Filipina Dating Site Scams

It’s pretty common sense not to send money to Pinays on the internet. Since getting money out me is like blood from a stone, I haven’t really fell victim to any Filipina dating site scams.

Some have tried but I just move on to the next girl. As a guy in this reader’s submission on Stickman blog says, ‘drop her like a hot potato‘. He wrote about a guy scammed out of $10k in Australia. I guess it’s easier to get scammed if you’re not currently living in the Philippines.

Pinalove is one of the bigger Filipina dating sites so they do a good job of weeding out the scammers. It’s owned by the same guy as Thaifriendly, a western guy so he’s not shy to boot any Filipina scammers off the site.

FilipinoCupid being an international company (they own ThaiCupid and so on) should be ok too.

Minor Filipina Dating Site Scams

A couple of things that tilt me. Almost feels like getting scammed!

#1- Padded Bras

It’s gotta be like 95% of women in Asia wear a padded bra. It might even be higher. Even some girls with huge tits where them. But generally it’s girls with small or no boobs.

Her body looks quite banging with that extra inch of padding. If those are real then she is gonna be super sexy. They aren’t though, you really need to downgrade every pair of boobs you see.

As much as this sucks you do sometimes get the greatest of rare surprises. I met one girl that didn’t even look to have nice boobs at all. Just a totally average body.

Her shirt came off when we got back to my place and she had some of the nicest boobs I have ever sucked on. I only gave her my number because I had been roaming the mall for 90 minutes and hadn’t handed out 1 number.

I was about to leave and saw what I thought was a 6 working in a shop alone. It was an easy approach and I didn’t want to get nothing for my 90 mins so I gave her my number. She turned out to be one of the hotter girls I’ve been with because her body really outkicked its coverage.

#2 – Photo Filters

dating site girls without makeup photo filters before and after

These are like my least favorite recent invention. They are almost as bad as condoms. Whoever created them never though out how much trouble they would cause later on.

You meet a girl online who looks like she has a really pretty face. Maybe the body isn’t that nice, but it’s ok because her face makes up for it.

Then in person her face isn’t pretty at all and the 7 you thought you were meeting is a 4. When I first started doing online dating I met a girl online and since her one picture on the site was so sexy I didn’t even feel the need to ask her Facebook.

She was like my top priority girl of the 50 or so who had already given me her number. We texted for a day and she said she would be free after work the next day so we met at the mall and had dinner there. This was very early on in the process when I was trying actual ‘dating.’

So we meet for lunch, she was a really nice girl. We start talking about online dating and I mention that often girls don’t look as good as in their pics. Then she asks me if she does…..

The answer was a resounding no, I couldn’t believe how much worse she looked in pictures. At the time I didn’t even know app like Photowonder and Camera360 existed. I of course lied because I still wanted to get laid, and the only way that was going to happen was if I lied. To make things worse she also had a padded bra….

Sorry I kind of got off on a tangent there, anyways the point of this is you need to always be ready for disappointments when meeting girls here. It’s best to go in with low expectations. That way when things turn out to be legit you get a great surprise.

If you’ve come across other Filipina dating site scams let me know in the comments!

8 Responses

  1. jspill says:

    A Pinalove girl wrote that she was looking for a ‘god fearing man’ for a ‘serious relationship not to hookup’. Then we banged on the first date no condom. Did I get scammed?

  2. kick2dante says:

    she did trick you

  3. Jay says:

    Most on PinaLove ask for pesos for a mobile, pocket wifi or to use at the net cafe. Claim that will allow them to continue chatting with you… easier!
    Others ask for your Skype then offer web sex shows…if you send them a weekly $25 USD.

  4. jim says:

    FilipinoCupid is absolutely saturated with girls doing scams. Sooner or later they give you a sob story and want you to send money. It keeps on going forever. I’d estimate only one in a hundred girls are honestly looking for a relationship.

    • jim says:

      Also many of the profiles use fake photos. Usually pics from some pretty girls Facebook, or a movie star or broadcast TV star locally. The profiles are set up by guys doing scams. There is no girl there.

    • kick2dante says:

      thats just how pinays are lots of them ask for loans for their ‘big problem’, on and off dating sites

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