Filipina Girls 101 Ebook

I’ve put together an ebook on what I’ve learnt about Filipinas since moving to the Philippines.

ebook girls in the philippines

If you’ve been living in the Philippines for a while you probably know most of this stuff already – this is more aimed at beginners, and was fun to write. Also it helps more people find the blog through Amazon.

For my loyal blog readers, here’s the first 1000 words free. The rest is on Amazon for $4.99. If you don’t have a Kindle there’s an Amazon app to read ebooks on PC, smartphone or tablet.

Filipina Girls 101


I do not proclaim to be a ladies man at all.  I have NO GAME with western women at all.  I can not stress that enough.  Yet I have been getting laid consistently in Asia for 3 years now.

On my last trip to the US I didn’t even bother trying to go out and talk to girls.  It would have been a pointless mission.  I don’t know what they want, all I know is that they don’t want me.

I’m quite sure I could find a girlfriend over time in the US (sick brag) but she would probably be some fat feminist and my life would be awful.  What’s the point of that?

Yet despite the fact that I would struggle to get laid in the western world I can get girls in Asia all the time.  It is a combination of the fact that A) it’s much easier here and B) I was quick to understand what the girls wanted.

Many Asian girls have dreams of being with a foreigner.  He can be their white knight that leads them to a better life.  If you want to be a complete prick you can use that to your advantage and lead girls on.

But you have no reason to do that.  You can find casual hook ups if that’s all you are after.  Even paying hookers is better than leading on poor girls from the third world.

Honestly when you first arrive if you haven’t been getting much ass in the recent times going with some hookers is a good investment.  Hookers in Asia are not the same as the drug addicted skanks standing on street corners in the ghetto in the western world.

Jobs are hard to come by and some girls never really had a chance for an education.  Sure there are some nasty hookers here, but you can avoid them pretty easily.

So go with a few pros when you first arrive to get  your confidence up and to get some experience with Pinays.  Then move on to non pros.  If you’re already a stud then no need.

filipina girls 101 ebookI think I was talking about what Asian girls wanted from guys and what makes them different.

Well not every girl is the same, but when generalizing it is fair to say that many Pinays are the same.

All they want from a guy is for him to be nice and fun to be around.  You don’t need to try and impress her with how awesome you are, and you don’t need to ‘game’ her.

Just be a smiling, happy, not threatening joker and she will warm up to you in no time.  Techniques that you may use on girls in the western world are totally pointless.

Something like ‘negging’ is the opposite of what you want to do.  Asians aren’t used to having conflict.

Negging a girl will get her in a bad mood and your chances are probably shot.

Instead of negging crack a corny joke.  The closest you want to come to negging is teasing her about something, but not anything she may actually be self conscious about.

For instance if she gets a text tease her about it being from her boyfriend.  But if she is fat don’t call her fat, or if she is bad at English don’t make fun of her English.

It may sound really simple, because it is.  And that is what makes living in Asia so great.  Instead of having to put in a lot of work to impress a girl all you have to do is smile and be nice.

The friend zone is the worst place to be in the western world.  In Asia it is where you should always be aiming.

Chapter 1: How to Approach Pinays in Public

Pinays are very kind and friendly people.  As long as you approach them in a polite way almost all will be willing to talk with you.

Some may be to shy to chat with a foreigner in public, a few may have some attitude, but for the most part they will be a bit curious about you and willing to chat.

If you try to chat a girl up and she is not receptive right away then just back off.  There are so many around and you don’t need to make her comfortable.

There is a really strong western influence in the Philippines and English is very widely spoken here.  I wouldn’t be surprised if it was the national language in 50 years.

As long as you are in a big city you won’t have any problems using English only.  If you travel to a province then not knowing the local language may become an issue.

I find the malls to be the best place to meet girls.  They love to shop (like all women) and malls in the Philippines are the same as malls in the US.  They are pretty much the nicest areas in Phils and good places to hang out.

Girls are generally in a good mood when they are browsing in the mall so you will catch them at a good time.  I try to find good times to approach them when there aren’t many other people around so they don’t feel many eyes on us…

There’s another 7000 words in the full ebook!  Contents include dating sites, facebook and mobile apps, working girls, gray area girls, the bar scene, ladyboys, filipino time, scams, and more.

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  1. ontheway says:

    I highly recommend “Philipina Girls 101”. Like all books published in ONLY ebook format it is short and more of a booklet than a book but, hey, at only $2.99 it is cheaper than a magazine is PACKED with great information. It is a concise package of information that would otherrwise requir e you be an active participant in several different “monger” type web forums. The only problem is that it is available only in Kindle format. If you don’t have a Kindle reader all you have to do is open an Amazon account and then download a free Kindle app for whatever device you want. I now have the Kindle app on my tablet, smartphone, and PC. So i have a ready reference no matter where i am. With this ebook and Derek’s Angeles City ebook on my smartphone securely in my pocket I am all set for my Philippines escape !

  2. kick2dante says:

    thanks man! hope that the things that worked for me work for you also and that you have a great stay in the Phils!

  3. ontheway says:

    BTW Derek, a very useful book would be one on the use of wireless in the three countries you cover with an emphasis on the PI. Since most US folk are on a monthly plan that has a locked phone on a US only wireless system you need to start with the basics. Get a couple of cheap used unlocked smartphones on EBAY (with the correct international wireless system ) and you’re good to go…. everyone writes about the wireless deal in the same way – “buy a sim card” — but there is a heĺl of a lot more involved in modern wireless, like smartphone use as wireless hot spots and on and on…

  4. kick2dante says:

    thanks thats a good idea, when i travel next year i will consider writing a book that covers that for all the asian countries i go to

    as far as the phils go i wish there was one correct answer to give you in regards to what company to use, but it is all location dependent so you just have to kind of guess and check until you find the best one

  5. Ontheway says:

    Hey Dante … sorry about calling you “Derek. I had just completed a long email to a Derek and had the “D” name on my mind.

  6. kick2dante says:

    haha man not a problem 🙂

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