Filipina Girlfriend Advice

I’m not the best person to ask for Filipina girlfriend advice as I stick to ‘just friends’ relationships. However if we’re using the term ‘girlfriend’ loosely for that too, this would be my advice.

filipina girlfriend advice

Dealing with women in Asia is completely different to dealing with women in the western world.  I really think you would be best off forgetting everything you know (or think you know) about women before you come here.

Maybe the PUA tricks you use to ‘game’ women in the western world will work here, but they are totally unnecessary.  There are much easier ways to deal with the women here.

Keep it Simple is the Best Filipina Girlfriend Advice

Just be nice.  That is pretty much all that it breaks down to.  Filipina girls just want a nice man that can take care of them and won’t cause them harm.  If they trust you to do that they will give you whatever you want.

Being nice is easy.  Smile, make some corny jokes, talk about how you’re so happy after moving to the Philippines, whatever. Don’t get upset if she does something wrong.  Asians are non-confrontational. They would rather lie than tell someone that they’re wrong.

So even though we may be used to letting people know they made a mistake when you do that to an Asian girl you put them in a spot they aren’t used to.  Just brush off small mistakes and pretend they didn’t happen.

If your Filipina girlfriend keeps making a costly mistake that actually is a big deal just try to explain it to her as kind as you can.  Let her know that it’s important she does something a different way, but try not to make her feel bad about it.

Do your best to always keep the mood light and her happy and things will turn out great.

Can You Trust Filipinas?

This is another matter.  From my experience they seem to cheat on their partners quite often so trusting them would be hard.  Of course there are many that are very loyal, there just also happen to be many that cheat.

I think it would take me knowing a girl for a really long time and not catching her cheating before I could really trust her.  That is probably unfair, they may not cheat more than the average girl in any country.

It may just be that it’s so much easier to make ‘friends’ that are girls here that I find out about it easier.  All I know is that hooking up with girls that have boyfriends or even husbands happens more often than you would expect.

Then again I only ever talk to Pinalove girls who are up for casual dating, or hand out my number in malls, I’m not trying to find a life partner in the Philippines.

I don’t really blame them for cheating though.  I would bet that most expats living in the Philippines would cheat on their girlfriend if they could hook up with a sexy 20 year old.  We can’t expect Pinays to be perfect when we are no better.

Giving Filipina girlfriend advice is easy in some ways (being a gentleman is all it takes) and hard in others.  Only you know if your partner is worth your trust or not.

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  1. Allan says:

    Which city have you found in the Phillipines to be easiest when it comes to gaming women as a white foreigner?

  2. kick2dante says:

    Manila and Cebu definitely

  3. blanc says:

    What is the attitude of these girls with elder men lets say over 50s 60s Does it make a difference???? Peter Thank yu

  4. kick2dante says:

    it varies from girl to girl, some girls actually prefer older men because they feel they are more stable, can support them, and can trust them more, then there are others that may want guys closer to their own age

    definitely fair to say it will be a whole lot easier to get a 20ish year old girlfriend in the philippines for an older man than it will be in the western world 🙂

  5. Xavier says:

    F*ck that, cheating is what teens do. By the time you become an adult it’s time to grow the fuck up and mature. If you can’t be with someone without cheating, then you don’t deserve nor should you be dating anybody PERIOD. The problem is, people want to be children forever. That is why they play 24/7

    • thibault says:

      fuck that, being nice is what weaks do. by the time you understand girls hate beta men, its time to take a red pill, fucking think for yourself and stop caring. if you cant understand the balance of power between sex, ten you deserve to be treated like shit by women, get all your asset stolen by divorce, be the little doggie of a woman. well, period, yadda yadda. the problem is, people really believe the world is like they ve been told, and we re still in the 19th century. thats is why they stay slaves in our society.

      • kick2dante says:

        i hope if you come to asia and see how sweet the girls here your views on women will change

        please dont take out frustrations from white girls by treating asian girls like shit

  6. thibault says:

    my dear dante…do you realise you are doing precisely what westerners call “treating girls like shit”??? how do you think your blog is perceived in SJW land?

  7. kick2dante says:

    i dont consider being honest to girls treating them like shit, i put in way too much effort to go out of my way to never lead a girl on and to only hook up with girls that want friends with benefits

    if i wanted to pretend to be their boyfriends i could get more girls, hotter girls, and spend 1/4th the time doing it

    your posts make it sound like you will come here and treat the girls awful and i hope that isnt the case, and i dont care what some feminists in the western world think, we all have our own moral standards and to me leading girls on in impoverished countries is a dick move that i wont do, but hookers or sluts that want fwb’s is not a problem at all

  8. Thibault says:

    I never considered doing what you said, in fact i didnt consider anything. I m usually too honest, you know the guy that express openly what everyone thinks secretly. But, i know with women (and business…)you have to fucking dissimulate the truth. And, yes, going to a country where this isnt necessary is relieving some stress. When i know i ve no chance with a woman, i just openly tell her to ,more or less,come suckibg my dick. In the pi i may be able to pull this one and suceed.

    Enough bout me.

    The mere fact that you re fuckibg is a crime in the eyes of the west.keep in mind that modern, progressive morale is just as much about srxual frustration as was traditional religious morale. You are escaping tje grasp of the pc west by going to a third world country, using the services of professional and so on. I dont want to enumerate, but the list of illegal things you and jspill are doing is humongous.

    As for this guy i was answering. He is the archetypal white knight westerner. A mix of ancient patriarchy and modern progressive ideas toward women. The olifarchy manipulates people because of that. They really think what they re saying, they firmly believe to be right, and they doom us all . the only escape is to not abide by the directives of society. Like, fleeing to the third world.

    I can swear you re more dangerous as it for the west. You show people there are other ways. There is a promised land, which has nothing special, its even a shitty hellhole… Except the destruction of modern ideas is still lagging behind. Thats the most obvious proof that hapiness is the rxact contrary of what they say it is.itsnot avout useless consumerism. Its about feeling well in your life, and , yes, sex. Its like you shown some inmates the little backdoor to the jailhouse, which is barely locked. From inside.

    So pal, think what you want, but i m just a frustrated westerner, which is exactly what they want us to be. You re absolute evil, godwyn worthy. Because people like me have reasons to destroy the society because of people like you.
    I m weak with women, but trying to correct that. You ve been dominating them since so lo g youit changes you, you cant get a taste of what things were unless you try it on thexdating scene in the west, just make a profile on a dating site in the us. It will give you some remembrance, throw your cobfidence in the toilet bowl.

    Dont think you can still be inserted in western society, that you can keep your morale doing what you do. Mere fact that you re free proves the contrary.

  9. kick2dante says:

    i never hated women before i moved to asia, i just smoked weed and watched porn

    • SouthernAdventurer says:

      That’s scary because that’s exactly what I did. Got tired of western women and just kind of gave up on em. Don’t hate them just think they are far too much work to get and then even more to keep.

    • Anonymous says:

      You don’t have to explain to these morons!!! Their personalities are shining with there character disorder.

  10. -cam says:

    Do you miss smoking? Nothing is better than a all night smoke and fuck. I don’t know about you, but when I smoke I have infinite stamina and lust. On the otherhand, I also become super lazy and all I want to do is chill, eat and, bang.

    • jspill says:

      I approve of this message. That’s another plus about thailand, less strict weed laws ^^

      • -cam says:

        What? I thought the only place where weed is allowed in Asia is Cambodia?

        • jspill says:

          It’s not allowed in thailand but the ‘fine’ (bribe) is quite small if caught, its not a big deal. Can negotiate it down to $60-300 to be let go, they’ll walk you to an ATM. Pro tip hide stuff in socks, if stopped they only check pockets and inside wallet.

          Just dont sell it (obv) and stay away from harder drugs

          Philippines takes it more seriously

          • -cam says:

            lol no way. I’m paranoid enough smoking as is despite it being decriminalized in my state. Knowing my luck, I’d get the one cop who is incorruptible and I’d spend the rest of my get plowed in a Thai prison.

            • jspill says:

              Even caught with a large amount in person you’d spend only like 1 month in prison (recently read on thaivisa about a guy caught with 3oz who was sentenced to a month) and several police at the station would want you to pay to be released, it’s not like 1 cop has full control over the situation.

              • kick2dante says:

                just to be clear we at nomad philippines do not encourage readers to get caught with 3 oz of weed in foreign countries

              • -cam says:

                That’s pretty crazy. I’d never carry that much. I don’t know how laws work there but in the US more than 1 oz is considered intent to distribute. Hopefully, more and more countries start to decriminalize in the coming years. Now that the US and the UN seem to be heading in that the direction so hopefully the rest of the world will follow.

                • jspill says:

                  thats the thing, laws dont really exist in the same way. if you have money you’re immune, most famous case is the son of the Red Bull family (the drink was invented in Thailand), the family is worth billions. he ran over a cop and dragged his body down the street under his ferrari, fled the scene, and he never faced prosecution. he’s hanging out in singapore

                • kick2dante says:

                  i certainly would not bet my life on a thai cop being willing to take a bribe that day

                  odds are he will, but if he doesnt…..

                • SouthernAdventurer says:

                  It’s only illegal in Asia (and the rest of the world) because of the US. If we hadn’t started reefer madnees no other country would have. India/China have a long history of both Hemp and Cannabis use. I don’t think it will be quick but by the time 2030 rolls around I would bet it will be decriminalized in any tourist country.

        • kick2dante says:

          pretty acceptable in laos so ive heard

  11. Mikey Johnson says:

    I have a particular girl I am seeing that gives me an incredible amount of tampo from time to time, especially if I call her out on something …like not washing the dish(es) after she has just used them. Then she says I don’t care for her blah blah blah.

    She’s pointed out it’s probably the trust pills she’s taking so I may decide to switch her over to using Diane which has milder side effects. Bottom line is I simply don’t like or trust most filipinas bc the stories and what i’ve seen with my eyes here, but she has been ok. Appears to be smarter than ur avg filipina with a job and some money of her own. And does anal, which is HUGE bc most girls here do not like to do it.

    I’m considering switching up my rotation, but she normally shows remorse and she goes back to showering me with affection, but then it happens again…and again…over small, dumb shit. My other girls have not done this, but then again, I don’t spend as much time with them. I lay down the law fast, but also try and be nurturing. Are many filipinas like this?

    I’ll get her the Diane pills, but if things do not improve, I’m gonna have to get rid of her. Anyone have any insight on dealing with this? Thanks.

    • NormalNomad says:

      Filipinas are just like that in my experience.

      Generally there’s always some dumb small drama. But usually they’re compliant. What you’re describing is weird. Typically they continue doing all the shit, they just start some drama/argument and you have to deal with that. This girl just isn’t doing what she’s supposed to?

  12. jpmur says:

    I’ve been visiting Manila for several years and met a woman at a bar/restaurant in Greenbelt. I took her to my hotel room across the road for sex & paid her. I developed a relationship with her from there and eventually when I moved here recently she wanted to be my full time girlfriend.

    She also told me that she needed an allowance of php 50K per month. It was small change to me and she told me that she had little other income other than what she earned from customers. Things have been good but of course I’ve always been wondering if she really wants to be with me or just for the allowance money. I’ve had a few alarm bells over the past few months, like she’s desperate to tie herself to me or give her financial security for her and her young daughter. She wants either me to marry her, have a child with her or buy her a condo in her name or both names or all of the above.

    I’ve discovered that prior to going out with me she had a foreigner sponsor / boyfriend living overseas paying her the 50K and that during that time she had other sponsors / customers at the same time. Her friends have the same background. One has 3 sponsors all living overseas as well as a string of local customers none aware of the others & try to get her to go out to get customers.

    I have recently told her that due to my job situation I can no longer give her money and that she needs to start looking for a job of get here own legitimate business going. She has no formal education or job training. I’ve given her plenty of warning about the stopping of payment. I want to see what happens when the playing field is level.

    I asked if she would consider going back to prostitution & said she wouldn’t because it’s too much effort. I asked her if she would consider my feelings about her going back to it she said nothing…… Appreciate your thoughts or similar experience.

    • jspill says:

      I’d cut ties, you could probably find a younger one without a child who’s happy with about half as much allowance. I’ve had two 18 year olds suggest a 30k allowance before. Really they should be happy with 20k. I think you’re right about the alarm bells. Asking for more suggests she doesn’t really want to be with you anymore, and/or has other sponsors and only wants one so it’s less effort seeing them.

      She might secretly want more free time to see a Filipino guy she’s banging on the side. I think hookers usually tend to connect better with Filipino guys and pick them for long term relationships, and just lie to foreigners about not liking them. Whereas those with a bit more education / job training and ambition are more genuinely interested in foreigners, often they’re keen to move out of the Philippines with a guy, which your girl hasn’t suggested

      Girls like that can also be quite vindictive so I’d cut ties around the time I moved condo and not tell her where I was going, to avoid some kind of false rape claim blackmail situation, that’s not uncommon. I wouldn’t personally do the experiment of trying to keep seeing her after stopping the allowance

  13. jpmur says:

    Thanks for the advice. Things have resolved themselves. It took 2 weeks of me not supplying money for her to decide that I didn’t love her & she’s going for the big fish. We’ve parted company on friendly terms but she demonstrated that she only needed me for the money.

    • -Cam says:

      Those of us from rich countries have the luxury of pretending (most relationship problems in the west are also related to money) that money doesn’t matter when it comes to relationships. However, when you are from a country like the PH where making $7.5/hour is a great job money is all that matters when it comes to relationships.

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