Filipina Girlfriend Lies

Playing around with UberSuggest tool I noticed ‘filipina girlfriend lies‘ is one of the search terms Google suggests as you start to type that in. It even suggests it first, above ‘advice’.

filipina girlfriend lies

(Also seems to be a lot of horny Arabs looking for a Filipina girlfriend online)

So Pinays telling porkies seems to be a common occurrence? I thought I’d write a post on it.

I’d agree you’re going to come across this fairly often living in the Philippines.  To be fair though many of the small lies are just sort of a cultural difference. Two examples come to mind.

Filipina Girlfriend Lies #1 – They Can’t Say No

Asians never want to tell anyone no, or to say anything that may cause any sort of conflict.  Because of this your Filipina girlfriend will have gone most of her life thinking it is better to lie than to say anything that may start one.

So if you ask her any question where the answer she wants to give is no she may lie.  This can be very frustrating and if you want to get serious with a girl you probably will want to have a long talk about how it’s OK to say no.

The whole not wanting to say no thing is a very annoying part about living in Asia.  They also don’t want to say that they don’t know something and that can cause big problems too.  When you ask someone a question and they say yes you can’t fully trust them.

Sometimes you need a correct answer….. not a token ‘yes’ that they tell you thinking that is what you want to hear.  The small lies are usually just a minor annoyance.

However when you are so used to lying your whole life, big lies become easy to tell also and that’s where things get bad.  You just have to hope that you can eventually get her to understand that you would rather hear the truth than some bad news.

Filipina Girlfriend Lies #2 – ‘Maybe Next Time’

maybe this timeThis is a great example of how they are basically taught to tell lies as they are growing up.  If you message a hottie on Pinalove and ask her to hang out that night you will almost never be told no.

If the answer is no you will probably either get no reply, or be told ‘maybe’ or ‘next time’ or ‘maybe next time’.  These all mean no, they just don’t want to tell you no.

People say ‘maybe next time’ so often that they recently even made a movie here called Maybe This Time that was of course another sappy love story.  I haven’t seen it but I am sure it’s about a guy who asked a girl to hang out and she never would and kept saying maybe next time.

Then one time she finally said yes and they fell in love.  Not that hard to figure out how a Filipino love story will go.  This all comes back to how they hate to say no or have there be any conflict.

What is even worse than ‘maybe next time’ is when they say yes and don’t mean it.  Then you actually think you are meeting up with them later that night and plan your whole evening around it.  Then the time comes and they decide to stop replying.

If you’re dating Filipinas you’re going to have to put up with some ‘Filipina girlfriend lies’. How you deal with them is up to you (another common Asian saying to avoid confrontation).

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