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Makati view from Gramercy

I am a glass half empty kind of guy. If you have read this blog in the past you would definitely have noticed many of the posts I have made have been negative. That is for several reasons, not all of which are that I just usually take a negative view on things.

I also don’t really like to come off as a bragger, and basically any time someone says they had sex everyone thinks they are bragging. Having sex in the Philippines doesn’t really give you much to brag about anyways.

Today I have a rarity for this site. A positive post! I Looking back on the best sex I can ever remember having, and it almost never happened.

Gave Up Too Quick

So I am walking past this girl outside of a mall around 8pm and she is standing by herself waiting for a jeep. Face nothing special, boobs nothing special, booty looked great though….. and it was just too perfect of an approach spot to pass up.

Something like this

Gave her my number she texted me later that night and we made plans to hang out. She didn’t directly talk about sex but instead was like ‘if we hang out at your apartment what are we going to do? Hehehe. If a girl says something like that you definitely want her to visit.

But she flaked on me 3 times and I am getting so sick of Pinays flaking that I am quicker with the delete contact button than I used to be. She texted me and I asked who she was and she asked why I deleted her.

I told her that she played to many games and she told me she would come over the following day and if she doesn’t show up then forget about her.

Thanks For My Second Chance

She comes over before work (call center, I would bet half of my non hooker hook ups in Phils have been call center workers) and is wearing this loose white sun dress. She sits on the couch next to me and we chat for a couple minutes.

I am being quite touchy feely and have my hand pretty high up on her leg. She says she is sorry for not showing up the other times and gives me a hug. I go in for a neck kiss during the hug and a couple minutes later she is blowing me on the couch while I’m fingering her through her panties.

I stand up and drag her to the bedroom and push her against the wall and hit it from behind, then throw her on the bed and go at it doggie. I give her ass a light slap and she likes it so the slaps got harder.

That was fun……. but it didn’t even compare to round two.

We moved back onto the couch and watched a movie for half an hour before I went back in for another kiss. This time she climbed down on her knees and gave me a nice long bj.

Then we went back to the bed and I told her since we had just done it hard and fast this time lets take it slow. I got her in spoon position and played with her clit while slowly entering her. I love to go slow with it, start out barely inside her and slowly inch my way deeper and deeper.

Gradually I sped up the pace and when I took my hands off her clit to feel her ass she started playing with herself. In the shower after she told me that was great (I almost never get props) but I really didn’t need to hear that cuz I knew it was a special one for both of us.

Other Memorable Times

I won’t get as detailed about these others, but I was trying to come up with what other experiences over my last few years here would compare. The most recent one was an 18 year old off Asian Dating.

Shy cutie

When I asked her to get on top our first time she said she didn’t know how to do it and it was great watching her ride me and figure things out.

Then there was my first night with the best girl I ever met in Phils. Round 1, 2, 3, and 4 were all very good. But when we did round 5 in the morning and she road me on the couch it was a time I will never forget. She was a horny one and loved to watch porn and was able to incorporate things she saw into her own moves.

There was a freelancer in Angeles who had an amazing pussy. I used to call her wet wet because….. well you can figure that out. My 2 nights with her were quite fun.

And the last one I could come up with was actually from the first night I went out in Manila when I had returned to the Phils from Cambodia/Thailand.

I met this 18 year old freelancer on Burgos Street who had just moved in from the province. We did the first round with a condom and then she wanted to sleep.

We chatted when she woke up and she told me she had never had an orgasm before. She also was super adamant about me wearing a condom but I was able to convince her I didn’t have HIV and she let me in raw.

Usually I can’t last long without a condom. Somehow God gave me the strength on this day and this tiny little 18 year old spinner road me for 30 minutes (twice) working as hard as she could to make herself cum.

I still remember how it was in the day and my room was really sunny and she was shy so she pulled all her hair over her face so I couldn’t watch her. Instead I had to focus on her body. She was unable to get there the first time, but did on the second.

Even bad sex is still good (for a guy at least) but there are some memorable moments that definitely stand out above the rest. Had that girl got mad that I deleted her number I would have missed out on the best.

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  1. RumandCokeMan says:

    A little Penthouse Forum style writing-nice change of pace.

    Curious as to why her pseudoname was “best girl” and what made the “best girl” the best (porn star looks, great personality, best feeling pussy?)?

    What’s you and J-Pills view on average everywhere (back in the West and SEA)- are “normal girls”/non escorts or the p4p girls better for both bjs and lays?

    • kick2dante says:

      she…… was the best. a bit of everything

      p4p girls certainly better for bjs (bangkok blowjob bars and vietnam hot tocs) and prob have the edge in lays too

  2. Jasper Laguitao says:

    Just be careful
    I have lots of friends who got STD from fucking girls working in call centers

    For some reason
    Call center girls are horny because they are either single moms or in dire need of cash

    They get fucked by their workmates who have STD because they also got fucked by their gay colleagues

    I’m just saying . Use protection when you fuck BPO workers

    • Normal Nomad says:


      Call center girls aren’t hornier or single moms…. hahahahhahha

      Call centers are actually a really good job for young women in the Phils. Most require a college degree.

      The reason so many call center girls get fucked is because they have the best English and are also the most confident/curious about Western guys. Don’t overthink it.

      • jspill says:

        Jasper is a local I think he knows. You’ve been here 6 months.

        Another Filipino guy commented here –

        “Call center girls have always been known to be easy. That’s why they have a high rate of HIV positive individuals in their industry, according to the news anyway. Don’t really know how they did the statistics on that, but nonetheless, call center girls are not the best representatives of “decent” or “educated” Filipino girls, so to speak. Besides, it’s way too easy to get a call center job, anybody with a dubious degree can get in, and they just need to develop this fake american accent and get with western culture through watching fake DVDs of american TV shows or get on YouTube to pick up some american slang and sass from some vlogger.

        That’s not the type of girl that I’m talking about though when I meant “decent”, or even “normal”

        • Normal Nomad says:

          Dude have you dated any call center girls?

          Whatever guy this is is full of shit lol and clueless.

          By “decent and educated” what do you mean? Hi-So girls? “Rich” (by filipino standard) girls?

          Call Center girls have the best English, period. THAT’S what makes them easy to date. They are confident in their English ability. They are also comfortable and “curious” about Western guys since they spend all day talking to them (This is from the horses mouth…I regularly talk to the Pinays I bang, not just kick them out of the room after….but they aren’t hookers so talking to them after is normal).

          I never said they were representative of ANYTHING. I just said they had good English ability.

          It seems like guys put Pinays into 2 categories: The “easy sluts” to pump and dump, and the “Dream girl” (which usually means the richer “Hi-So” girl with a car). There is a HUGE scale between these two types of women. Many (most?) Pinays just want to get married, have a decent husband with a good, stable job, and raise kids someplace that isn’t a fucking shack on the side of a dirt road. It’s a simple ambition, but hey, if you’re looking for a wife, she doesn’t need to have a law degree to be a decent mom.

          I don’t get the hatred of the Call Center chicks. Have you ever been inside one? These places are HUGE. And not every girl there dates western guys or even has an online dating profile. But many do, and many of the girls guys post online about being so “easy” are the same couple hundred girls riding and endless cock carousal. Nothing wrong with that, but let’s call it what it is.

          Like I said, in 6 months I’ve banged 4 virgins. After that, I started screening intentionally to AVOID these girls. I could have easily banged a dozen by now. Now I always ask “Have you ever had a boyfriend?” You’d be amazed at the # of 20 somethings that haven’t. I wouldn’t believe it if I hadn’t popped so many cherries here myself. And one of the chicks I banged who was a virgin (the one that took 3 nights to fuck) works at a call center. One was a Uni student. The other two I can’t even remember their jobs.

          Point being a girls job is really a poor indication of anything. I’ve met awesome girls that work at the Sari Sari store their parents own, I’ve met girls who work at call centers, I’ve met a beautiful Nurse, I’ve met Uni students…the common thread is: Does she have a job? The girls WITHOUT jobs are not worth spending time around at all. Every girl I’ve met with no job always ends up being a shitty person and usually wants money, not directly, but she asks me to buy shit and I’m like fuck that.

          Where you’re getting this idea that all call center girls are HIV ridden sluts is beyond me. Besides that, you know how hard it is to get HIV if you’re straight and not a drug user, right? lol.

        • jspill says:

          I was replying to the ‘they aren’t hornier’ point. Above is a quote from a local guy not my post. So 2 local guys saying they’re known to be easy. As well as saying they had good English ability you said they aren’t hornier. I took that to mean they’re not easy… maybe not what you meant.

          Yes I’ve dated them. No hatred for them, was just echoing that they’re known to be easy. And of course I mean on average, goes without saying call centres are big places. ‘Full of shit lol and clueless’ – that’s two pinoy guys that were born here and grew up around pinays all their life, they might have some clue what types of girls on average work in call centres.

          Yes I know about HIV. ‘Where the all HIV ridden sluts idea’ – he didn’t say ‘all’ or ‘sluts’. Just they’re ‘known to be easy’, that matches my experience too. All banged first date. He wasn’t definite on HIV he added ‘well according to the news reports’.

          Like he said any dubious degree and you’re in, it’s not a really good job in Phils it’s just a bit above average. Commonplace, it’s the call centre capital of the world –

          If a girl has both English ability and smarts, she’ll be working in something deeper. Call centre work just requires enough English to deal with routine phone queries that they’ve practised a ton. Yes the English helps you to date them but often it’s an easy girl who has good English, barriers to entry in the job are low. How easy a girl is or not (‘hornier’ probably wasn’t the best word for it) correlates to her class, plenty of call centre girls are lower class that speak English well, because the Philippines just has better levels of English education from birth.

          • Reader says:

            >If a girl has both English ability and smarts, she’ll be working in something deeper.

            Idk about that. The pines are impoverished after all and call center jobs are fairly well paid. If there was much more to be made for average joe than in a call center job ($500-600 a month I recon) the place would look very different. There just isn’t much around in terms of services industries of developed countries.

            I think fancy management jobs are mostly reserved for people with connections. Some call center workers will go on to study forever and a half to get an MBA to break into management though but don’t expect great salaries there either or an easy time getting those jobs.

          • Normal Nomad says:

            Where are you meeting Filipinas that AREN’T horny and/or easy?

            I’ve only met a handful—and they weren’t even very attractive TBH. The hotter ones are usually the easiest to bang. For some reason the less attractive girls are harder to spread the legs (maybe because they realize their virginity is the only advantage they have over the more attractive “easy” girls.).

            IDK man maybe you’ve found some wellspring of “hard to get” and “higher class” and “high quality” Pinays. If so, I salute you good sir. Myself, I try to avoid those types of girls, as I have met a couple and I do NOT like to “ruin” a girl for the next guy. I prefer women who have been around the block because I’m not interested in commitment right now. In a few years (a decade or more, likely) I’ll start looking for those “good girls” who are “high class” but right now I have 0 interest.

            Also, the “higher class” girls (i.e. girls with jobs that make 2000 pesos a day or more) I’ve found to offer very little benefit. Usually they are snarkier, more entitled, and just generally less pleasant to be around. I’ve heard a lot of guys trash talk (mostly on RooshVForum) about how guys that come here and fuck a lot of Pinays are just fucking “low class” girls who aren’t worth looking at twice, implying that only the “upper class” or “hi-so” girls are worth fucking/dating. That to me is ridiculous. I don’t give a fuck how much money a girl makes. Unless she’s making 1 million + USD a year I don’t have any interest in her salary (if she’s making that much I’ll date her for the money…yes I’m a whore, fuck it). But seriously, who gives a shit? As long as she has a job (and it isn’t porn or hooking) I don’t care what she does or how much she makes. I’m a man and I don’t expect her to treat me to dinner or anything. If I get married, I don’t want a wife who’s working (if I cared about money I’d have stayed in the US).

            Can someone explain to me this desire to fuck/date girls with high paying jobs? Do you guys like dating Lawyers and Doctors in the USA/UK/Canada/Australia?

            Your counter argument is going to be “but these girls only make 16 USD a day here at the Call Centers, even a girl working at McDonalds makes more than that in the USA”.

            Everything is relative. The girl working at the call centers here might as well have a 15 dollar an hour job in the USA. The cost of living is MUCH lower in the Phils.

            This argument just confuses the hell out of me.

            • Dace says:

              interesting that its again the call centre situation

              seems like guys like to live in this bubble where call centre sluts are equivalent to an office worker back in western world

              • Normal Nomad says:

                Really. So, please tell me, what’s the equivalent salary/job to the Western world being an office drone? Do tell! I’d love to here your expert opinion on the current economic climate of the Philippines!

                Everything is relative. No Pinay is making close to what she would make in the West with the same job. Your point? If a girl is making 1 million pesos a years (20k USD) she’s considered upper-class here. Get over yourself man.

              • Dace says:

                people move the goalposts to make themselves feel better

                there is a reason why dante has over half of his hook ups with call centre girls. they are all mega sluts just like those 2 local guys said

                i met dante irl and lived in philippines a long time

    • Reader says:

      >they also got fucked by their gay colleagues

      sounds about right 😀

      • thibault says:

        sounds about a rant by a local gyy. the same shit we say about western girls. plus its needlessly homophobic ( i ve notjhing againnst homophobia, but in this case its off topic) .
        we shoyld take that as what it is, a rant, and justcextract the useful info: they re sluts, they re ibterested in foreigners. there is a higher chance you may find what you want than in a different demographic. thats all we wanted to kniw, the rest is folklore.
        strat: hang out near those. saslyvthey re not all dtf ( or it would be valled a brothel, not a cll center) , but higher probability is good to take.
        and for online, who cares. they re already filtered out as they re on the site. who cares what they do for a living, or if they do something at all.

        • Normal Nomad says:

          What guys forget it is that while almost any foriegner is a huge step up for a local Pinay, other girls and especially local guys will look down on her for dating a foreigner. There is a perception that girls only date foreigners for money, be it cash payments (prostitutes), gifts, or a better life in the future, that’s the way a lot of Filipino people see girls who date foreigners.

          So given that call center girls tend to date foreigners more then the average Pinay (this is due to her higher economic status, better English, and curiosity) Filipinos stereotype girls with the job as HIV ridden whores. Honestly I don’t give a shit what anyone thinks about the girls, if they’re attractive, sweet, and pleasant to be around I will continue to fuck them.

  3. thibault says:

    ffs someone has to say it. your comments are awful to read on a smartphone because of the hierarchy scaling. each sublevel is smaller than its parent, so if there are enough back and forth, it ends up being minuscule. then if you zoom, you have to scroll left and right because it wont wrap the text at the end of the line, so it doesnt fit a screen, no matter how wide it is. i know its a better solution than having it spaced each time a bit more to the right until not even a full word can bz written on one line, but still.
    at least limit the number of sub levels. most of the times, it becomes just a conv between 2 writers, once you reach a certain level.
    precision: i use firefox on android.

  4. Joe says:

    The reason guys are saying girls that they fuck are low class , is out of jeoulsy ,
    . You are fucking them , they are not . Etc

    • Joe says:

      A nd my wifes college educated relitives say that the call centers are good paying jobs its tough being married here . So many cute sexy gjrls everywhere

    • NormalNomad says:

      Everything is relative.

      Even “middle class” Pinays are low class by Western economic standards.

      “Higher class” are middle or upper middle class by Western Standards.

      But as you said, in the Philippines, a call center is a good job.

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