Bodybuilding, Supps & Steroids in Angeles – Enhanced Athlete Gym

50 peso Recharge

To update our old post on gyms in Angeles City (do you even lift Dante?), Fitness Connection is now called Enhanced Athlete gym.

Same location opposite Casino Filipino, take a right out as you come out of Walking Street, the end where McDonalds is. It’s now $2 a day (100 pesos) walk-in daily pass, or 1000 per month membership.

Opposite the casino

Enhanced Athlete Gym has everything you’d expect of a serious bodybuilding gym, several racks, barbells, several benches – flat, incline, decline – heavy dumbbells, tons of weight plates, leg press etc. Free wifi.

It’s usually pretty empty, 4 – 5 people max afternoons, and it’d take a lot more than that to ever need to wait for a piece of equipment. There are two of everything, including treadmills and cycle machines.

Up to 60kg dumbbells

Steroids in Angeles City?

Fitness Connection kinda changed their name to Enhanced Athlete gym apparently to avoid a previous ‘association’ with selling steroids there.


Changed… their… name… to… Enhanced… Athlete… that doesn’t seem to be a better name choice 😀 (‘Enhanced’ is a euphemism for being on steroids).

There are still a bunch of Fitness Connection gym signs up dotted around, but if you ask the reception what it’s called they’ll say Enhanced Athlete.

Open 7am – 9pm weekdays, 6am – 10pm weekends

Enhanced Athlete is a company and online store that sells supplements that are as close to steroids as they can legally get. ‘Growth hormone’ and ‘anabolic androgenic support’ pills.

I don’t know much about that stuff but their Angeles City gym is good and they sell the basics too like preworkout, egg whites, whey protein. You can buy tubs or by the scoop in banana smoothies.

No-Xplode, Protein shakes, BCAAs, Amino acids

Even viagra (sildenafil citrate pills) and some fat burners. As far as buying actual steroids there… injectable testosterone and so on, there are signs on the walls saying ‘no steroids here’ etc.

I wouldn’t write anything publicly… but obviously… if you wanted to buy steroids a bodybuilding gym where some patrons know about steroids would be your first port of call…. and they did ‘allegedly’ used to sell them…

Ligandrol, Test boosters, Ostamuscle, Cardarine

Or try their ‘steroid like’ supplements but from what I’ve read actual steroids can be cheaper and much more effective, you could buy steroids in Thailand and then just take them over to the Philippines in checked baggage.

My friend has done that before with no issues. All the supplements this AC gym sells are quite expensive, ~3000 pesos for Cardarine fat burner, ~2000 for preworkout.

‘Fat burning cream’, Code Pink, Viagra, Yohimbine

What I do is order Pulse preworkout online from Legion Athletics – 10% off link. I prefer it to NoXplode, it has L-Theanine which is good for mood and focus, I get tons of work done on that after fitness.

Meet Mr Britain

Mr Britain 2006, Paul Longfield, trains at Enhanced Athlete gym. An Angeles City fixture, you can’t miss him towering above everyone else, huge guy. He has an interesting backstory.

Paul Longfield bottom right

A Bobybuilder from Derbyshire who has been on the run from police for five years is working at a gym in the Philippines, the Derby Telegraph can reveal. 

Paul Longfield, who was the reigning Mr Britain at the time of his arrest in 2006, was charged with 14 counts of illegally dealing steroids.

Decline bench

He was bailed to appear at Derby Crown Court to plead to the charges in 2007 but failed to turn up. 

Now the Derby Telegraph has traced Longfield to the Fitness Connection Gym, in Angeles City, Pampanga, and last night we contacted him.

Lots of floor space

Longfield said: “To be honest, there’s not a lot for me to come back to in Derbyshire. All my friends in the UK say the country is in a bad state and I’m virtually married to an Asian girl here in the Philippines now. 

The only thing I miss about the UK is haddock and chips and the odd pickled onion.

Bench press, pull up bars, dip bars

“I’m nearly 50 years old, I can compete in the gym on power-lifting weights with guys half my age and I have taken steroids for a number of years. 

Around Derby I’m told there is a problem with heroin and crack cocaine and I can tell you straight that people do not mug grannies for their next fix of anabolic steroids.”

Squat rack

Longfield claimed that using anabolic steroids, often to enhance athletic performance, was less dangerous that smoking tobacco and drinking alcohol

“It is a witch hunt. There are a lot of people saying in the press about steroids and how dangerous they are that don’t know what they are talking about.”

– (they later removed the article)

Leg machines, Zumba ball

What a legend! He can be seen occasionally training at Enhanced Athlete, still going strong in Angeles City as of 2017. My friend chatted to him.

I hope he continues living the dream, working out and happy with his Filipina girl long into old age.

Leg press

No Air Con

This is the only problem, there’s no air conditioning but that’s pretty standard for Angeles City gyms. Electricity costs in the Philippines are the highest in Asia.

The fifth highest in the World in fact, because ‘corrupt elites squeeze society for profits’ and that’s ‘the root of our backwardness‘ – says a Filipino journalist.

Cardio room

Only a few families control the Philippines‘ – another Manila Times article.

Enhanced Athlete gym does have some fans though and it’s not that bad. There’s a free water cooler with cold water and energy drinks sold out of a fridge.

Overall I’d say it’s the best gym in Angeles City, close to walking street, not busy and has all you need.

mr britain 2006

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  1. Jobo says:

    Haha I know Paul.. have seen him around some Angeles bars and have chatted with him. He’s a nice guy.

  2. thibault says:

    its one of the big hypocrisy of our society . as sport is held to the rank of god, touching it is taboo. sport is used to manipulate the masses in the media, to give people things to venerate that have no influence on the really important things. sport is just there to work with consumerism.
    so, if you touch the sacrew thingsin our society, you ll have a reaction from this society. doping is described as an horrible thing, that destroys our values and so on.
    its just that our society has false values.
    they perfectly accept the drug trade as long as it benefit the powers that be.
    and, yes, they tolerate doping as mong as it cives a good show, because thats all what its about. show. panem et circenses.
    its just, it should not be known and destroy the narrative.not caught, not guilty.

  3. RumandCokeMan says:

    It looks like a legit little gym- all you the equipment you need, none of it you don’t. Schwarzenegger has even said before in interviews all you need is dumbell and barbells to train well. Some of those machines that take barbells (not the cable and plate machines like a leg extension or lat pull down) are good for hitting angles that you don’t always seem to get with the barbells and Dumbbells only. I had the basic impression Angeles was just a ghetto full of cheap p4p bars. That’s most definitely a quality gym for a smaller town. The owner and his story seem cool too. I like gyms with cool owners.

    How did you guys even learn about this little gym?

    Did Dante tell you or was this one you found exploring Angeles solo?

    • jspill says:

      He wrote about it back when it was called fitness connection. It’s just before the closest BPI atm to the gogos – the atm that let’s you withdraw 20k with foreign card. So I passed by

    • thibault says:

      it is not the owner, just a regular customer.
      and i cant imagine Dante oaying a membership.

      • RumandCokeMan says:

        Wonder if Dante ever did train there much?

        My guess is Dante would probably download a free PDF like a pirate version of Convict Conditioning and do push-ups squats and pull ups at the park to avoid the monthly fees. The truth is bodyweight is probably just as good as free weights for general health (way less injury, more flexibility involved, better cardio, easier on joints) although, free weight built physiques usually look better than bodyweight ones.

        • thibault says:

          ypu xan still buy weights and practice at home, but its hatd to do for a nomad: will you include this 20 kg wights in your checked luggage allowance of 20 kg? this risks severely limiting the rest of ypur stuff ypu can include. plys, carrying it around.

          calisthenics are limuted after a moment, the weight of ypur arms aint enough tou find yourself wanting to lift water pack, tear the plastic and find ypurself with water in the neighbour s condo under yours.only push ups are a great bodyweight movement.
          remember, muscles are build if you reach rhe limit of ypur actual fibers and force them to adapt to more stress. this cant be reaxhed if the movement yoy make is easy, even if tiring. thats the main difference wirh cardio. i still have bri that think you got to do a lot of small piwer moveement. bulkshit. ypur muscles will be adapted to this small exercise, you will have as weak arms as ypu have.

          back on opic, i cant see dante buying anything anyway. he made a fuss about a ten dollar fan, i cant see him buying weights of any kind, i cant see him buying sporstwear but if jspill is right he just gp all year with cheap sportswear and never xdress up, which is indeed the cheapest option for clothes.
          and i cant see him paying a axi to the park, i cant see him doing anything there but predating on girls giving his numbers. think of all the lost time and potentially escaped preys it woyld involve to workout.

  4. Cuck says:

    It’s the most depressing gym I’ve been to in my life. I only went there once in 2013 there was only a very bored receptionist and an old forigner, no cardio bunnies for motivation and most the lights were off probably to save on the electrical bill. There is another gym somewhere near Korea town that has more people working out. I forgot what it’s called I only went there once because it’s too far but a girl gave me her number she was doing squats so you know the booty tight she never replied tho

    • jspill says:

      Empty gym is a good thing 🙂 Some chicks go there nowadays. Was hard to get pics. They have dance, aerobics and zumba classes too

  5. thibault says:

    btw most of your pics are NOT creeper pics of a beautiful lady. this is unacceptable. you treated us better in the past. i cant accept this change of behaviour in your blog.
    i xan understand this gym is for testosterone fed monsters and not the hot gitlfriends of rich businessmen that dont know how to spend their money ( and that you can fuck while rich man works) , but you can do bettet.
    you used to bring your own girl to take pictures in sime condo, for exampke. in tjis case it would be misleading people to let them think there are local eyecandy when indeed you have to bring your own meal.
    i dont know, bang the receptionist, do domething, but we cant decently speak about a serious subject in this blog withoit introducing some sleaze in a way or other. get it straight next time, will you.

    • Normal Nomad says:

      What the fuck are you rambling about?

      • thibault says:

        if you look at the blog, you ll see that most articles are filled with pics thar includes a beautiful girl, generally titally pit of context, just for the pleasing sight. its become almosr a recurring joke that they include a girlin the pic when the pic should not not have to do anything with girld. generalky, jspill takes pride to include cutues in evetyone of hos pics, dznte dors it too. exampke: look at my condo.. oh, by pure luck tjete is a naked girl on thebed when i take this pic of the condo for pure real estate purpose. what a coincidence.
        but in this article, there is uch less. i mprertysure he did everything he could to include dome, to no avail. i just want to make him feel bad about this monumental failure in his photographer carreer.

        • jspill says:

          But more girls on IG (excellent photography if I do say so myself) and youtube lately at the time of this post 🙂 follow there too

          • thibault says:

            dont try to changecthe subject. you know you failed on this one.
            pkus, links. how are we sypposed to find your ig and yt channel?
            to my kknowledge, there ai t any links to them anywherz in these pages here?

            • Normal Nomad says:


              He’s running a blog. This blog is geared towards men. Men like looking at attractive women. Ergo, he’s putting photos that men like in said blog.

              What’s wrong with that?

              Now if he were taking photos of say, a bar, and had a bunch of his female friends come to the bar and stand around looking like regular customers and then tried to claim this was a “normal night” when in fact the bar is usually dead or a sausage fest, THAT would be misleading. But to my knowledge, they haven’t tried to pretend like these photos represent the day-to-day in these locations (although they likely do)

              • thibault says:

                indeed. no creeper pics then , becausz it woyld give false expectations. still, sad. we ll imiss them.
                dont worry pal, it was humour. we all know there aint beautiful girls rented with the condo ( sadly)

                • Jobo says:

                  This gym usually has a few hot girls in it. Probably a good place to meet a pinay that is into health and fitness.

            • jspill says:

              See where it says ‘follow’ on every single page site wide 🙂 By the comments. Click the IG or Youtube logo

  6. RealGuy says:

    Never found need for more than a barbell and some dumbbells. My butt is too big already so a squat rack isnt needed. I always go for the cheapest gym imaginable that has the above. I dont care if its too hot, Im there to sweat. Machines are a bonus but unnecessary.

    Cebu has one next to Whitegold (between sm city and robinson malls) for P80/walk in

    Davao has one called Smashville at F bangoy st for P100/walk in.

    Vigan has one called Atlas thats P40/walk in. Not sure it its really that cheap or I got a discount for joking with the staff.

    Protein powder is extortionately priced compared to Amazon, but S&R has sales sometimes. Can pick it up below P3k/6lb sometimes.

  7. Guy says:

    Any legit TRT options in Manila?

    Seems that flying to Thailand is the only answer I can find online.

  8. jim says:

    legit as in going through a doctor and getting a prescription? probably not very easily. legit as in buying non fake test though is very easy, as well as getting bloods done.

  9. Matt says:

    I worked out in this gym back in 2011-12 when it first opened. Was in the gym right next to these guys when they worked out. They are flat out body builders (not natural) and have or still use massive amounts of combination anabolic steroids/growth hormones. Not saying they don’t work hard. Just saying that can’t get that big without the needle.
    Also… I have been in and around the city for 10 years now and during the biggest building boom the city has ever seen. There are now many other gyms that are far better then this one. Most are now up in the Friendship area including the newer “Running Man” gym which is first world. I used to work out in the old AC-1 gym but that’s a bar now. I have also been to gyms out on Clark including the Golds (there’s actually 2 of them there). There’s a little gym at the end of the street where Norma’s money changer is and that’s not to bad. There are probably 2 dozen gyms within 15 minutes of …lets say the Lewis Grand (where did they bury him??). They range from pure Philipino gyms with equipment that looks like it was built at a trike shop to the running Man gym which has the best overall equipment including many pieces of new cardio equipment. The gym this thread is about is about a 4 on the 1-10 scale.
    The best gym I have ever been to in the P.I. (perhaps anywhere) is a place down in Cagayan De Oro. It was owned by the local senators family so it wasn’t lacking for money spent. It had a full area for free weights including the proper squat racks and cable stations. It also had a FULL line of Nautilus equipment if you wanted to circuit train. It also had complete boxing facility where for 200p a week a trainer would put you through 2 weekly boxing workouts including the heavy and speed bag. Finally, outside it had a covered driving range with girls that sat there and tee’d up each ball for you. The cost was actually pretty good and much more affordable then the 40+ dollars the current AC gyms want to bite you for.
    COST – WHY is the cost of gyms in AC so expensive??? I just joined a gym here in the USA after 9 years at another. Its a great gym, has multiples of everything so you never get held up or bored. it also has 100’s of modern cardio equipment, great locker room and huge separate spin and exercise rooms… cost me 299.00 dollars for 12 months PLUS 3 months free!

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