Manila’s EDSA International Entertainment Complex


EDSA complex is 7 bikini bars and a disco all under one roof in the Pasay area of Manila. On the EDSA freeway before Roxas Boulevard, you can’t miss the neon signs on the outside.

EDSA bars are open for business from around 6pm – 3.30am. Go early if you’re hoping to find a sexy Pinay.


Taxi drivers should know it if you ask for the EDSA bars in Pasay. It’s across the street from the Copacabana and Heritage hotels, at the junction of F.B. Harrison street and the freeway.

Or search EDSA Int’l. Entertainment Complex on Google maps.


Enter EDSA complex via an alley complete with guard and metal detector

Cost of Sex in EDSA

Pretty much all EDSA bars have the same 1950 pesos barfine ($40) to take one of the Filipina bargirls home to your hotel or apartment. I hear it used to be 1000 not too long ago.

Then a tip of 2500 – 3000 for short time (3 hours), or 4000-5000 long time, is paid to the girl afterwards. As with anywhere that’s very negotiable depending on how much the girl likes you, what you’d like to do together, how many lady drinks you bought her, etc.

Lady drinks were 315 in almost all bars. Most bars fall under the same ownership so pricing is standardized – at the time I was there one of the girls said only Cotton Club and the upstairs disco had separate owners.

EDSA Bar List


If you’re early some of the bargirls will be eating at the food court

Cotton Club

Straight ahead as you go in, this is one of the largest bars and had a few younger Filipinas on stage. I’d probably pop my head in here first. Maybe it was just variance but the girls here seemed more interested in Korean customers, and were whiter-skinned.


Bullets & Arrows

Next to Cotton Club, the girls in this cowboy themed saloon were a bit older, darker skinned, and less pretty, but more friendly. I was told 3000 short time 5000 long time by the mamasan.


In Pitstop when talking to girl directly she offered 2500. The minimum girls want on Burgos is 3000, so it makes sense ESDA should be 2-2.5k. Also we were the only guys in the bar at 9pm on a Tuesday.


Maybe I’m picky but none looked worth paying 4450 pesos for. As Dante put it EDSA is ‘a good place to overpay to bang a 6‘. One called out ‘come inside’ pointing at her pussy and cackling.

Space Girls

Next to Pitstop, Space girls only had a few hardened old battle-axes with thousand dick stares.


Water feature in the middle of EDSA plaza


Same drill at Firehouse. Maybe all the hotties taken by 10pm.


Once again didn’t see any sexy Filipinas, none of the sweetness of Angeles girls.


One exception was Samba which had a few younger cuter Pinays and 385 peso lady drinks. An ok looking girl here offered 4000 long time after I bought a drink and chatted to her for a bit.


She seemed really desperate for a customer. Bikini bar girls in the Philippines get paid a lot lower salary than Gogo dancers in Thailand, so barfines are more crucial.

Shahrazad Disco

Up some stairs next to Samba is a late night Arabic disco, Shahrazad. The girl said it only gets going around 2am so we didn’t go up.


Doorway to Samba and stairs up to Shahraza

EDSA Complex Review

After checking out 11 bikini bars in Cebu and seeing 5 hot Filipina bargirls out of about 200, the 7 EDSA bars in Manila weren’t much different. About half a dozen decent ones, and Korean guys quickly took them.


It’s not Pattaya but as far as things to do in Manila it can be fun. ESDA is cheaper than Burgos for bargirls (4450 vs 5900) and beers, and is close to the Mall of Asia and Roxas Boulevard. It just needs more bars across several floors like Bangkok’s Nana Plaza, some fresh faces, and nudity (as do all PI girly bars).


A pizza restaurant takes orders by the food court area too

Red light districts are overpriced in general in the Philippines, as Dante says the best value is in freebies on sites like Filipino Cupid and Pinalove and freelancers, many of which use online dating too to reach more customers or find a long term sponsor. There’s really no need to pay barfines or anything more than ‘taxi money’. For hookers stick to Thailand.

EDSA Short Time Hotels

For a short time hotel walk over the footbridge as you leave EDSA to cross over the highway, and down the turning you’ll see signs for the Sogo Hotel where you can stay for around 250+ pesos per 2 hours.


It’s a drive-in or walk in sex hotel. Finally some value for money! Although the themed rooms are more expensive at around 1000 for 2 hours.


Overnight stay plus breakfast for two is 2500. .

EDSA Manila Location

Use Grab or Uber (discount link) to get a taxi as the drivers by EDSA are known for scams.

16 Responses

  1. Justin says:

    How to get the girls details…I want girls

  2. Jeff says:

    buhay pa ba ang SHibagos,Sariling Atin,Alpacino at Brunette?

  3. Brian says:

    A girl wrote this? 😂😂😂😂

  4. Chris says:

    10th picture down, the girl facing the camera looking down, her name is Ana. Funny seeing her picture here.

  5. Dan says:

    Has Edsa closed down
    Walked down from Heritage hotel last month and no neon lights on outside so didn’t close over
    Any news?

  6. Anonymous says:

    Everyone keeps saying the complex is cheaper then burgos in makati but it’s more expensive….. 200-300p for beer and 390 for ladies on top of 2000 for barfine and another 3-5k pesos for tip where i can pay 200 for beer in makati and barfine is around 2000 and no huge tip fee…. the only thing that EDSA does that is better is the girls don’t swarm you and try to rape you like they do in makati soon as you walk in

    • jspill says:

      Burgos usually is cheaper overall.

      EDSA should be 1950 barfine every bar, plus 2500 tip as standard, 3000 if she quotes high (usually means she doesn’t want to go). 390 lady drinks. Let’s say you buy 2 lady drinks, then take a girl home, and it’s 2500 pesos like it usually is, that’s 390 + 390 + 1950 + 2500 = 5230 ($102).

      At the better P Burgos bars (Kojax, XOXO, Plan B) it’s 2900 barfine, plus 3000 tip as standard, or ‘I have menstruation’ if they don’t want to go. 300 for most lady drinks, some 350, in rare cases 400. At Kojax it’s written on the menu, you can just say make sure it’s a 300 peso one. It usually is.

      So 300 + 300 + 2900 + 3000 = 6500 ($127).

      Then the worse P Burgos bars (Ringside, Enchanted) with fewer, uglier girls actually charge more – 3900 barfine, and 390 for lady drinks in both of those too. No option for 300 peso drinks, it’s always 390. I guess their logic is ok we have less customers, so let’s charge more.

      So 390 + 390 + 3900 + 3000 = 7680 ($150).

      There’s one exception, Rogues upstairs has some girls for 1600 barfine, and some for 2400 barfine. Lady drinks 300. Still 3000 tip. Then it ends up slightly cheaper than EDSA if you take a 1600 one.

      Apart from lady drinks being 90 pesos cheaper, and one bar having 1600 barfine, you will still spend more at P Burgos almost every single time because of the higher barfine (2900 vs 1950) and them usually wanting 3000 as standard for short time. Should be 2500 at EDSA.

      You could potentially negotiate less than 3000 at Burgos, I’ve done that before, done 2000 and 2500, and many times I’ve done sneakouts where I get the girl’s number and don’t pay the barfine. One time even the mamasan said ok give me 500 and I’ll deliver the girl to your place after work. And she did.

      But I’m sure I could do that at EDSA too. I rarely go there as the girls are not hot, the average quality is way lower than Burgos. It should be even easier to do sneakouts there and save a ton of money.

      I’ve been swarmed at EDSA, and at some of the worse bars on P Burgos. But they don’t swarm you at the best P Burgos ones – Kojax, XOXO, Plan B – they stay dancing on stage, maybe 1 or 2 come up to you after a while. I hate being swarmed too.

      Beer is 150 pesos at Kojax and XOXO. San Miguel Light. Where did you pay 200? It can be 200 for soda water in P Burgos bars (fml that’s what I drink) but not beer.

      I usually never recommend paying long time up front just go for short time then if you treat them well often they’ll stay a bit longer and let you bang them twice, for the same price as short time, because once they see you are treating them well they’ll be thinking of you as a potential long term customer. So you get a discount – or really, you start getting appropriate value for money, closer to the ‘real price’ that it should be. Because Manila is very overpriced, already double Angeles City or more.

      TL:DR – Burgos is more expensive, but EDSA isn’t worth going to if you’re picky. Wherever you go, try to get their number and avoid the barfine if you can, and try to negotiate if you can. Better yet just go to Angeles.

  7. Anonymous says:

    went there on a weekend at 11:30. the place was totally empty i haven’t seen a single customer but i could hear a couple of loud guys having fun in one of the bars. it wasn’t what i expected it was more like a ghost town and i wasn’t comfortable there so i walked outside to wait for my grab then the shady taxi drivers and asked me a billion times where i was going or if i wanted girls until my driver arrived and took me to zzyzx

  8. brian says:

    Great post, i can’t wait to see the place. I been reading a lot about Manila’s Red Light Districts and i can’t wait to go. I am going with a Sex Tour company called Gentlemens Tours they provide a safe passage to exploring Manila’s red-light district.

    • jspill says:

      “Only £4,895 for 7 nights” wow

      You could do the same things for 1-2 months on that, there’s no need for a tour company to hold your hand in gogo bars

  9. Filipinas are cheap and easy. I just wish they didn’t all look (and act) like they had Down Syndrome. It’s like fucking retards. Can be fun, but gets old quick after you bust your third nut inside of them.

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