Are Filipinas Getting Fatter? (Fried Food in the Philippines)

The Philippines is definitely not known for its food and thanks to a lot of it being fried and oily, plus a lot of western fast food around, you’ll notice Pinays have more cushion for the pushin’ than other Asian girls.


None of the local dishes look particularly tasty and I have only ever tried one. It’s called pork adobo and it is actually quite good if you get it at the right restaurant. Then there’s Sisig which a lot of people like.


Pork Sisig

The majority of the street food though looks pretty dirty and sits out all day so I never eat it.

Eating food that is exposed to flies in a country where men will pee on any road or sidewalk is not for me.

That’s why I always try to get my food from malls or nicer restaurants. Luckily they are still cheap.

The body fat situation with Filipina girls is pretty bad compared to Thailand, sexy stomachs are hard to come by.

They’re not obese 300 pound whales like in the US of course, they’re still hot but they’ll just have a bit of a belly (bigger boobs though too).

Finding an in shape (not muscled, just fully in shape) body in PI is really hard, they are either too skinny or overweight, just a tad too much fat to be considered in shape.

It is kind of amazing though that they’re not even fatter when you consider how terrible for you most Filipino food is.  It seems like everything is either fried, loaded with sugar, or both.

One of the first foods I had in the Philippines was fried bananas.  Who would have ever thought to fry a banana? Another time I even saw some kind of fried leaves on the menu.


Fried Leaves (?)

Fast food chain Jolibee is probably the most popular restaurant in the country. When locals would prefer to eat fast food over nicer restaurants that should tell you something.

I offer to get Filipina women food from any restaurant and half the time they ask for Jolibee, or are happy to go on a date there.

It’s pretty funny to go into McDonalds and see the majority of people eating fried chicken with rice.  That is also the main thing sold at Jolibee, along with their sweet spaghetti.

The third most popular fast food place in the Philippines is probably KFC…. yay! More fried chicken.

There are so many bakeries around town that have donuts and cakes and cinnamon rolls and they are all super cheap.  5 cents for a cinnamon roll or donut is hard to pass up so be careful that you don’t get fat quick when you are here.



Since the beef is generally so bad in Asia I always try to get either chicken or pork.

The majority of chicken dishes here use fried chicken, so what may be a healthy meal other places is a fattening one in the Philippines.


Fried Eggplant in Oil

Overall food is definitely not one of the selling points for the Philippines.  You will be able to find some ok places to eat in any city, but in some cities there isn’t much to offer.

Angeles City has lots of good food, Cebu not so much.

Sisig is nice, and eggplant dishes, but they’re soaked in oil as well.

One plus point is they know how to cook western food, you can find good tacos and better Mexican food in general than e.g. Thailand.

One blog post about Filipino Food, called I’d Rather Go Hungry, went mega viral in the Philippines. Locals here are super sensitive about any criticism.

Similarly the 20 Things I Hate About the Philippines guy who got blacklisted included ‘the unsanitary preparation of food’ on his list.

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  1. frank says:

    Thais are getting fat too. More money= more food

  2. Joe says:

    Is it true that Filipinos are so small and lightweight yet hate to walk for any kind of distance? Is this just the women or are the men that way too?

    As far as eating healthy- can you find as good of quality cuts of chicken, fish (ie Salmon and Halibut), etc. at the stores like you would at a decent healthy food grocery store chain in the US like Whole Foods, Trader Joes etc or are all the local meats ghetto quality?

  3. kick2dante says:

    i dont know if you can find whole foods quality, but you can find good enough cuts of chicken and plenty of fish at the nicer grocery stores inside the malls

    yes all filipinos hate to walk, they think a 10 minute walk is something they need to post on FB about with a 🙁 so people will feel sorry for them over the horrible time they just had

  4. Guy says:

    I actually really like some Pinoy food. You can usually get tapsilog (shaved beef marinated in garlic and soy sauce, eggs, and garlic rice) for $2. Bistek is also good IMO. I like adobo dishes but don’t like to pick the meat off the bones. The only downside is the lack of veggies with most dishes, though you can find them occasionally (things like eggplant).

  5. John says:

    I’ve been reading several of your articles and I’ve found a lot of good information, good job with this site.

    When i was in patong, thailand i noticed that there were plenty of women that were slim and petite but most of the women looked 30+, big disappointment. You’re supposed to be 20 yo to work in the gogobars and to drink (they didn’t seem to check id’s at the clubs but they half ass checked their purses for weapons and drugs) but so many of the women didn’t look near that age. I actually didn’t know it was 20 drinking age before i got there. In the 2 months I was there I met one 19 yo on the street. I’m looking to specifically hook up with 18-19 year old slim, petite hookers, are places like Angeles city and Malina good/ok for that? According to your one post Cebu isn’t so good for hookers and not so good for vacation, I’m looking to go for maybe 2 months and hookers are important. Am i better off going to Bangkok or Pattaya since the hookers are generally slimmer and around the same age anyways? Comparing the 2 countries Thailand seems nicer overall and has cheaper rent, basically I will go to Philippines if it’s easier to pick up some nice legal teens. I really missed out on that in Patong.

    Between Pattaya and Bangkok, never been to either, Bangkok seems like it would be better I’ve read about mongers complaining that a lot of the women in Pattaya are older (30+ looking) plus they are getting fatter as well, sounds a bit like Patong. But I don’t know, what do you guys think?

    I’m not into dating sites, although i might give it a shot. I’m in my lower 30’s, not fat, maybe it couldn be easier for me to get what i want if I look online but that’s really not my thing. I’m looking to go out and pick a girl up and take her to a short time. Sometimes I can take them back to my room. Meeting a freebie at a club is always best, (it actually happened twice in Thailand, and by freebie I mean at max I pay for some cheaper drinks or cheap food), but im just being realistic thats why i emphasize the part on hookers. A short fling can be ok but she needs to be damn open and not a ball buster.

    Another thing, apartment standard is quite important to me, I need to have laundry machine and dryer, at least a laundry machine (I had a 2 in 1 machine in thailand). I haven’t decided if it’s a deal breaker but it feels quite important. Access to a decent gym is very important, I would prefer to have it in my building. Decent internet that i can use on my phone feels important as well. Is it easy to pick up a taxi from the grocery store in Philippines? I won’t be renting a car and plan on doing a lot of cooking so decent transportion is important as well.

    Do you know where in the world 18-19 yo hookers are generally easy to find?

    Sorry for the long comment, your response will be highly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

    • jspill says:

      You came to the right place.

      Youngest slimmiest hottest go to work in BKK, Nana and Cowboy. Some in Pattaya because of sheer numbers, more gogos, but still gonna have to wade through lots of 30+ non skinny to find. Just go to BKK. Agree Patong is bad. Cebu = Patong basically (and way smaller p4p scene), Angeles = Pattaya. Stick to BKK or Manila.

      Specifically Billboard / Butterflies / Mandarin / Enter in Nana, BKK, and Baccara / Crazy House / Shark in Cowboy.

      Those nana ones have Facebook pages u can see the girls then turn up show the pic and ask if shes there. Mandarin specifically focuses on young skinny ones, but higher barfine (1500 vs 700) and I suspect they’re gonna be drama queens. They’re ‘coyotes’. Billboard I had the best experiences by far. Search for the ‘pics of Thai bargirls I’ve’ post. I’ve taken about 20 girls from Billboard 18-22 range 90% great service.

      Pop your head in all of Nana and Cowboy basically especially Nana top floor (Cowboy going downhill lately and worse attitudes / prefer Asian guys) Addict massage on soi 24 a bit cheaper (ask for the 1.7k 45 mine rate not on menu. Nadia is a cutie.

      Nataree shut down which was perfect for u but it moved nearby and theres others, Colonze II is only 1.7k. Soapies a bit boring / mercenary covered sex though. Gogos better.

      Not to write off Pattaya completely theres Baccara, Sensations, Sapphire, and lots of girls on Soi 6 so some will be young /skinny. For Angeles lots of 18-22 skinny in HISO disco.

      Manila has 18-22 skinny cuties in ZZYZX check the article I did on that tons of pics. Its the HISO of Manila… but most want Korean guys.

      Stick to Uber app in mnl/bkk so much better than taxis and same price ish.

      Airbnb discount link on here then search ‘Trendy condo soi 13 airbnb’ in Google or ’15 residences’. Soi 13 / 15 area is equidistant to nana and cowboy so can walk to either. Usually washing machines. Decent gym in both especially trendy (bench press / barbell / 45 plates / pull up bar / cable crossover. I just moved out of trendy lived there a year check back soon for a write up on it.

      Edit: here it is –

      Or just search Nana / Asoke area on Airbnb tons of condos with what u want. Closer to Nana (soi 4) or cowboy (23) the better. Not outside that range. Soi 11 good too.

      Discos not that great for what u want the young hot skinny ones will be gogo girls partying after their shift and not rly working in the disco. But can insanity club 3-4am if u strike out in Billboard, Butterflies and Mandarin… which is unlikely.

      The upstairs Mandarin btw, not downstairs. Stairs on the left. Oh and new gogo Enter next to billboard has some of your style.

      Warm up with 100b beers in Thermae freelancer bar 8.15-8.45pm ish. Lots of your style just arriving (opens 8). Did a post on that too. If no dice then you’re in a gogo by 9pm as girls are just arriving. Or just sit by the door in billboard at 8.30 and 30-40 girls ur style will walk past as they start arriving.

      Or even outside with a beer from 7/11 between billboard and enter on top floor, you’ll see two gogos worth of chicks filing in, and butterflies in the distance over the way, and girls below you. Avoid the ladyboy gogo in the corner.

      Street girls opposite nana plaza can occasionally be your style too, always have a quick walk by nana hotel car park and down a bit before coming back to hit nana plaza. They go for 1.5k.

      • John says:

        I just took a screen shot of your response. Makes me want to go to Bangkok. What’s the deal with the 20 yo drinking age? From your response it seems like they don’t really check ID in BKK or Pattaya either, do they ever check or what?

        “The youngest slimmiest hottest go to work in BKK, Nana and Cowboy. Some in Pattaya because of sheer numbers, more gogos, but still gonna have to wade through lots of 30+ to find. Just go to BKK. Agree Patong is bad. Cebu = Patong basically, Angeles = Pattaya. Stick to BKK or Manila.”….. it seems pretty clear but I want to confirm that the first sentence in this paragragh is also taking Malina into consideration. If that’s the case i’m trying to figure out why I would go to Malina.

        • jspill says:

          It’s 20 to go into clubs, some girls have fake ID, and not all places bother checking.

          Quite a few of your style in Manila (Kojax / XOXO gogo on Burgos, the Burgos massage freelancers, ZZYZX, HISO in angeles) but way less than BKK, average girl is either fatter or too skinny. Manila is worse for P4P especially on a short trip. Still good, I’m there now and found some new ones that style, in Philippines I usually have to mix in repeats of P4P girls I’ve met on previous trips though. Some pics on Instagram. If the main focus is P4P I’d visit Manila only after you’ve thoroughly done BKK.

          I like say 1 in 30 thai girls, but in Manila maybe 1 in 50 girls. When I finally get lucky and find one I like in Manila they’re often amazing (hence repeating), but on a short trip you’re gambling with not finding anything in time, some nights I go home empty handed. Way, way more gogos and P4P of all kinds in BKK I pretty much never go home empty handed at the places I mentioned. Plus Thais are amazing too.

          BKK has so many options all close to each other. Manila has a few spread apart, it gets better on a longer trip with more time to search, and if you’re mixing in non P4P. But some guys love that Filipinas speak English and that’s a dealbreaker for them, or they want to mix in non P4P for which English speaking obv helps a ton. Luckily I speak Thai.

          • John says:

            Is it 20 or 18 to work in the Gogo bars and bar beers? If it’s 20, do the owners look the other way if they are 18+, they just don’t give a shit about their age, are the girls using fake ID’s to work there or what?

  6. John says:

    I just want to clarify for readers that haven’t been to Patong that you can find decent women in their 20’s, but the older women certainly stood out. Also, a lot of the ones that say they are something in lower 20’s would look older, or maybe they are lying. I noticed that in certain clubs (e.g. tiger) there were a lot more older women than in e.g Hollywood. Agogo bars was mixed, some were better than others. Just be patient if you’re a bit picky.

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