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Before I moved to Asia I spent a lot of time reading sexpat messageboards and blogs about Asia and the Philippines. Trip reports of other guys’ experiences banging girls, whether from dating sites or bars.


Bangkok Gogo dancer via Club Electric Blue

Lots of guys were sharing their stories, and many of theirs have turned out to be way different than mine. Some of them are just obvious BS the guys were making up, others may have actually been true.

I’ll start with some of the more outlandish ones first… the ones that were clearly BS.

‘Every Girl Will Text You’

Before I ever came to Cebu I remember reading the guys who run the RooshV forums talking about how they went to Cebu and handed out their numbers on pieces of paper and every girl texted them.

I tried that when I first arrived and got almost no texts. It wasn’t until I put a cute message on the paper that the rate jumped up to 35% of them texting. Still a FAR cry from EVERY girl… and they only mentioned having their number on the paper.

Maybe they look like Brad Pitt and that’s why they had so much success…. or maybe they are just BSing trying to get you to sign up for their sites?

‘I Was With A 10 Last Night, the Night Before was Only a 9 Though’

Reading some guys trip reports on the sexpat boards makes it sound like all the main sex tourist spots are flooded with dimes. I remember this one trip report from about a week before I left for Asia.

A guy had spent a month in Angeles City and had got a girl damn near every day. Some day he got two. He had to have been with 30 in his time there.

Every one of them he said was a 9 or 10. I’ve lived in Angeles for over a year and there were only 2 sexy Pinays in all that time that I would even consider close to a 9…. but they are probably 8.5’s.


Hot compared to an obese American chick, but not a 10/10

I know every guys numbering system is different, but a 10 is a 10 and you just aren’t finding them easily in Asia. In 3+ years I have only seen one true 10…. and any guy would say she was a 10 (seen, not banged 🙁 )

Even if you walk the areas that have the hottest girls finding a 9 is like a once a month thing if you are lucky and are putting in a lot of time looking for girls.

What happens is when you first arrive you over-rate every girl you see because they are actually available. Being able to walk into a bar and bring damn near any girl home with you is awesome, and they all feel hot.

After a few months you realize those 9’s are only 8’s. A few months later now they are 7’s. I did this myself… when I look back at my posts on some boards about the girls in Sihanoukville I shake my head.

I wasn’t to over the top…. but I was definitely over rating what I was getting on an average night there. By the end of my time in Snooky I was definitely ready to leave because of the lack of hot girls.


Snooky barmaids via

‘Watch out for Scams’

Some people made the girls here sound like the greatest scammers in the world able to trick even the slyest vet out of all of his cash. And oh those dirty freelancers that are so disease ridden that they can’t get jobs in the bars.

The extent of the ‘scams’ Filipina women have tried to pull on me have been them asking to ‘borrow’ money for a ‘big problem’ that they were surely not going to pay back.

That’s not a scam…. that’s a lie…. and an easy to spot lie at that. If you are handing out money to people in a third world country you shouldn’t expect them to ever give it back the majority of the time.

Lots of guys like to call girls on dating sites scammers because they lie to so many guys to get a little money from them. For me to consider something a scam there needs to be some sort of clever trick to what they have done.

Saying oh baby you are my one and only can you send me 1000 pesos I love you so much doesn’t fall under the clever trick category.

I heard a lot about pregnancy scams, I have been banging girls for the last 3 years and many of them without rubbers. None of them have pulled this one one me. Guess what….. girls do get pregnant.

If a girl tells you this it just may be true. I am sure this one has been pulled before (it’s pulled in the western world too) but it’s not as common as you would read on the sexpat boards.

And the people that talked about how bad freelancers were, that they were all disease ridden or thieves? They must be bar owners trying to get you to pay them for a service that you don’t need from them.

Same with the underage/drug set ups with third world police knocking on your door. Guys waste lots of money taking girls to short time hotels to avoid these things.

If a scam happens pay the $200-$300 it will cost to get out of it. It may happen 1 out of 1000 times. Save your $10,000 on the short time hotels and pay the small fee if a cop comes knocking.

I’ve been with plenty of freelancers (100+.) Some of them had jobs at bars and were visiting me off duty. Other were the dirty nasty streetwalkers. There is no difference in them, some just realize they don’t need to pay a bar half their earnings to find guys.

‘I Have a Harder Time Getting Them To Leave’

Cuz you’re such a stud right! Guys saying that finding sexy Pinays is the easy part but they never want to leave them. This is a very common thing I here.

They all just must be so much better than me cuz I have never really had trouble getting a girl to leave. I am a very scheduled person and always let girls know that at xxxx I have xxxxx to do so they know how long we have together.

When the time comes I can’t really ever remember a girl begging me to let her stay with me just a little while longer because I was so awesome.

I get lots of clingy texters…. but not clingy stay around me all the time types. Sometimes sexy Pinays may be lazy to go home right after and want to lay around and sleep for awhile.

But that’s not the same as the ‘they never want to leave being with me’ bravado some guys like to say.

To Sum It Up

I am just a huge hypocrite that rips on other guys for over rating girls they bang when they first get here when I did the exact same thing.

I also am not anywhere near as attractive as the guys that run the RooshV sites because every girl texts them and so few text me.

Girls also hate spending time with me so much that they are always ready to leave even though they were hoping to stay as long as possible before we started hanging out.

At least I’m also not the father.

One new upcoming forum that is a bit more realistic than RooshV is when it comes to living and dating in Asia is the Single Man’s Paradise forum.

9 Responses

  1. southernallstars says:

    thx for always sharing your stories! Some of them are really insightful.
    I see the rating system like this
    5,6 are per definition average.
    7 a little above average,somewhat cute,
    8 quite cute,
    9 hot but not yet perfect. 10 basically perfect. 11 unusually hot ( ok,I cheat here a little, but that’s how I do it).

    With a rating system like this I usually see 9s and even 10s when I go to a Filipino mall or High society or elsewhere. I guess we all have different rating systems based on what we actually want maybe? I also don’t compare them to white girls as I really prefer Asians over them.
    Btw, do you still prefer Phil over Thailand after being in Thailand a while, I kind of keep considering both coutries as my second home as well?

    • kick2dante says:

      hey thanks for the kind words, i do prefer the phils, thailand has a lot going for it but its just not for me

      my rating is more 5 = average
      6 = above average
      7 = hot in one way but not all around, like pretty face/ok body, or good body/ok face
      8 = either good all around or great body ugh face or vice versa (i would put the hottest hiso girls as 8s)
      9 = elite face or body while the other half not as good, or very good to face and very good to great body
      10 = elite face and elite body

  2. southernallstars says:

    you’re absolutely right, you can bang a four, barely being able to look at her face and then later call her an eight in the forums!

  3. Rum and Coke Man says:

    Are you considering EE or South America?

    Where in SEA (In terms of cities) have the most 8s and 9s (no girls a 10 unless she treats me well)?

    For me an 8 or 9 has got to have firm not saggy c or d or maybe even ddcups and not be greyhound anorexic or female linebacker fat- just healthy and average to above average body. I like long or medium hair no diesel dyke crew cuts. Nice symmetrical feminine face. No taller than 5’8 (don’t want a basketball player) no shorter than 5’2 (almost midget girls at that height).

  4. kick2dante says:

    yes i am considering everywhere 🙂 going to enjoy another year or two of safe and easy SEA mongering before heading to latin america

    i think vietnamese chicks are the hottest but good luck scoring a 9 there, might find a really expensive 9 hooker if your lucky i suppose

    mmmm i love short chicks

  5. Alex says:

    I recently spent an afternoon in Greenbelt Mall in Makati drinking beers and looking at the girls passing by. I didn’t try to rate them on a scale of 1 to 10. I just applied the “would I ” test , as in would I bang them. I applied the test to those who I guessed were between 18 and 30 ish. I reckon that by my standards about 2% are doable. No more. My standards are not that high but I won’t do fatties, anything under 5’3″, anything with bad skin, or anything with absolutely no shape. Most of the girls are under 5′ tall, many are overweight, many have very bad skin from eating shit food, and many have no tits or ass at all. Just my humble opinion. 2%. No more.

  6. kick2dante says:

    man thats the second guy on here recently who said they wouldn’t do girls under 5’3………. i think the short girls are the hottest

  7. King Epic says:

    Yeah, I couldn’t agree more & would even go as far and attribute that to some of my not-so-awesome massage experiences. I’d read a ton of reviews before even going to one of these places & in most instances, the reviews were like “amazing, so gorgeous, stunning” …but when I got there, they were average at best.

    I don’t think it’s always guys pretending, but – as you’ve mentioned – there are other factors as well.

    1. Age of the guy writing the review /forum threads. If he’s 55, he might actually find a girl attractive that you (as e.g. 20yo) don’t find hot at all.

    2. Environment – you pointed this out with the first pic. If overall quality goes down and now the cute girl suddenly becomes hot (while compared to worldwide standards, she’d still only be average).

    3. Exotic factor – you’re new to a place & now they all appear hotter …

    In regards to Vietnamese girls, I couldn’t agree more. Based on living in HCMC, I didn’t see many hot ones around … some very cute ones (also in massage places) but that’s about it. Daygame non-existing.


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