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I am writing towards the end of a really ‘fun’ day that I just had.  When you are living in the Philippines and only going for casual hook ups sometimes you have good streaks, sometimes you have bad.  Right now I am having a very bad streak, and will use this blog to vent :).

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Follow that chick! Overlooking the mall

So I went to bed last night having three Pinays that said they wanted to hang out on the following day.  I also woke up and texted a few (hotter) ones in the afternoon, and instantly one of the hot ones says she wants to hang out.

An hour after saying that (and not replying to texts) she says that she is sorry she got busy but don’t worry ‘next time’ we hang out.  Another hotter one off Pinalove (that flaked on me two days before) says we can hang out, but I don’t really believe her so continue to try with others.

I contact the hottest of the three that said we could hang out today and she never replies.  I then get a text from another hotter girl who says she is with her friends and wants to hang out.  I don’t do the ‘with friends’ thing and ask her to text me when she leaves them (which she does, 7 hours later, to inform me she is at home now.)

Not the Best Start

After 2 hours of texting and some light online work I decide to head up to the mall to hand out numbers.  Usually a good place to pick up Filipinas as I blogged before.

That said I don’t know what’s going on but over the past month I have been getting A LOT of girls who won’t even accept my number.

For the first year I did this it was only like 1 out of 10 that would decline.  Over the past month or two its been closer to like 40%.

I am also getting less texts from girls that accept, and overall just in a rut. I almost want to just scrap the number hand out thing, but I have no life so what else am I going to do.

On the way to the mall I walk through a nice area with lots of businesses (and business women) around and hand out 1 number and she accepts.  Then I am walking on a pretty empty street near the mall.

I walk around a power line and right as I step to the other side a 3 year old kid chucks a plastic bottle DIRECTLY at my dick. He had been throwing it at his dad who was behind me.

This didn’t hit my balls, it hit like a direct shot at the tip of my dick.  Hurt sooooo bad, not sure I have ever felt that exact pain before.  Things are going well.

Mall Time

So now I am at the mall and after 20 minutes I have found no girls to hand my number to.  Then I see three girls dressed very sexy that walk by.  I can’t decide which to give my number to and go with the best ass.

I wait til there is a good approach with no people on our walk way and go hand it to her.  She accepts, great.  Then I realize I am right next to a Jolibee with a HUGE glass window and at least 20 people in side were staring at the sexy girls and saw.

I scurry off giggling to myself.  Now I start texting and not surprisingly the girl that had flaked the other day isn’t responding.  I have a headache coming on and text the other two backups, one is chubby with a pretty chubby girls face, the other is just average.

They both reply and the chubby one is at the same mall.  The average one says she will come over and I go with her instead.  Because of the headache I decide to call it a day with the number hand outs, until I see an 8.

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I wait for a clear approach and go in….. she won’t take it.  FML the first 8 I have seen in a week and she won’t take it.  Grrrr OK I go buy my food and get ready to go.

On the way out I see another 7.5 walking by herself, it is just to good of an approach even with a headache so I go in…… she actually takes it.  Sweet, I was worried because normally when I am headached I have awful results.

Time to ‘Hang Out’

Now I head to the mall near my place and the girl I am supposed to meet is obviously 45 minutes late.  While waiting I see two very sexy girls walking on the street.

I really don’t like handing out numbers on the street, girls are very scared and cautious, but she is hot so I will try.  I bob and weave through the traffic and catch up to her.

I wait for a semi clear approach spot (a 50 year old dude is watching but I’m not gonna get a better spot) and once again she won’t take it. FML… time to go meet the average looking chick.

Now this chick had some great sexy pics, and some pics where she looked like a 4.  They almost didn’t look like the same girl.  But in none of them did she look fat.

She was fat.  Not hugely fat, but probably a worse body than the ‘chubby’ one that I passed on.  Whatever she is willing to come straight to my house so I can live with it.

We get to my place and chat for a bit.  I ask what movie she wants to watch and she says later.  Hmm OK so we just have a boring chat about nothing, she is to shy to talk much (so watch a movie obv…..) and eventually I just throw on a movie.

She was so late we don’t have much time, I have arm around her and hand rubbing her thigh.  It’s going up and up her thigh and she isn’t stopping me.  Then I go in for the kiss……. ‘what are you doing? We’re just friends right?’

I basically just kick her out after two more attempts because it had got kind of late and if she didn’t leave soon it would have been very hard to get her a taxi home.  I’m not even horny or desperate so it’s not that big of a deal, it’s just the failure that weighs on me.

7 Responses

  1. Julien says:

    Could you write a more detailed post about your very interesting “handing paper” strategy? For example, what do you say to the girl before handing her your number? Do you leave her immediately after it without any talking? Overall do you have better results in quality or quantity with this strategy than online? Thank you

  2. kick2dante says:

    thanks for the suggestion, keep them coming, i’ll get that out as soon as i can

  3. Peter says:

    this is bullshit man.

    friend of mine has been living in cebu for years. from what he tells me you used to hop on filipina cupid / DIA and within 15 minutes have a bunch of girls ready to come to your place. pick the hottest and bang

    since 2014 a noticeable decline and now you have to spend hours. girls are flaking and playing stupid games now.

    whats the point of living in this shithole if the girls arent even that easy anymore? ive been to ayala mall and you barely see a hot one. also been on the dating sites and the quality is abysmal.

  4. kick2dante says:

    hot girls certainly are hard to find….. that is why i always tell people cebu is a better city to live than to vacation to

    if you are there for months and are putting in work at the malls and on the dating sites you will have so many numbers in your phone and can pick and choose….. if you just drop into the city for a week it is likely not going to go well

  5. Julien says:

    I went to the Philippines in 2009 and came back in 2012. I already noticed that it was still easy in 2012 but less than in 2009. As Peter wrote, it seems much harder now in 2015. Its a world trend by the way.

  6. torres says:

    yep got nowhere at Ayala Mall, no eye fucking, nothing. Dumaguete, a student town, was way better. Cebu isn’t really that liveable, and girls aren’t hot enough to make it worth your while. I get the feeling the Phills is all about online gaming and pipelining before you get there. Day game sucks, i doubt handing out my number to startled girls in Ayala Mall is gonna work.

  7. torres says:

    Julien yes its a world trend. Social media has turned every girl into a minor celebrity with her own facebook and insta fan club. From all i had read, i was expecting waaay better results in the Phill. But If Phills was hard, then Thailand [for local girls], was impossible. The tourists however r a much better bet.

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