Ripped off at De La Poste Blowjob Bar, Pattaya

In a rage as I write this, please bear with me. It was only a little over $8……. doesn’t matter I am still really pissed particularly at how it went down. This is more background to my last post about rip offs in Pattaya.


First off don’t believe everything you read on the internet. The last time I left Pattaya 3 years back I had two main regrets. The first was that I didn’t get a special massage from the shop (they call them massage shops) next to where I stayed. I’d read good things about it on Pattaya Addicts forum.

So on this trip the first thing I did while I was waiting for my room to be ready I headed over to check that off my bucket list.

An hour later I am walking out minus 300 baht for a normal massage where only a handjob was on offer at the end. I had missed a thread saying the place had gone way down hill after the old owner left.

The old owner’s speciality was a blowjob with a finger up your bum (every time I have been at a bar in Pattaya, meaning both times, the subject of BJ with finger up your bum was the main topic.) FWIW I didn’t want the special, just a standard BJ… but I couldn’t even get that.

But that wasn’t the rip off. That was just some early bad luck to set the scene…

Later that Day

As I have said many times on this blog I hate bars and never go to them unless there’s no cover charge and I can get away with not buying a drink. But I did some research online and found what seemed to be the best Pattaya bars to suit my interests.

My first stop was going to be Windmill A Go-Go located just off walking street. I went there last time and things were pretty entertaining. Girls doing lesbian shows, lots of handjobs being given out to guys that bought lots of ladies drinks.

The downsides to this bar are that A) the girls aren’t the hottest and B) I saw some 70 year old guy licking a girls pussy and apparently that is standard there. Not something I really want to see but I will just keep my eyes away when that’s going down.

I go in around 10pm and the place is packed. I stroll around to check out the girls, mostly 5’s and 6’s and head on my way because it was way to crowded.

The next bar I go to is Wildcats on Soi BJ just off walking street also. I read a trip report from a guy who said he got a BJ in the bar there…… sounds like it’s worth checking out.

I had been in a week ago and there were lots of lap dances going on with tops off but didn’t look like a place where you are going to get a BJ. I am a huge fan of getting a BJ in a bar, done it once in Angeles and once in Cebu and the added thrill of it definitely enhances the experience.

I go take a seat at a spot where I can get a bit of cover so if a BJ does go down everyone won’t see and take in the scene. There are 2 7’s on stage and the rest of the girls in the place aren’t much to look at.

The waitress comes by and I order a water. That is a mistake, I should have asked how much the beer was. I paid 95 baht for a water and I probably could have got a draught beer for 65. Been a long time since I have been in a bar…. I won’t forget that again.

20 feet to my left I can tell a guy is getting stroked off, I don’t see any BJ’s going down though. Not that I want to watch, but if others are getting then I could to.

There is a shift change for the dancers and luckily for me one of the two 7’s comes and sits next to me. Actually she starts giving me a lap dance. My hands go straight to her ass and I motorboat for a bit.

She starts grabbing my dick and I am like instead of hand how about a BJ and she says no. The waitress predictably followed her over and asks me to buy her a drink and somehow my saying ‘We just talk for a minute first’ actually works and I don’t buy her a drink.

I tell her I will tip her if she sits with me but I will tip her more for a BJ. She won’t give in. She keeps trying to grab my dick real hard and tug on it. I do my best convincing and offer her 500 baht but she won’t do.

I give her 50 baht and leave, she of course asks for more, I tell her she had the opportunity to earn more but didn’t want to take it. Did the other guy really get a BJ in the bar? I am guessing not.

All the bars where guys talk about getting a BJ in the bar are off walking street and far away. Maybe he got a 15 second one in the middle of his HJ and counted that.

Then I poked my head into a few of the bars that I had heard had good lineups. Baccarra was OK and tits were out. Peppermint had the best lineup I saw but that may have just been a one time thing.

Out of the 4 Go-Go’s I went into after I left Wildcats I wasn’t that impressed, certainly nothing worth paying 3k+ to barfine and tip that is for sure.

After seeing a lot of boobs and getting a nice lap dance I was ready to drop a load and headed to Soi Chaiyapoon where I had got a ‘massage’ the day before that ended how I hoped it would.

This is a highly recommended Soi if you are looking for a nice quick, and easy cheap BJ. Only I made a mistake along the way….

The Rip Off

Why did I go back? The pull of getting a blowjob in a bar is a strong one. It had been almost 2 years and I wanted another! It was a mistake.

My 2nd bucket list item from last time was to visit these bars I had read about. One was called the Telephone Bar, the other De La Poste.

De La Poste was much closer so I went there my first night in town. Lots of guys online rave about these bars. They make them sound amazing. Buy a girl a ladies drink and she gets basically naked and lets you feel her up for a long time.

You can get a BJ in the bar for 500 baht or go to a private room 300 more. I didn’t want the private room. The first time I went there were like 6-8 women working and only 2 of them were under 35 years old.

The only ‘hot’ one (meaning a 6) was with a customer as were the only other 2 passable ones. I had 3 40 year olds try to get me to buy them a drink and walked out after ten minutes thinking I would never go back.

But this place is right next to Soi Chaiyapoon and I figured I might as well just take a look and see what girls were available. When I walked in I was the only customer but the 6 was not there.

Still I must get a BJ in a bar at some point and here is the best chance I can get. I choose a mid thirties lady who isn’t fat and has an OK body.

If I was in the Philippines I wouldn’t consider handing her my number at the mall….. but lets just do this already. Waitress brings our drinks, she pulls her top down and her skirt up and my hands roam.

And then it starts. She asks what I want to do and I say get a BJ I’ll give her 500 baht and she says OK we go back room 300 more. I say no its OK lets just do it there and she says OK.

Then she says I can’t finish in her mouth because….. I am not really sure what her reason was, she said she had something in her mouth. It is hard to talk to Thais.

I say OK well I will have a different girl do the BJ and you just sit with me. She says she will for 200 baht. I had just bought her drink 3 minutes ago and now I have to pay her 200 more to get her to stay.

We settle on 100 (and she keeps asking for another drink which I first politely decline and then rudely decline) and I get another girl over. She is not hot at all. If she messaged me on Thaifriendly and said she wanted to come suck me all night I would say I’m busy sorry. And now I am paying her 500 baht.

Whatever let’s just do this. I have to buy her a drink also which is fine. But then the girl I was with at first asks me to buy the new girl ANOTHER ladies drink 1 minute after she got the first.


The new girl did give some pretty good head, the annoying first girl asked for another drink twice while the new girl was working and I wanted to yell at her to shut up but I just ignored her and felt her OK boobs.

So then its over, wipe my D off and pull up my pants. Grab my wallet pay the 500 and the 100 and grab my bill. They added the 300 for the back room.

I protest saying that’s for the back room and we didn’t go. They say no thats for anywhere. I’m like no I have read many many people say the 300 is only if you go to the back room and they say no.

I ask to speak to the mamasan (manager) and this 40 year old Thai lady comes over. I explain that I have read about this place for 3 years and know the deal and that I know I am not supposed to pay that 300 baht.

She asks how I know and eventually I say here I’ll show you and plan to open the thread on Addicts and ISG…… and this is what really pissed me off! The mamasan grabbed my phone right out of my hands and ran behind the bar.

They hijacked my phone until I would pay the full bill. I protested for as long as I could but they wouldn’t budge, and some of the other girls blocked the door.

I didn’t exactly drop a ‘do you know who I am?’ on them but I did say I would go to every sexperv message board and tell guys not to go.

I didn’t even have enough for the bill. I had 540 baht in my wallet and it was 560. I had enough money to pay the real price and have 300 left over to buy my dinner. So end result is I pay the 540 and go home with an empty stomach.

Even If it had Gone Swimmingly

I would have been paying girls I wouldn’t bang for free. I have got 40 numbers from girls in the 6-8 range in 1 week here in Pattaya. Many of them have no problem coming over for 600 baht for a 15 minute blowjob.

The others will come for 1k. And I just paid 1200 baht for ugly girls and to get nagged for more ladies drinks. This ‘ugly girls’ stuff isn’t just hindsight because of how it all went down.

You can read my girls In Pattaya post and see that my initial thoughts on the ‘girls’ was the same. I have no idea why these bars have so many fanboys on the forums.

Who cares if some girl will drop her top when you buy her a drink if she is not at all attractive? If you have no other options then OK….. in Pattaya you have thousands of options.

I still can’t believe she took my phone.

15 Responses

  1. jspill says:

    3rd hit in google is a post saying doing it in the bar still costs the 300 room fee. Guess you missed that. Also you didn’t confirm with the girl that there’s no fee you just said ‘let’s do it here’ and she said ok. Didn’t really get ripped off.

    You get what you pay for – you’re trying to get a blowjob in a bar for as cheap as possible from ugly old women, your words… what could go wrong? Live a little and spend more money and you’ll have a better time in life.

  2. kick2dante says:

    i wonder if there are any other places you could try to keep this argument going

  3. thibault says:

    you relaize you published the exact same story in your article on pattaya scam, right? seriously this one is not more detailled… 4 days later, you could have time to forget about … less than 10 dollars?

    on a side note: do go to windmill. by all means.
    a friend of mine has the loyalty card. he brings a friend. the guy licks a pussy. my friend tells the girl in his shitty thai to piss. she, being obedient, obeys. guys gets his mouth full of piss. he gets up, dazed… and then, a big smile on his face. its so cool! he shouts. its a revelation for him. wants to get even further in depravation.

    where else in the world would you be able to do that kind of crazy shit? (yes, german brothels, i know, but its more expensive) you perhaps are still a bit shy to do this kind of kinky shit. i just know that the first time i was in phuket i fistfucked a ping pong showgirl on stage, so i cant see why not everyone loves that.

  4. kick2dante says:

    windmill is to crowded now, i went twice, never could find a seat

  5. Not cheap Charlie says:

    Cheap Charlie comes to mind! As if a hot teen girl is going to let you come in her mouth for £10! And Pattaya addicts DO NOT like girls to see threads

  6. God Son says:

    you need to have more money , you are traveling to exotic places getting blowjob in a bar crossing your “bucket lists” and you argue over 300 BHT which is below 10 USD. How sad. Grow some gravitas; fuck them hoes good, pay up and leave.
    don’t go around being all cheap and shit.
    Here is Los Ang, you wont be able to find a decent lunch with 10 USD.

    • NormalNomad says:

      I see your point, but I also see his.

      It’s not about the fucking money. It’s about being ripped off by some jackass that sees you as a walking ATM machine. I get it.

      Don’t fuck with prostitutes but I’ve been ripped off by other shitbags before. It’s always annoying.

      • NormalNomad says:

        That said, paying for sex with ugly girls (and paying for sex in general) you’re asking to be ripped off, especially in Asia, where sex is free if you’re white. lol.

  7. Kamome says:

    There is no rip off here. Every blow job bar in Pattaya charge at least 300 as shop’s service charge, does not matter you use the room or just use the sofa inside the bar, the same for every BJ bars in Soi Full Love Inn as well, you can see it as sort of bar fine to release the girl and spend time for your service, these bars simply cannot survive just by selling customers drinks and lady drinks which the ladies get about 40%+of it, they need the bar fine or service charge to survive. Need to get the facts right before posting, it could mislead more readers.

  8. whore king says:

    I wish you got sucked off by an aids ridden ladyboy! If you are going to be a whorist at least so some respect to the ladie.

  9. Zipper says:

    I’ve been there several times – love it each time. Yes 300 is the standard barfine backroom or in the bar. This was not a scam, just a misunderstanding created by a cheap charlie. Everywhere I go I always ask the ladies the price first because internet forums are not always correct. You try going into a Big C and telling them that you saw somewhere on an internet forum that their prices were lower than posted at the store and see how that goes.
    The second lady was asking you for another drink because that’s how she gets paid. 100 baht for her is not much. You want sex for as close to free as you can get it but would have had a mind blowing experience if you had just dropped the extra $15 bucks for everything and relaxed a little.

  10. Nurulgurl says:

    I hate to say this but you sound like a cheapkate!
    Turn the tables the other way round. At the prices you’re
    expecting, would you do a lick-job on an old lady and
    let squirt in you mouth?

    • NormalNomad says:

      Do you have any idea what the average income is for a Thai? lol

      Everything is relative dipshit.

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