Don’t Take Your Hate for Western Women Out on Asians

Sometimes having a site like this is annoying because of some of the comments I have to read and post on here. Jspill always tells me to be friendly to commenters, but it can be hard to bite my tongue.

Lets take a quick minute and be honest with ourselves: the majority of guys who want to move Asia aren’t great with women. I will be the first to raise my hand and admit it. I was broke, I had no confidence, and I pretty much gave up on women entirely. But you know what, I don’t hate women at all because of it.

Why should I? I am self aware enough to know that I wasn’t worthy of their attention, at least not from any of them whose attention I would have wanted.

Smoking weed and porn was better to me than some fat chick, and I wasn’t willing to work as hard as some hot girl would expect. Why is that so friggin hard for so many guys to admit?

Some of the comments on this site over the years are gross. You can just feel the hate oozing out of the people making them…….. look in the mirror before you start to blame women.

It isn’t just here, the anti western women rhetoric is all over the internet. Much of it is deserving, we live in a weird time where women don’t need us to provide for them as much as we used to.

They don’t need our money as much, they can make their own. They don’t need our dick as much, they have vibrators that make them cum better than we can.

They don’t need our attention, they can get hundreds of likes a day on Facebook and Instagram. Back in the day they had to settle for anyone that could put food on the table, guess what, times change.

Asian Women Did Nothing To You

While you may want to be a dumbass and lump all western women into the same category Asian women certainly did nothing to you. You don’t need to fly to Asia to take out your hate of western women on them.

Whether you were happy with your life in the western world or not you need to realize you hit the lotto by being born there. If you aren’t reading this from a first world country then tune this part out for a minute.

But there are so many spoiled Americans and Europeans who don’t realize how lucky they are. You do realize you could have just as easily have been born some poor kid in Africa right? In some middle of nowhere place where your main daily goal is to walk miles to find water.

Or you could have been born in the Philippines yourself and ended up as a trike driver making $5 a day. Be thankful for what you have.

And don’t come to Asia and take out your hatred for the world on girls who have never done anything to you. They have hard enough lives as it is and most don’t have too bright of futures ahead of them, at least financially speaking.

However they at least seem happy. Sure, they probably would want to have more money, but they still seem happy.

They aren’t some miserable dudes who go through life cursing women at every chance who can’t look into the mirror and be honest with themselves about how much of a loser they really are.

You Don’t Always Have To Be A Loser

Instead of having a negative attitude about women use the opportunity you have when moving abroad to improve yourself. I wouldn’t necessarily call myself a ‘winner’ now, but I am a far better person overall than I was when I moved over.

I have 100 times the confidence I had before, a little pussy will go a long way for that. Be honest with your intentions and work on your ‘game’ which basically means be nice and don’t fuck things up.

That is all that it takes, and then these girls will make you happy. If they are making you happy then you don’t need to make them sad.


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  1. anonym says:

    i like you

  2. Western women are utter scum and any time I see a headline on them being tortured by some incel who snapped or being dealt with in some way, I always rejoice. They absolutely deserve their fates.

    Most guys just want nice girls that smile and put out and treat him well. Most guys aren’t looking to be a slave driver. I can’t count the number of times I’ve been minding my own business, doing my own thing and I can still FEEL the dagger in my back. It’s not enough for guys to be a recluse in the US or wherever they come from. Women must ACTIVELY reject them and make them feel like losers.

    I agree that we shouldn’t take our frustrations on nice girls, but it seems like the message isn’t clear that if men want to be left alone, then they should be left alone. A similar occurrence happens in Japan with the herbivore men, but nobody fucks with them. Women in the US relish making men feel like shit, but the universe has a way of making things equitable.

    Let them take their STD infested vacations to India and Jamaica. I urge them and let them raise their bastard spawn. It’s what they absolutely deserve.

    • Henry says:

      this article isnt on anti-feminism, even though its always good to be against feminism 😉
      this article is about the other flip side, a white guy coming to SE Asia and treating women like crap with no respect.
      maybe you followed some recent comments on the Vietnam articles and before.

      if u take a look at how some of these girls are living, this will be a humbling experience.

      if you give them a bit of money, it doesnt mean you are a loser who needs to pay. it means you care about the girls and wanna help them out a bit, as they def need it.

  3. Manila expat says:

    Great post Dante. I have lived outside the US for 10 years, mainly in Asia (Bangkok, Singapore and now Manila), but some time in Australia as well. A bit of a different path than yourself, my company moved me to Bangkok in 2007. I was 30, single and making a lot of $$ so needless to say those were some good times. In my years of hanging out with various expats I am always amazed at how some of them have such a bad attitude about women. They obviously didn’t do too well in the Western world with women, many of them divorced and older guys. Suddenly they can go out and have a 20 year old pulling on their cock whenever they want, but instead of being thankful for that they always talk about the Thai girl that screwed then over for money or how all the women there are tramps, etc. Forget about them being friends with any Western women, they are more evil than Thai women. I guess my thinking is a bit different. I’m younger and was successful before I moved to Asia. I was also fortunate enough to work in the office in Bangkok so I was meeting and interacting with girls that were a notch or 5 up from the gals in Nana. Was lucky enough to meet my Thai wife in the office and we have been happily married for 7 years. As far as Western women are concerned, I am friends with many of them, work with many of them, also have 2 sisters and a mother. While I decided to go the Asian route for a wife, I don’t hate Western women. Your comments about how times are different are spot on.

    On another note, I got moved to Manila about a year ago for work, same Company that moved me to Bangkok, Singapore and Australia. I have a staff of 90+ Filipinos, I love them all. They make a fraction of the $$ we make in the Western world, but they are happy, inclusive and hard working. I make a lot of comparisons between Manila and Bangkok since I have lived in both places for a while. If you asked me the 1st 9 months I lived in Manila if I liked Bangkok more than Manila I would have yes in a heartbeat. Now I can’t really say that. Manila has really grown on me. The Mrs is happy and I am happy. Hands down BKK has better mass transit and infrastructure (internet and cell service), Thai food is also much better than Filipino food. Other than that I think Manila wins – the girls are nicer, casinos are great, it is easier to communicate, in general I find it cheaper here (Bangkok is not the bargain it was 10 years ago). I also like the fact you don’t see nearly the amount of farang around Manila that you do in Bangkok. Bangkok is obviously the more touristy city.

    I don’t get to go out all that much being married and busy with work, but I do get out on occasion and always have a great time. The bars here don’t have the shows and the glitz and glamour of a Soi Cowboy, but the girls make up for it. In general I think Thai girls are better looking than Filipina girls (in my opinion probably 40-50% of Thai girls are good looking, the Philippines is more like 15-20% thanks to Jollibee), but I think the top 10% of Filipina girls are better than the top 10% of Thai girls, hope that makes sense. There are some real beauties here and the girls are really lovely. I always laugh at your 10 point scale, you are a tuff judge. I was at Bottoms last week and there were several 8’s and even some 9’s on my scale.

    I am a fan of your website, it was really helpful being a newbie here in Manila. First post for me, but been a reader for months now. Sorry for the long ramble, but wanted to share a bit different perspective from someone that never chose to come to Asia, but was fortunate enough for my Company to move me here.

    A night out on P Burgos is on me (since you are a Cheap Charlie it is my treat) if you ever want to link up and chat about our adventures!

  4. RumandCokeMan says:

    A global expert on feminism shows that feminism and all this cultural shift in general was/is social engineering-

    • jspill says:

      Interesting thanks I haven’t heard of this guy. I follow a lot of youtubers on that subject, sargon of akkad, computing forever, black pigeon speaks, feminism LOL, paul joseph watson are good

      • Henry says:

        what u think of RooshV? he is more on EasternEurope, not a fan of Asia apparently.

      • jspill says:

        Overall anything in the anti-feminist / girls / travel niche is cool

        The forum is a bit weird though as soon as you mention P4P you get banned. A lot of PUA nerds on there with their ‘datasheets’ about where to pick up chicks but then a lot of the time they’re going to third world hooker discos. “I didn’t pay but I picked her up in Spicy” lolol

        Lot of weird fucks but sure lots of cool people and interesting discussion too

    • RealGuy says:

      Henry Makow is a gatekeeper who refuses to implicate zionism.

      Scholar addresses Makow’s model of global hierarchy:

      Much more accurate (to date) explanation of the global political goals:

  5. -Cam says:

    A wise rapper once said “Women are equal and they deserve respect…” :p

  6. RumandCokeMan says:

    Dr. Makows calling out the globalists and their games they’ve ran on us all. He’s brilliant-

  7. BangkokBaller23 says:

    Actually Dante, it seems like you are coming from a frame of “hating yourself”?

    Let me explain:
    – You think most guys move to Asia because they can’t get laid at home.
    – You by your own admission were that, and a “loser” (ie lacking confidence, etc) at the time.
    – You think young Asians don’t like older guys….except for their $.
    – You rate other guys based on their attractiveness.
    – You engage in p4P activities (illegal in most instances), then rant on some random reader (“Spirit Maze” who I agree with you IS a total idiot) who happens to be using a strategy on women you disagree with but, he’s definitey not doing anything illegal.

    How are YOU any better than the western hater who just rants on us?🤔

    I feel like your “frame” and beliefs about yourself and what you are doing (and what we are doing) is that it is somehow WRONG, and you justify it to yourself by saying at least you are “honest” to the P4P women. Duh, it’s a $$$ transaction. Like being honest at the supermarket with the clerk to by some ice cream.

    Just take a minute to consider what I’m saying. If I’m wrong, cool. But what if….

    YOUR frame/beliefs instead were:
    – You are handsome, cool, successful in life and with women.
    – You moved to Asia simply because that’s where they are.
    – You don’t rate other dudes based on attractiveness….that’s gay.
    – You don’t judge others relationships (assuming its legal).
    – You know that damn near EVERY girl wants to date an older dude. It pretty much cuts across all cultures (with the notable “cougar” exception).

    And I agree with JSpill, you should chill when it comes to RANTING on your readers. It’s like yelling at people buying tickets to your event, then telling them they aren’t good enough to be there.

    Anyway, like the blog (other than your rants). Super insightful and great real-time info!

    • kick2dante says:

      there is a difference between illegal and immoral

      also, p4p had absolutely nothing to do with this

      • BangkokBaller23 says:

        With the P4P, just making the point that Spirit Maze wasn’t doing anything illegal. We may agree or disagree with his strategy….fine.

        But what I take issue with are many of the underlying assumptions your critique of him/others are based upon (losers Guys come to Asia, same guys can’t get girls in their home country, Asian girls are easy, old guys can’t be with young girls legitimately, etc etc).

        I’m a BIG fan of T.D. Jakes. As he’s fond of saying, “As a man thinketh in his head; therefore, so he IS.” (Paraphrasing…..badly) His overall point is valid though.

        • kick2dante says:

          i dont see why legality has anything to do with it, some dudes hundreds of years ago who were ignorant to real facts decided 1 thing should be ok and the other shouldn’t… so what

      • jspill says:

        Can’t get laid as often or with as wide a selection of girls as we’d like to, would be a better way of putting it

        I do ok but there’s not enough petite girls in the UK, average weight is something like 80kg now and they aren’t very feminine. Back home if you find a hot girl you have to lock her down and wife up

        • Henry says:

          White guys get a bad reputation in many countries, thanx to people who lie and treat women like crap.
          So basically its bad for all of us.

          Lets say that certain dude really pisses off 100 girls in a short time. they might post their anger on social media and pretty soon thousands of people will start avoiding white guys alltogether.

          if u do some p4p noone gets hurt. girls get some cash and are happy. and like i said they do need it badly in most cases. so its basically a win-win.

  8. Akog says:

    Shit got real

  9. RumandCokeMan says:

    Dante the States has several main regions (East Coast, Midwest, The South, The Rockies, West Coast, Northwest, and Southwest)- which region are you from?

  10. Jobo says:

    Hmmm. I don’t hate women. I just hate it when they don’t go away after sex .

  11. Reader says:

    >Asian Women Did Nothing To You

    I wouldn’t be so sure about that. 😀

    I had a domineering Chinese girlfriend.

    Thais are super moody and I don’t like them. They only give a fuck because I dress well and got cash. If I was moto driver Somchai they would snub their nose at me.

    Flips aren’t eager to rock the boat for the most part as reliable beta bucks are hard to come by and western guys are a welcome non judgemental adventure to others. I don’t trust them either though.

    Read more:

    • Spirit maze says:

      There’s this false notion that Asian women are completely defenseless and innocent. While it is true to an extent, and their naiveness can make then easy to take advantage of, a pissed off Asian woman who has been pushed too far is far more formidable than any angry white feminist I’ve ever come across.

      Filipinas DO rock the boat if they want to. Many of them are aware that making a false rape allegation can get a guy locked up for years while he awaits trial, and there are no repercussions for her. Filipinas can be like piranha fish- Blood in the water and they start swarming. Huge mob mentality ingrained in the culture.

  12. Liam Gallagher says:

    Hi Dante, Over the last week or so I’ve been reading almost every article on this website to do with Manila. I plan to move there from London, England in 2018.
    I’m hoping to live in the Gramercy Residences that “JSPILL” did an article on last year.

    Having read nearly all of your blogs, I’m pretty confident from the invaluable information you’ve provided about life in Philippines and Pinay’s (which I have a particular interest in aswell). I’m very thankful for all of that information.

    But I would love to see an article or just information on how easy it is for a white guy/foreigner without a degree to get a job? (Not a particularly skilled job, Just like a barman or something) and how i would go about getting a job? because I’ve heard that you need a degree for almost any job There.
    I can’t find any other blogs online which help me.

    Another thing I was rather curious about was how common is it you find ladyboys in clubs/bars etc? Is it really that difficult to notice them? How do you deal with them etc?

    Once again, thanks for the information!😊

    • jspill says:

      Not something we know much about cos we work online but we’ll try. I doubt bartending needs a degree. From what I read the company needs to make a case for needing a foreigner over a local but it’s doable, much less restricted than getting a job in Thailand. So just apply and emphasise what skills you bring to the table as a foreigner.

      Pretty common. Much easier to notice them in person than in pics. They’re cool if you just politely say you aren’t interested. Can even help you open groups of girls sometimes, point out a chick you like and they’ll go get her number for you.

      I’ve just heard Gramercy started closing the pool/gym at midnight to 6am instead of being open 24hrs which is a shame but it’s still my favorite condo. Good choice.

      • kick2dante says:

        find an expat bar and ask if they need any help, probably wise not to work in a girly bar though that may be the easiest job to find

        never really go to clubs, ive accidentally handed my number to a ladyboy or two over time when i only saw from behind and had a good approach spot closing soon so rushed it, they are easy to deal with and you are unlikely to get tricked

    • RealGuy says:

      You strike me as an overanalytical person? Good luck, but a job type job is hard for a westerner to get. Believe me, Ive tried. Best bet is to find a job with a western company willing to move you there.

      Otherwise youre stuck trying to secure a working permit, which is not easy by any means. Most wont even do it unless youre a permanent resident, which means you need to marry a pinay first.

      My advice would be not to bother, and focus on generating an online income.

  13. Monger Pride says:

    One thing I hate more than Western women and fempats is moralizing from fellow sexpats. Stickman(Bangkok) was an expert in moralizing as well.

    Sexpats are a wild, lawless bunch. We do what we want and we don’t give a fuck.

    • kick2dante says:

      you forgot to put the word asshole in front of sexpats

    • jspill says:

      This wasn’t anti-sexpat moralizing it’s just saying be grateful for all this cheap pussy we have, and don’t be anti-women.

      I remember one stickman article “These days I encourage bargirls to quote sky high prices – if a guy won’t pay it he’s not the type of customer you want, I tell them. As prices move towards the psychological 5,000 baht barrier – or around $150 – they reach a level at which it may no longer be worth naughty boys holidaying in Thailand – The balance of power has shifted”.

      Suffice to say Dante is NEVER going to type that sentence ^^

  14. RealGuy says:

    Id echo Dante about the main issue with western women isnt so much that they dont need men and that we’re not good enough, but the overall level of quality and attitude. Better to fap in the west than to bang a 80lb overweight princess.

    But what creates animosity in the west is the anti male/rape culture/patriarchy that makes women crazy and men spineless. At least, thats where it came for me. Over time it builds up and creates an awful rift between the sexes.

    Ever since my first time in Asia, Ive always had positive experiences with the locals, especially women. Its a different world. Much more emotionally healthy place to live, almost therapeutic. Been in an LTR with a Pinay for over a year now and couldnt be happier.

  15. Spirit maze says:

    The overweight princess syndrome is coming to Manila. I’m disturbed by the number of below average filipinas that have no concept of their low SMV (Sexual Market Value) and make unrealistic demands, or just flat out do not show any interest in meeting up for a date. I am purely speaking about the internet dating section of the market here.

    • Normal Nomad says:

      Lol….maybe it has something to do with all the “hot 8.5” guys putting WAY too much effort time and energy into girls that aren’t worth it.

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