Failed Date with Rich Chick in Jakarta

Indonesian model Siva Aprilla on Instagram

Third day in Jakarta I am walking through the Grand Indonesia mall which is really nice and huge and pass some very light skinned girl. I can’t tell if she is white or Indo…… but she is hot and I give her my number.

An hour later we are texting and I find out that she is a flight attendant for a private jet for some rich dude in Saudi Arabia. She is half Saudi and half Indo and spends some time here because her dad is from Jakarta.

She has to leave next week and since neither of us are doing anything that night I throw out some lame ‘I would invite you to hang out but I am not sure what to do lol’ line which she sort of bites at.

I then say maybe we could just eat dinner and watch a movie at my place and while she doesn’t agree she says we should ‘meet for coffee’ by my apartment.

I hate coffee and I hate ‘dates’ but she seemed quite hot when I saw her so I gave it a shot. We meet at a mall nearby and I try to steer us to anywhere but Starbucks. I fucking hate Starbucks and have never spent a dime there. She suggests Starbucks.

She just wants an OJ and I don’t order a g-damn thing, my passion for hating Starbucks is deep and I can’t do it. I still have to pay for something for the first time ever there, but for her not me.

We chat for an hour and a half. She has traveled all over and spoke good English so it was a pretty easy game as far as having things to talk about. It was getting late and I said maybe we should go, she said where, and I said my place. She said no.

We talked for another 20 minutes and then I tried again. She said no but not as firmly as before and I said come on it’s halfway between here and your home, we can just watch a movie and continue to chat cuz the mall is about to close. She says yes and we go to her car.

Her Car WTF?

Well this is a first, I banged a girl in Cebu that had a hippie van, but for the most part girls in SE Asia rarely have cars. It was a nice new car with leather seats and fancy things.

Jakarta is a pretty crazy city with horrible traffic but at 9pm the traffic was just so-so. But a combination of her not knowing where she was going, me not knowing how things worked here, and my condo being in an awkward spot from the way we were heading had us taking a bit of a detour around the city.

I thought she was going to get frustrated and not come in, but that didn’t happen. Quick note, if you stay in Jakarta make sure you get a central condo. With the horrible traffic it is definitely worth it to overpay a bit for a nice location.

Inside the red circle pictured below is a good ballpark area to live in Jakarta. Towards the top are the sex clubs Classic Hotel and Travel Hotel, towards the left are Grand Indonesia mall and Plaza Indonesia, and towards the bottom is the nicer non-hooker nightlife.

Best area to stay in Jakarta

Thanks to harley on my last post who suggested ‘the best place to live for a single guy who wants to hit the clubs and be close to malls for dating, is Epicentrum at Taman Rasuna apartment’. I may try that next time, I see they have rooms on AirBnb. It’s also in the red circle (bottom half).

Back to the date.

Red Flags Galore

As we are walking up to my condo building she says she has to go home in 30 minutes. There are a few common red flags that often happen on failed dates. The biggest is that the girl sets a time limit on how long she can stay.

Not good, this isn’t a guaranteed no bang, but it definitely raises the likelihood of failure. Second red flag is when the girl sits in a chair not on the bed. She does that as well.

We chat for 15 minutes and then I suggest a movie and move the laptop to a spot where she has almost no choice but to sit on the bed hehe.

She is 2 moves ahead of me and sits on the far corner of the bed. Well played. I work my way closer and closer but can’t really get closer then like 2 feet away.

I had been semi touchy feely in Starbucks but we were pretty far away. Here again she is far away and the most I can do is some small arm pushes and things like that.

It’s 5 minutes away from her ‘I will go home at’ time. She has mentioned again since she got there that she will leave then, so it’s now or never time. I think through my options. Option A is to lunge 2 feet at her face and knock her off the bed.

I go with option B, pretend I am taking a piss and go into the bathroom for a minute, come out and kiss her on the neck from behind. A pretty awful option but its all I’ve got, plus you never know when you might hit the right spot on the neck.

She doesn’t react at first, then she cocks her head up a bit and I think I’ve got her. Then she asks why I am kissing her. I sit next to her on the bed and say ‘cuz you’re so pretty’ and go in again.

She says its time for her to go and leaves. Not really sure how I should have played this. Don’t think anything I could have done was getting me in then, she said she won’t kiss a guy the first day she meets him.

Not even make a move and wait til date 2? Sorry not my style, if a girl is in my room I am giving it a shot 100% of the time even if the shot is a low % chance.

The question now becomes do I bother to try again. Her face isn’t that hot, her body seems pretty damn banging. But what if on date 2 she won’t do it again, or will kiss and stop leaving me blueballed.

Once a girl shows she has the willpower to stop once I generally give up. With this one I am not sure. I’ve just signed up to IndonesianCupid to try my luck there.

Harley also commented that Jakarta girls are either hardcore gold diggers or super conservative, and then there are some hiso girls sprinkled in. I think I met one of the second two categories.

28 Responses

  1. Akog says:

    Just gotta say it maybe you were not her type. But good try mate

  2. Bill says:

    You did everything you could, move on immediately. Fire up Tinder because that piece-of-shit app works wonders in Jakarta. This is what I did in Jakarta:

    – Got an apartment walking distance to Grand Indonesia
    – Tinder
    – Went to the supermarket in the basement of Grand Indonesia and bought chicken breasts, lettuce, tomatoes, eggs, etc.
    – propositioned a dinner or lunch date at my apartment
    – had them meet me at the bottom of my apartment, which had a Family Mart and Pizza Hut and shit.

    Love Indonesian girls omg. Jakarta sucks – worse than Manila by far, but you know that already.

    • kick2dante says:

      ya i used to think manila traffic was awful, then i went to jakarta and now manila is nothing

      how much was your rent in jakarta? month to month?

      • Bill says:

        just Airbnb at the Thamrin residences. around $525 month-to-month. A lot of girls there surprisingly have cars. miss those girls. bigger tits and asses than the rest of SEA.. mmmmmmmmmm

  3. Saac says:

    Is it possible she is a Dubai porta potty or something similar??

  4. harley says:

    This is your first Indo girl…. bravo! Next time just grab her by the pussy and fuck her on the balcony…. with some music of course.

  5. Dace says:

    I know more girls in phils with a car than without it

  6. RumandCokeMan says:

    Is this going down in real time or just a past travel memoir in Jakarta?Was there a date 2?

    How’s the city and its suburbs overall-is it massive slums like Manila in or around the central downtown area?

    Does it smell? Are fhere violent criminals everywhere who will jack you? What’s the scope locals xenophobic behavior towards white boy’s from the West like us? Is the food good? Etc etc

    • jspill says:

      It looks intimidating and unsafe at first, kinda rundown / smelly, especially north jakarta where the sex clubs are. But it’s fine, I walked around at night for a week with zero issues, very friendly locals, asking to take selfies and practice their English. Had a great time. Felt super safe. No xenophobia at all. Awesome food, like a Thai/Indian mix. I’ll put up a post soon.

      This is not quite realtime but close, couple months ago

      • kick2dante says:

        disagree on the food, western food hard to find and generally poor quality, indo food is alright but every place you go serves the same dishes

        felt totally safe, less ‘im about to get pickpocketed’ vibe then manila

        locals not xenophobic at all, but they are pretty bad at English

        • jspill says:

          yeah i don’t eat western food much

        • harley says:

          No it’s not true. Actually western food in Jakarta is much better than in Manila for example. You can go to very fancy places likes Loewy or Social House in Grand Indonesia and have a true French/Italian/American dinner for less than 10$ per person if you want to.

          It’s just the alcohol that adds up on the bill.

  7. harley says:

    Places to eat Western food with an amazing dining experience in Jakarta (at very reasonable prices):

    Liquid Exchange
    Aphrodite bar
    Social House
    KOI Kemang
    Murphy’s Kemang

    that’s just out of my head, there’s like 10 more places where you can get real western food as if you were back home for very reasonable prices….

    • kick2dante says:

      thanks for the list, there is definitely more western food around manila and it is easier to find since it is at every mall, but hopefully those places you listed are good

  8. harley says:

    The places I listed are pick up spots as well and great for dates. Won’t cost you a lot more than Starbucks anyway. Only Cazbar, Murphy’s and Social house aren’t pick up spots. I picked numbers in all the other places that resulted in bangs.

    Note: I hate flight attendants. I’m not nice to them anymore. They always think they are special. I just tell them I can pay for my own flights and can go anywhere I want. They’re just maids in the sky.

    • kick2dante says:

      i think i ate at social a few times, its on like 4th or 5th floor next to the escalator if i remember correctly…. the nachos were pretty terrible, the carbonara was solid, the chicken curry had like no chicken but the rati was bomb

      i feel like indonesian places that serve western food don’t have a great understanding of what they are doing yet…. im sure ill mention it soon but my favorite places to eat where paplomama for pizza and then ‘the goods cafe’ had a great burger and just about everything i tried there was good

  9. harley says:

    When I was living at Taman Rasuna I would often eat at Aphrodite bar which is basically a hidden sports bar in what looks like a basement. Try it out, just take Grab car. The western food there is pretty good and the menu is huge. Then walk around in the area… You will quickly understand why I recommend living there. It’s the best place to live, eat and date.

  10. harley says:

    I’m not joking the menu at Aphrodite is ridiculously huge

  11. WanderLuster says:

    I sent you a PM on SMP. Lemme know.

  12. Ruffian Weasley says:

    I hate flight attendants too, I used to work at O’Hare in Chicago, I got all kinds of phone numbers from them and went on a couple dates too. Never got any pussy from the ones I went on dates with, I had one on my bed too but she was so resistant, then she would text me when she was had flown in and id go meet her and buy her coffee, while I was working of course I wasn’t going to waste time outside of work on her again after being thoroughly castrated by this little hoe. She claimed that she had a pilots license and could fly anything, she probably banged a pilot and picked his brain for some technical details. She was a special breed of bitch, I don’t think it is industry wide cuz I had a coworker who scored with one , so it is possible with probably like 5% or less of them, the other 95 are too screwed up. I had another one I traded naked pics with and thought I was making progress but she was just leading me on and forwarding my pics to her gay coworker.

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