Do Filipinos Eat Dog?

‘Asians Eat Dog Har Har Har!’ – we’ve all heard that stereotypical joke at some point.  Tell some corny person that you ate at a Chinese restaurant and you are just totally setting him up for some hilarious eating dog joke.

do they eat dog in the philippines

So far in my three years in Asia there has only been one time where I have ever even heard anyone mention eating dog.  It was back in Cambodia.

A mototaxi guy who showed me around when I first arrived asked me if I wanted to go to a BBQ.  I said no thanks and he said ‘but there will be dog to eat there‘ as if that would sell me on it.

Do They Eat Dog in the Philippines?

I recently got asked if do people eat dog here in the Philippines. About the time of the Yulin Dog festival in China being in the news.

So far it’s never been brought up and I’ve never seen it happening.  Of course that may be because it is illegal and if anyone gets caught serving dog they face the massive fine of TWENTY FOUR WHOLE DOLLARS!

According to this article where they mention the $24 fine, there are almost 300,000 dogs a year eaten every year in the Philippines.

do filipinos eat dog

It says about $4 million/year is made in the dog eating trade, so $11 a dog. They even say that some of the restaurants that serve dog are patronized by Government leaders.

Some organizations are working hard to try and take down the dog meat trade and they recently found 60 places that served it on Northern Luzon alone.

Other links online say it’s very rare but happens in some rural areas and they call the dish Kalderatang Aso,  ‘dog stew’.


I still haven’t checked out ‘Nam, but the stories on this Vietnam sex blog I read have me wanting to go there one day.

Not to eat dog, but I hear that’s standard over there. My other mate recently ate it in Hanoi and blogged about it.

Update: now I’ve been to Vietnam, more info here.

I Like Dogs

Dogs are pretty awesome.  Even though the street dogs here can be a bit scary at times when a pack of them comes rushing down the street towards you for seemingly no reason I still don’t hate them.

Even when the ones on the beach in Cambodia scared me so much that I had to jump in the ocean with my clothes and shoes on to get away from them I didn’t have any desire to eat them.

People shouldn’t eat dogs.  Dogs shouldn’t eat people.  Seems pretty simple to me.

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  1. Dogs are openly and commonly sold at restaurants in Vietnam and South Korea. These dogs are generally raised to be food in the same way cows or sheep are. They aren’t pets. It’s more rare in Cambodia and usually only eaten when some group of guys snaps a dog up off the street. I’ve never seen a restaurant selling dog in Cambodia. On the other hand Filipinos and Cambodians share the practice of eating half developed baby birds inside of eggs. Balut anyone?

  2. kick2dante says:

    girls always try to get me to eat balut lol

  3. Skins says:

    Just ate balut the other night. Not bad actually… If you can ignore the tiny head / beak you’re chewing on. Pinch of salt and pepper, wash it down with a cold Tiger. 😀

  4. kick2dante says:

    ill take your word for it :p

  5. John Pierre says:

    They eat a dick also as well i’m not joking if somebody is dead they chops he’s penis off they cock it then they eat it animal nation not humans all Asians are like this but different stereotypes the Chinese people they fry the fish alive shit people with shit thinking and manners.

  6. Guy says:

    I agree, Balut is pretty good. I don’t see the big scare over it. Do you eat eggs? Do you eat chicken? It’s somewhere in between.

  7. kick2dante says:

    i’ll continue to take your word for it 🙂

  8. frank says:

    I ate dog in Laos. It wasn’t bad…

  9. Jules says:

    Of course FIlipinos eat dog meat!!!!! My neighbours dog was stolen and eaten a couple of months ago. He found the remains! To say FIlipinos don’t eat dogs is an outright load of shite!

  10. David Freeman says:

    I am British living in Capas-Navy and Patling, and I can tell you that Filipinos DO EAT DOG I have seen it with my own eyes , they seem to not have an issue with it as I do , as I’m a dog lover, not a dog eater, they tell me it gives them inner strength, they also eat rats and Toads ( not Frogs) Iv been all over the world, but I really question this place. Maybe its not like this in other parts of the Philippines, but I doubt it

  11. lisa says:

    do they actually eat dogs because my moms dog got eaten

  12. Brnd says:

    I know Filipinos that told me they have eaten dog, and cat. I have never witnessed it. If they eat field rats why not a dog, or cat. When you’re starving you will eat most anything

  13. Joaquin says:

    Only a few eat dogs in the philippines and it is illegal to do so. You’ll end up in jail if you get caught. There are more people in China, vietnam and Korea that eat dogs (most prolly more than half of their population not sure with korea and vietnam but im sure with china) and it is okay to do so in their culture… I was born and raised in the Philippines but Ive never met anyone who has eaten a dog their entire life. It’s a taboo in our culture (educated Filipinos) I heard some older people in far flung places and some indigenous tribes still eat dogs and we all think theyre disgusting. Eating a dog is like eating a person in an educated Filipino’s perspective so it’s a taboo.

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