first time I went to Cebu I had gone to the J-Ave disco’s Facebook page before arriving and messaged a few Filipina girls who had tagged themselves in the pictures.  One of which was a solid 8 and she responded to me and we became friends.  She got a boyfriend before I arrived and I never had a shot with her, however I did notice another girl posting on her page.  It happened to be her sister, and her sister was the hottest Pinay I had ever seen.

I sent her a friend request and she accepted, but didn’t reply as much as her sister.  I still was able to get her number and texted her when I got to Cebu.  However my first week in Cebu was a terrible week where everything went wrong and I was on life tilt.  You know those days where you wake up and stub your toe going to turn on the light, then you grab your phone and drop it and it breaks, and then you want to go to your favorite breakfast spot to cheer you up but when you arrive they’re closed on only that morning?  That was my whole first week in Cebu.

I am texting this girl still, and she is responding about half the days I text her.  Eventually she actually agrees to go to lunch with me.  I cancel.  This was at my peak of insanity from how bad my week was going and I knew that there was just no way that I could blow my one shot with this girl at that time.  I still think it was the right decision at the time.

If we are being results oriented then it was awful because a week later she found a serious boyfriend who she has been with for over a year and has not replied to one of my texts since she met him.  I wouldn’t have ended up as that boyfriend because I wouldn’t have wanted to even if she is the most stunning sexy Pinay I have seen.  But I may have had some fun for a week or two that I never would have forgot.

My First Crush in Asia

When I first got back to the Philippines for the second time I texted a girl whose number I got the first time.  She was now engaged, but when I told her I was in Subic she said I should text her friend who was there for a weeks vacation.  I texted the friend and we hung out 4  times during the week.  She was an average looking girl but she was very fun to hang out with.  She hadn’t had a boyfriend for awhile and had some needs she needed to take care of.

One night I decided to head out to the bars in Barreto just to poke my head in and see what was available.  I had no intention of barfining a girl because I never do that, and I had a willing companion ready to come over the next day.  I went to most of the bars and wasn’t seeing much that I liked, but in one bar there was a girl that stood out.  She was really into the dancing and was quite sweaty.  I thought she was about a 7 which was great for Subic so I got her number.  We texted off and on that week and I probably could have had her visit me, but I already had another companion.

I then moved to Angeles and kept in contact with the girl from the bar.  A month later she said she was in Angeles and when we were both on Walking Street at the same time we met up.  She was eating at a Korean Restaurant with her friends and when she came out to say hi I was floored.  I couldn’t believe that this was the girl from the bar.

Remember I said I thought she was a 7 but she was a clear 9.  I was so shocked I could barely talk.  She was with her friends and asked me to go to the disco but I hate the disco.  She started making more frequent trips to Angeles and was always going to the disco.  One time I went in and I noticed her dancing with an old dude.  Actually from my view it looked like he was dancing with her when she didn’t really want to, but maybe I was just jealous.  After seeing them dancing together the next time I went I realized that he is her boyfriend.  This is one time where I should’ve paid the barfine.

Stupid Network

When I was in Angeles I met a freelancer on the street and got her number.  I tried to get her to come hang out for a long time and she was always busy.  One night she finally gives me the chance and says she will text me later.  I text her later that night a few times and she never replies.  When I wake up the next morning I have 11 texts from her asking why I am not responding.  Sometimes there is a lag in the network here and it just had to happen on that day.

She gave me another chance a few weeks later, but I stupidly chose a different girl who I had just met and thought might be hotter.  Once the other one came over I realized I had made a mistake but it was too late.  She was still a very nice herself, just not on the same level.

All three of these would have been three of the hottest girls I had ever been with.  Particularly the first two are ones that I wish I could have got a second chance with.  Now I likely never will.

15 Responses

  1. jspill says:

    still a better love story than twilight

  2. kick2dante says:

    your girl looks so cute in this one

    • Simon says:

      Why don’t you want serious relationship there? It seems to me most girls want a husband.

      • thibault says:

        once youre into a monogamous relationship, you basically lose.
        its only a balance of power.
        as long as you can fuck them without falling in love, the game can go on forever.
        marriage is the end of your man life. welcome to slave condition.

        • Mike S says:

          Maybe that’s the case… Butbyou spend a lot of time and energy just looking for sex. The great thing about filipinas is, they are trainable and willing to try about anything. And, finding a girl who’s way hotter than the average guy could get back in the world isn’t so hard. Find an astonishingly beautiful, educated, bi girl and train her to be a great wife. Then you can have the best of both worlds and focus that energy on something productive. Otherwise you border on addiction

  3. Chas says:

    I’m the serious boyfriend your #1 found. In all seriousness, you are the guy my girlfriend has been running from, and she ran right into my arms. It seems you are straight with the girls, so no judgement, but, in my experience, most of these girls are looking for a long term relationship with a guy who really cares about them. That’s the reason for all the games and the indecision. They date you hoping that maybe it will turn out to be a long term thing, since a lot of relationships start out casual. But, you are the reason my absolutely knockout 23 year old girlfriend loves me so much despite my 50 years. Guys that are much less straight forward than you, are also the reason it took so long for her to trust that I wasn’t going to leave her or hurt her or cheat on her. Sincerely, though, I am glad for you and guys like you that are just looking for a good time and to have some fun and treat them like a number on a rating system. Because without you, I don’t think my girlfriend would appreciate me nearly so much.

  4. kick2dante says:

    my number 1’s boyfriend is not 50 lol

    i agree most of the girls here (like all women on the planet) are looking for a serious relationship

    thats why i waste tons of time finding the few that arent instead of lying and leading them on

  5. kick2dante says:

    oh ya and lol when i read the first few sentences I thought you actually were her bf and she was telling you i was stalking her hehehe

  6. Chas says:

    haha, no, just a metaphor. I don’t know how I got this old. In my mind I’m still 20, so dating an American woman, even in her 30s, is a bit much for me to take (let alone I haven’t found an American woman who isn’t crazy). But you are right that, if you’re white, the pinays are all in.

    Nice site. Congrats on that.

  7. kick2dante says:

    thanks for the kind words! 🙂

  8. Guy says:

    Be careful what you wish for. The pussy is always sweeter on the other side of the fence. I’ve dated two models there and both times they were the most drama filled relationships I’ve ever had in my life. They were wonderful to look at, but it just wasn’t worth the constant emotional terrorism. You’d also be surprised how much makeup, lighting, and camera angle can transform how a girl looks.

  9. kick2dante says:

    i have seen all of these girls in person, the 10 is almost so perfect in person that she doesn’t even seem real…… except she is now pregnant so the body may be ruined 🙁

    ya i wouldnt want to actually date any of them……. but an hour woulda been cool 🙂

  10. -cam says:

    Dante I think I am many of your readers would be interested in your views on sex/relationships. Though they are non-traditional, they seem to be very pragmatic and I think many of us could learn a lot from them.

  11. Sakura Samourai says:

    Why is it that the “ones that got away” were always the hot ones?…Most male foreigners are into looks that’s why they end up with liars & cheating gfs..

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