Dating in Vietnam | Are Vietnamese Girls Easy?

Attempt #6

This is part 2 of my dating in Vietnam series, if you read the first part so far I had messaged 5 dating site girls and didn’t get laid yet.

The next day I lined up a date with girl #6. She was dressed quite sexy in her pics compared to other girls so I thought I stood a better chance with this one.

She suggested dinner at Sushi Hokkaido in District 1 and asked to bring her friend.

6th time lucky on VietnamCupid?

I’d worked out by now it’s rare to get laid on the first date with a Viet girl compared to a Thai or Pinay, so I figure it doesn’t matter if she brings a friend. I don’t have to worry about getting cockblocked if she’s not coming back to mine anyway.

Every Viet girl so far has been quite guarded and I didn’t want to risk scaring off this one like the others. So I said ok sure and just got a handjob at the massage spa of Vien Dong Hotel where I was staying.

First Date

She picked me up on her motorbike like the last girl, I didn’t risk a creeper pic this time though until at the restaurant.

Sushi Hokkaido

They paid their share of the bill which was a nice change from dating girls in Thailand and the Philippines.

With the last girl I killed the vibe by inviting her to my place for the second date so I didn’t want to make that mistake again. But I figured I have to put the idea in her head so I just said I’d sleep well if she was with me.

She went on a rant about wanting a serious relationship and I thought I’d ruined it again. But I only had 3 days left to bang a dating site girl so I had to try.

Rejected again?

The next morning she was quite responsive saying ‘wake upppp’ and joking about kicking me out of bed, or cooking me breakfast. So I thought great it’s back on. Lots of selfies, emojis, ‘haha’ and so on.

So when she asked me what I’m doing I said I’m about to take a bath and sent a cheeky topless selfie with a towel on. Big mistake.

She told me not to send her pics like that and changed the subject to going to some boring looking flea market. I pointed out that some of her VietnamCupid pics were half nude, and so was her Facebook pic.

Lol flea market

She forgot she added me on Facebook at sushi the night before. I’d noticed it said ‘in an open relationship’ so called her out on it.

I wouldn’t normally lose my cool like this but she’d been lecturing me about one night stands etc. and making herself out to be a good girl virgin, yet her FB says that.

I didn’t care and wouldn’t have said anything if she’d just let me bang her but she’s expecting me to be the perfect gentlemen while she’s probably banging some guy.

‘Say no with one night stand’

This actually seemed to work because the next morning she said sorry and that now I was ‘looking good’.

BangkokBaller23 commented on the last post that Viet girls want a ‘movie’ / soap opera experience so maybe in her mind this was the big dramatic fight before we bang.

I didn’t want her to think I was going to fall in love though so I said how in my culture guys want to have sex first then decide if they’re compatible with the girl. She replied how American girls are sluts and hoes 😀


I used lots of ‘if’ so that I didn’t lead her on. I wasn’t lying when I said I didn’t want a one night stand… I wanted to bang her a bunch of times.

She wasn’t that hot but had a big curvy ass. If she was good in bed I’d definitely come back to Vietnam and see her again.

Then she suddenly wanted to meet and was on her way to my hotel. I quickly cleaned my room in case this turned into an afternoon sex session.

Second date

But she just used my hotel wifi to message me that she was downstairs by the park.

Second Date

The second date ended up being me walking around Central park checking out her ass as she cycled next to me. Then we got some banh mi bread and sat and ate it on some plastic chairs on the street.

I gently tried to suggest going into my hotel for coffee but she said she had to run some errands but she’d be back to take me to the museum later.

Central park opposite Vien Dong hotel

So off we went to Ho Chi Minh City museum in District 1.

Pretty boring date for a sexpat but at least now I had some pics of me doing normal stuff to show family back home. She went home and said she’d meet me tomorrow.

So about two and a half dates so far and no sex. I checked into Dai Nam Hotel the next day to try out the handjobs there. Like Vien Dong it’s a girl friendly hotel with its own massage spa.

13th Century wooden longboat & ceramic pots

Also got a Wechat hooker over, one of the worst P4P experiences I’ve ever had. I’ll write separate posts about those.

So it got to the point where my flight was the next day, and I regretted investing so much time in this girl. Annoying random replies and it seemed like she wanted me to tell her I loved her, like a romance movie.

I’d been reading on some monger forums that this is basically what Viet dudes do with girls, promise them the world, undying love, say they’ll take care of them etc. I didn’t want to do that.

Last day

I reiterated how most western guys will need to bang before deciding on a relationship, let alone falling in love, and mentioned the third date rule.

I was pretty bored at this point and had a different girl lined up. She said ‘if you mention sex again maybe we shouldn’t meet tonight’ so I ended it.

I gave her some advice thinking hopefully she doesn’t do this to the next foreigner who comes along.

I planned to check out Boss Palace Hotel where you can get a VIP room for not much more than a standard room at Vien Dong or Dai Nam, and they do blowjobs after the massage, not just handjobs.

Hot massage girls >>> dating in Vietnam. I stopped messaging the drama queen.

Third Date

Then suddenly she messages me that she could come over to my place ‘just for a while’.

‘Depends on you’

When Asian girls agree to go to your room it pretty much means a sexual act is going to go down.

But she played all the usual games, saying no, not letting me unzip her jeans, then letting me but pulling her knickers back up, then letting me but putting her hand over her pussy, then telling me ok turn the lights off.

When I finally got a hand between her legs she was dripping wet. I still had a Viagra in my system from banging the Wechat hooker so I was rock hard and she was shocked how big it was saying she wasn’t sure we’d be able to do it.

The next day

I went down on her to loosen her up then flipped her over and rimmed her juicy ass as well. She seemed shocked, don’t think any guys have done that to her before.

Then I slipped it in in rawdog, no complaints, and she moaned as I let out all my frustration on her in doggy style. She whispered that it was nearly her period so I could finish inside her 🙂

Then as I was cumming she looked deep into my eyes and asked ‘do you love me’ lol jesus. I just went to shower then banged her again and passed out.

She leaves early for work the next morning and when I wake up I see this by my bed…

Stage 9 clinger

She’d bought me an iPhone case as a gift so that she can be ‘with my phone’ and always ‘behind me’.

Now that I’d got laid I was starting to like Vietnam more. Seems it just takes 3 or 4 dates to get laid here instead of 1 or 2. And I still wanted to check out Boss Palace so I changed my Airasia flight for like $30.

Again she tried not to look like a slut by saying we wouldn’t have sex again, because her period came, but once I got her in the room we banged again. And she got moody when I made it sound like I was going to go out with my friends instead of having her over.

Morning after

On my last day she gave me a diary as another gift. Then asked me straight to my face ‘why don’t you ask me to be your girlfriend?’. Oh man.

I felt bad for her but I explained I don’t live in Vietnam so it couldn’t really work and reminded her what I said about how western guys have sex first then make a decision.

These VietnamCupid girls are pretty ruthless about locking you down. I feel like a Thai girl would just wait and see what I did or ask ‘what are we?’ in a text message. Much more docile and malleable.

When I left Vietnam I didn’t know what to say to her, and after a week of me not saying anything she unfriended me on Facebook.

If any readers have experiences of dating in Vietnam or crazy Viet girls let me know in the comments!

What do Vietnamese girls think of Filipina girls?

Update – a reader sent me this funny chat. He was talking to a Vietnamese girl in Manila he met online. He mentioned he’s currently seeing a Pinay.

Chat with a Viet

She replies with exclamation marks and ‘I don’t like girls here. Sorry I just have this feeling for only girls in this country‘ (Philippines). 😀

97 Responses

  1. Seasons says:

    You are a monger, there is no need to feel bad. End of story.

  2. Like you noted above, these girls have fantastic game.

    I’m talking to this Viet girl on Viber now, but I still can’t decide if I should go back to Saigon or try somewhere else in Phils this time.

    • Henry says:

      How can girls have game? They just play hard-to-get, thats their silly game. Just gotta be persistent.
      I ll be back in Saigon in May after Bkk.

      • Game for women is being feminine and pliant or at least appearing so

        How would you compare Saigon to BKK, girlwise? I think Thai chicks are easier to get into bed, but definitely on the more annoying side and pretty much trash for LTR imo. The prices appear to be roughly the same, with accommodation being much higher in Vietnam. I’m seeing condos in D1 going for like 1200 a month. Fuck that.

        • Henry says:

          Manila is even more expensive than Saigon for accomodation.

          i havent spent much time in VN yet. i guess it depends who you meet. i had one chick she wanted to talk about business all night, she seemed to think tinder was a business app or something.

          but then another one was much better. and had a weird hooker too like Jspill mentioned.

          Thailand just needs to get better English education in the schools, they learn next to nothing and have so much tourism, i dont get it.

      • jspill says:

        I’ve had two great LTRs, I got lucky the girls were not on dating sites, from middle class families and we got introduced randomly through friends of friends. Took ages to get into bed. With that type of girl it can work.

        But dating site girls are easier here in thailand for sure. I wouldn’t want to make one my GF. They quite often have issues. Strictly for pump and dump.

        Hmm condos should be about the same as Thailand, $500 for something decent in D1. I stayed in one with this agency

  3. -Cam says:

    Yeah it’s a tricky situation. I respect a nice girl who is trying to be responsible, think long-term, and lock down a wealthy foreigner, but at the same time I hate their unrealistic expectations. Why would you commit to be their girlfriend or whatever when you barely know them and you have not even banged them. The problem is they don’t really understand this idea because there are ,many thirsty Asian guys that will do anything just to get a kiss on the cheek. Never been to Vietnam, but you best bet would probably be to use Tinder or whatever mobile app that they use there because most of these girls are either sluts or have been dicked by enough foreigners to know the deal.

  4. nightlifeguy says:

    guess benny’s musta been closed when you were in town

  5. Jobo says:

    She sounds like a high maintenance Western hoe.

    • jspill says:

      Yeah pretty much, I hear in China they’re even worse, asking if you have a house, car, and high paying job before they’ll consider you worthy of dating. And like other commenters said Vietnam is kinda closer to that East Asia style, instead of the low maintenance South East Asia style

      • Henry says:

        Thais are low-maintenance? Are you sure buddy? 😉

      • jspill says:

        Yeah in my experience they’ve been really malleable, less bitchy than Pinays.

        • Henry says:

          thats good but some really go for $$$ too, esp. the “Hi-So” Thai-Chinese ones or even the Isaan ones who talk about money 24/7.
          Looks like u take them to nice places like roof-top bars usually (i do that too) and its a good strategy.
          One that Dante will never try 😉

        • kick2dante says:

          i wonder how many other people in the world could share this opinion, not that either are particularly bitchy but i think ive got more bitchy attitude in half a year in thailand as i have in many years in phils

          phils girls have plenty of faults, bitchiness wouldnt be one imo

      • Akog says:

        I know from experience China is not like that. I have had zero problems getting girls to my room. Never had to p4p there but the problem with Chinese girls is they play serious games with you. I had this one girl who took me 2 months to get in bed

        Worth it.

        I have some good stories of my time in Chengdu.

      • Rufus Arrr says:

        China is different. Dating and sex are both “no strings attached”. However, marriage is another matter all together. You do need to show an income, provide a house (at the bare minimum) and be worthy.

        • Akog says:

          That is not true that much anymore. A lot different today than 10 years ago. I honestly had chances to marry a few Chinese girls there. I had no car or house and i was a part time accountant and teacher.

          Chinese girls are a weird type.

        • Akog says:

          also the no strings of bull crap bro. I might not be in China anymore but i spent many years working there. They play the long game wanting marriage not many will spread that easy. And I’m not any ugly bloat either.

          The ones that are easy there you need to buy them gifts. They don’t take cash but phones or coats they love

  6. bkkyolo says:

    I admire your patience. I would reply to the first rant with a big fat “K” and move on.

  7. meme says:

    very good article!!!

  8. Spirit maze says:

    Wow. There’s no way I’d be able to maintain your persistence. What a little diva. In my opinion, if an Asian girl is not easy and wants me to pussy beg…then there’s no point. I can’t suffer the indignity of begging for Asian pussy, as a white guy. Kinda defeats the whole purpose of going to Asia for easy sex.

    I have to admit, I’ve noticed the change in Manila too. I am not able to cash in nearly as much on being a ‘white guy’ here. Increasingly I have noticed girls demanding more and more before they will meet me here. For example: I am based in Makati, often girls from Quezon City will only agree to meet me if I go to their end of town. With the flakiness of filipinas, there’s no way I’d travel to meet one. They are notorious for changing plans at the last minute or disappearing.

    I’m a tall, good looking guy with blue eyes (Filipinas’ wet dream). I have banged nearly 350 pinays in the past 3 years, but it is definitely getting harder in Asia!

    • jspill says:

      Yeah I had more patience back then and it was my first trip there, hadn’t banged a Viet girl before

      A Pinay every 3 days that is pretty good going, nice

      • Spirit maze says:

        I have actually spent most of those 3 years in Dubai. There is a huge pool of easy overseas Filipina workers there, and in some ways they are easier than Manila because they are often away from their families and more vulnerable/easier to meet.

        I quit my job in Dubai and I’ve been in Manila for 3 months now, it’s my second trip here. I managed to shag 31 Filipinas and a Taiwanese in February and 30 in March…..but it wasn’t easy. I have noticed that the Filipinas in Manila are just not too bothered about meeting. It takes effort and coercion to spark their interest (the hot ones) and my God are they flaky. Many filipinas will agree to meet, then not show up. To counter this, I was booking 3 or 4 dates a day just to manage the flake outs. Whoever showed up first, I’d meet her and then just cancel the rest. If it wasn’t for my work ethic then there’s no way I’d have reached those numbers.

        As a comparison, I was sometimes shagging 15-20 different women a month in Dubai, while working full time. If I wasn’t working in Dubai then perhaps I could match or exceed my Manila count with my extra free time. I think Manila is totally overrated as a pussy paradise. There must be a sea of thirsty beta males here feeding filipina egos because a lot of these women are just not that keen!

        I’ve banged a few vietnamese girls back in my hometown of Sydney. Tightest pussies I’ve ever had. I felt like I was splitting them open.

        • kick2dante says:

          ya i would agree phils getting a bit harder, still easy relatively speaking, but not as easy as before

          think the logistics of manila suck as well, i cant really blame a girl from quezon not wanting to travel to makati…… i probably wouldnt do the same for her

          • Spirit maze says:

            Hi Dante, I remember you have mentioned the flakiness of Filipinas in some of your previous posts. I know you feel my pain.

            You’re absolutely right. Manila logistics are a nightmare. Although, if a girl is keen she’ll make the effort. I’ve had girls catch the bus down from Bulacan, Cavite and even Zambales. Quite ironically, it can be the ones that live closest that can be hardest. When I’m chatting to girls who lives in BGC or Taguig then they often seem quite jaded and aloof. I guess they are wiser to fuckboys like me and they keep their distance. I think Pasay strikes a nice balance. Last time I was in Manila I was living in Pasay, and it seemed easier there. It’s definitely much easier to get a girl to meet at Mall of Asia I’ve found. Makati feels like a saturated market sometimes.

          • jspill says:

            I’ve had Filipino guys tell me girls in Makati / BGC are pretentious. At the time we were in Guilly’s club in Quezon City and I could see the difference myself too, girls were much more responsive in the club. I want to spend more time there next trip, find a place on Timog Avenue.

            • Spirit maze says:

              Cool! Yep I’d imagine basing yourself in Quezon City would be highly beneficial to your cock. Some of the youngest and tightest girls I’ve had in Manila are from up that way. Also around Marikina – full of 18 year olds who are down to fuck. The issue is getting them back to Makati. They also tend to be a bit dirtier out that way. I had a few girls over who had a lot of old dirt and mud on their toes and feet. I don’t think they wear shoes up in Marikina. It was really distracting having this 18 year old reverse cow girling me with her filthy feet up in my face. Still enjoyable tho.

    • I can see it getting harder in Asia (relatively), but it being more difficult than the West is difficult to comprehend. If I look at developed countries like JP, TW, and even SK, those places are still more doable than the UK, US…and Australia by a long shot.

      • Spirit maze says:

        Hi Mikey. I’m actually from Sydney, Australia. You’re right it’s much harder there. I was averaging 1 new shag a week and I was considered a highly successful player amongst friends. Getting regular sex is almost unheard of in Sydney.

        Entitled white women are bad, but we’ve come to expect it in the West. Entitled Asian women are a bitter pill that is hard to swallow.

        • One new bang in Sydney is kickass lol. I’m from Dallas, which is just as bad because its not a centralized city, so expect to shell out a ton of cash for accommodation, plus obese AND entitled cunts. My cousin actually schools in Perth. He seems to like it a lot and he’s also into the occasional Asian excursion. You are right about Manila. I’d rather go to Saigon or Jakarta, despite them being more difficult. I also prefer a rotation with the occasional new notch.

          I was contemplating Dubai/KSA/ME for a stint, but I have no idea what logistics would look like so it’s too much of a gamble between pussy hell and pussy paradise. The game now is making more money passively and making smart investments to keep up with inflation as well as keeping fit/sharp.

          I had a buddy of mine who arrived in Indonesia in 1997 tell me how much prices have risen since he’s arrived. I think that as long as we do that, we’ll maintain a relative advantage to the West.

          • Spirit maze says:

            I can understand what you mean about preferring a rotation, with an occasional new notch. The hunt is absolutely exhausting and consumes everything I’ve got. My life is very unbalanced now. I used to get way more done when I just had a steady girlfriend, with a little play on the side.

            The one saving grace for Sydney (I think Perth is similar) is that there are a lot of Asians there. If you go to Sydney and target the huge Thai, Chinese, Indonesian and Vietnamese populations then you can do quite well. I certainly wasn’t banging one new white girl every week in Sydney, that’s for sure. Demographics of Sydney are about 20-25% Asian, but lots of competition. Asian women are a hot commodity now.

            Logistics in Dubai are excellent for pussy. Just make sure you rent a condo next to a Metro Station. The metro services the main Dubai hubs, including the ghettos where all the Filipinas live (a suburb called Deira). Compared to the horrible logistics in Manila, I found it very easy getting girls to meet me at the metro station near my condo, always under the pretense of a dinner or lunch date at a restaurant, but more often than not I could get them straight back to my apartment. Sex followed quite easily. Filipinas in Dubai are almost always up for it and I was able to bang 95% on the first date.

    • Henry says:

      those numbers seem exaggerated to me. Or maybe you paid 250 of them. Or u dont do anything else than daygaming, which would be weird. Are you trying to sell some silly Tinder courses like the guy on 100flags?
      Or some guys just need to boast ridiculous numbers to validate their low self-esteem.
      Thats what i like about this blog.
      These guys are more real and tell it like it is and dont throw out silly numbers.
      Even in the apparently easiest country, Phils, not every girl is stupid enough to sleep with you on the first date.
      I think you added a Zero to your numbers to make yourself feel better. Sad.

      • Henry says:

        talking about “spirit maze” here the “uber-handsome Aussie” to be clear.

      • jspill says:

        Depends how hot / old the girls are, how the picky the guy is, ‘taxi money’ etc. I’ve met guys that bang anything half decent to increase their count of girls and who don’t like to repeat the same girl

        I’m not at 350 non hookers yet, maybe 150 in almost 8 years, but I’m picky, repeat girls and increasingly I can’t be bothered talking to them, just go to gogo bars

        I’ve never been to Dubai or tried to domestic worker niche either

        Dante what’s your bodycount at?

        • Henry says:

          yeah but he claimed 30 in Feb + 31 in March in Manila. This isnt the RooshVForum – here people keep it a bit more real.
          Jspill was posting realistic numbers. Your whole lifestyle gotta be insane to get to those numbers. I still doubt they are true, though.
          I just find it misleading for new guys who have never been to Asia.
          Then they come to Manila, bang only a few girls in a month and then get disappointed.
          Actually I dont even have a high “notch count” as a goal. Its much smarter to go for quality over quantity. Much less STDs this way too.

        • jspill says:

          True, it’s an achievement to even have 31 pinays turn up to dates in one month

        • I’m a pretty young guy myself, but I don’t have the stamina to do that much banging. That’s pretty fucking exhausting, but I do know a few guys with high sex drives.

          • Spirit maze says:

            I’m kinda picky. I prefer young girls and a low cock count if possible. But I have banged quite a few single moms and some horrible troglodytes too.

            I’m like any other guy, I try to avoid sluts and I target young, tight and hot. The key with Filipinas is getting them to your condo. Once they are there, sex usually happens even if they had absolutely no intention of having sex when they came to meet you.

            Getting Pinays to turn up on dates is my major issue, as I mentioned in my previous posts. I combat this by inviting 3 or 4 on dates every day at staggered time slots. Some days they all turn up and it turns into a crazy day, other days none of them turn up and I’m left with my dick in my hand.

            The stamina to do all this comes from the fact that i’m not old, I’m 29. And viagra fuels it all at the bottom end. Also, I don’t do much else. I spend absolutely all my time chasing women. My life has no balance.

            I am not recommending my lifestyle to anyone. I feel like Golem from Lord of the Rings. It’s been great fun tho.

            • I feel ya, man. For me, it’s a youth without sex and affection that really motivates me to leave. Seeing all my buddies grow up as naturals, never needing to open a PUA book or put in approaches. They just were lucky guys who didn’t have toxic conservative parents who tried to groom them as some cuck for a post-wall whore.

              I can see the appeal of why guys chase this lifestyle.

            • BangkokBaller23 says:

              F being a “Natural”. I’d rather read, study every PUA book/vid I can, go try and apply it, learn the HARD lessons, see myself gradually getting better…..that’s the best! Naturals don’t appreciate it or actually even know how to handle it. I’d MUCH rather have EARNED it!?!?
              End of rant…. :p

        • kick2dante says:

          just crossed 400, probably slightly more non pro than pro now

      • Spirit maze says:

        Hi Henry.

        Allow me a chance to respond to your skepticism. About 20 of those 350 were hookers or some kind of transactional encounter, like taking her shopping for example. The lest were legit.

        350 is not an outrageous number at all if you break it down. These past 2 months alone I have slept with 62 women in Manila- 32 in Feb and 30 in March. Nothing in April so far, I am exhausted and totally burnt out. I am not working currently and I am able to focus on women all day every day. Accomplishing 1 new woman a day in Manila is extremely taxing and no easy or a consistent thing. The weekly pattern of bangs went something like this 1-0-1-2-0-0-3. When I was in Dubai the pattern was very erratic. On my best month I did 20, but there were a few months where there were only 1 or 2. It is very unpredictable thing. The most I have ever done was shag 4 new women in 1 day. I met one in the morning, sent her home after lunch. I met one in the late afternoon and sent her home by 8pm. I had a girl and her friend come over at 10pm and I somehow managed to convince them to let me fuck them both. That is my best effort ever and it happened in Feb this year in Manila.

        I wouldn’t recommend the costs involved in reaching my bang figure. I have paid a high price for it in terms of my career, friendships and family. The sole pursuit of sex has cost me a few jobs, most of my friends and has distanced me from my family. I am a fully fledged sex addict and I am very persuasive when it comes to getting women to have sex with me. Maybe you find my numbers unrealistic, but I assure you it can be done, and certainly has been done by others too. You just have to be a sex junky like me. You are right, it is totally ego driven and driven by insecurity. There are times when the sex isn’t even enjoyable but I just want the notch.

        I quoted my number because I wanted other posters to know that my opinion is coming from a place of experience and knowledge. Take it or leave it.

        • kick2dante says:

          no idea if the guy is telling the truth or not, 350 in 3 years isn’t that unbelievable, at this point i dont have anywhere near the desire to go for 1 a day anymore and enjoy days off

          • Spirit maze says:

            Dante, funnily enough my total figure is around 400 too. Prior to moving to Dubai in 2014 my bang figure was only approaching 50.

            I enjoy days off too. I unwind by playing video games and surfing the net. But the hunger always returns.

          • jspill says:

            Dante means ~220 non hookers, ~180 hookers, 400 total, and that’s in almost twice the number of years

            • kick2dante says:

              actually we aren’t that far off, im around 4.5 years, but when you factor in 3 months off from molluscum, a week off like 8 different times (or more) for uti’s, and a 6 month stint in angeles where all i cared about was money and i only added like 10 girls (in angeles 10 in 6 months is nothing) its pretty similar

              if the guy starts saying they are all 8’s or better then i will call it BS, but the pace really isn’t unbelievable by any means, thats what, 1 new girl every 3 days?

        • Spirit maze says:

          P.S. Henry, I also have a private blog which I started recently, inspired by Nomad Philippines, but much darker. I am nervous about making it public because I have included photos of women on there that I have recently fucked and Manila is a frighteningly small place at times.

          My blog is very generous in sharing my methods for how my bangs were achieved. If you want I can PM you the web address. I’ll be more comfortable sharing this blog publicly once I leave Manila in a few months time.

          Send me a PM at [redacted]

          • jspill says:

            Haha well that’s exactly what Henry suspected, that your claims were self promotion and that you would announce you have some kind of blog or course.

            But you have our attention now and I’d be interested to see pics!

            • Spirit maze says:

              If I wanted to self promote then I’d just post the blog address publicly here, but I am seriously worried about ramifications.

              Filipinas can be psychos and I am sure that Nomad Philippines is being read by other players in Manila. All it would take is another player recognizing a girl in the photo and send her my blog and shit could get nasty for me here.

              I had a terrible recent experience on Facebook with a filipina I pumped and dumped. She started a Facebook post about me and what I’d done to her, tagging her entire friends list in it and asking them to spread it. She posted my address and my phone number. It resulted in a few death threats. Luckily I was able to talk her into removing it, but it was up for 24 hours and damage has been done to my reputation. My grandmother even questioned me about it. Lol.

              I am now much more careful with my identity. I had become so wreckless because I’d never suffered any consequences for breaking so many hearts. I’d forgotten that the Internet is so dangerous and I am a very dirty man who is hated by many women.

            • jspill says:

              Well that’d look like more obvious spam, you’d get the SEO benefit of a backlink on this site, and it might get deleted. It’d be smarter to do what you did and have anyone who is curious send you an email.

              That would also keep all details private like how much you’re charging for a course (if you were, not saying you are). Would be a better play to just leave an email on a bunch of websites about asia and pick up some interested clients.

              That’s what the site henry mentioned does, have people email him then he charges $50 for tips on how to use Tinder lol.

              Anyway if that’s not the case, yeah Filipinas are crazy and I’ve had similar things happen lolol and a few mates have too.

              This is why I think they’re bitchier than Thais, they are extremely vindictive. A Thai chick would be too embarrassed to have a confrontation.

            • jspill says:

              Update – I emailed him and he changed his mind about sharing the link, said he’ll wait until he’s out of manila in a couple months

              I hope it’s legit because it’d be an interesting read but you can appreciate how this looks a bit spammy

              Let’s see in a couple months

          • Henry says:

            if you just pump and dump hundreds of girls and then get death threats for it – you should ask yourself – what are you doing this for? Who are you trying to impress?
            Sounds actually quite pitiful, like a sick addiction which results in death threats.

            Even though any masculine guy loves sex, this is not the way to go. And its not great marketing either, in case you will try to sell sign-ups for Cupid or Tinder courses in the future. It just sounds so over the top and unrealistic.

            I have spent months in most SE Asian hotspots, including Manila. If you said 10 girls in a month, I would have bought it.

            • Spirit maze says:

              I’m not trying to sell any courses and you are right, it is often a pitiful addiction. I’m just a guy that loves pussy and sharing my views on women. I decided to start blogging about it a month ago and a lot of the content on my blog is actually focused on expressing my frustrations and the hardships involved with my lifestyle.

              I was initially inspired to post a comment on this thread because Jspills’ pursuit of this Vietnamese girl echoes my frustrations with divas and the high expectations of girls in Manila. I actually think Manila is way HARDER than people pretend and an overrated pussy paradise. I reached my 30 bangs in a month by absolutely hammering the dating apps. I had also pipelined for a month before coming to Manila too.

              I am not recommending Manila at all. If anything, I’d recommend Dubai because it has better logistics and the women are more willing to meet and are less flaky.

              I actually think that many guys who come to Manila would be extremely disappointed with the snarky and bitchy attitude of the girls here. I had another experience with it last tonight. I arranged a date with a girl at 7pm, everything set up, she suddenly stopped responding to my messages an hour before we were due to meet and I haven’t heard from her since. She was initially bombarding me with texts and seemed super keen, then suddenly disappeared. This is common behavior from Manila girls. I have never seen such flakiness before ever!

              I simply play the numbers game here and for every bang, i’d get 3 flakes or dead ends. Maybe more. I haven’t actually calculated it but you’ve got to have an iron clad temperament here to deal with this women. They will rock your ego to the core.

              The amount of effort require to get a bang a day in Manila is not worth the sacrifices of living in this city – shit food, terrible traffic, pollution and kinda expensive.

              I’m more interested in chatting with other players in Manila and sharing experiences.

            • jspill says:

              Maybe put the nude pics (you sent me some so I assume you post them online that’s why you got death threats) behind a paywall or something, or keep them off your blog for now

              You can also block your site to PI IP addresses. Girls and white knights won’t find it and fans will use a free VPN extension in Chrome like Zenmate if they check it from PI. Once it got popular it’d get blocked anyway

              On this blog I avoid nudes and keep it fairly respectful I’ve still had Pinays say they ‘won’t rest until I’m blacklisted from PI’ lol

              Also I don’t post in realtime I have plenty of pics from over a year ago so I start with those first

              Thanks for being inspired by this blog ^^

              Why not just mix in more hookers to take the burden off yourself too, that’s pretty much what they’re invented for

            • Spirit maze says:

              Jspil, It’s not so much the nude photos that worry me. It is the photos of women’s faces that are very active on dating sites in Manila (Tinder, FC, OKC). These women are online all the time and it would be a very small stretch for someone on this blog to log into filipina cupid, recognize one of my bangs, and send her my blog asking her if it’s true.

              That’s what stopped me from sending you my blog. However, I did send you screenshots of sex videos I’ve made, along with screenshots of my folders full of photos of women I have banged with corresponding lay numbers against each photo. E.g. “315. Alyssa – photo”

              Hope this satisfies your need for evidence for now. I want to enjoy my final months in the Philippines without being exposed. It will spoil the party. As you mentioned earlier, Filipinas are very vindictive. They are totally submissive until you push them too far.

            • Henry says:

              So you really never repeat girls? I like to do that, if they are good and hot, then you know what to expect.
              Also that way you will know if the girl is clean.
              On my last trip to Manila, I spent 1 month there and had maybe 5 girls and 1 of them gave me gonorrhea. Not a fun experience. Had to see a doctor to get a prescription cause pharamcy would not sell any anti-biotics over the counter.

              If you get 3 flakes per lay, that means you must have dated 90 girls in your case, isnt that insanely tiring after a while?!

              Do you do anything else all day?

            • Spirit maze says:

              Henry, you are right about STDs. The first time I was in Manila I contracted gonorrhea after only 3 bangs. I have been much luckier this time. It took around 50 bangs until the telltale yellow discharge made an appearance. Zithromax clears it up in a few days tho so it didn’t really slow me down. This time I came prepared and bought zithromax with me.

              90% of the girls I shag are one-time-only. I am motivated by variety and notches and I generally don’t enjoy the sex nearly as much if I get them over to my condo second time around. Girls who I meet a second time are more for the company and because they are useful, for example they give nice massages or they clean my condo for me. My sexual interest in a girl usually plummets after I have given her good session.

              3 flakes per lay means I have arranged dates with 4 girls, and 1 girl shows up. Most of my dates are at the coffee shop outside my condo, so if a girl flakes it doesn’t matter much. If I manage to meet a girl, it is almost always sex on the first date. There are only 5 or 6 women that I have met in Manila that I haven’t banged. I am a very strong closer once I get them inside my condo. I’d say it’s my number one strength.

              Something else I am good at is getting women to leave my apartment at short notice. There are girls that I have met that have literally only been in my condo an hour before I made an excuse and got them to leave. This is an absolutely essential skill if you want to meet multiple women in a day. I used to be very bad at this, and I would get bogged down with women who would stay in my apartment for days because I felt bad about asking them to leave after shagging them. I am ruthless now.

              The hunt is insanely tiring and I don’t do anything else aside eat, play video games and surf the net on my laptop. My days are spent lying in bed on my iPhone texting women and coordinating dates. I am going through a period of burn out now. I have only shagged one girl in April and the last 3 days of March were blank.

              Burn out periods for me can last days or weeks. But the hunger for women always returns. I have 3 potentials tonight. A girl and her friend are coming over at 6pm, but it will be hard to shag them…I will definitely try! If it doesn’t happen this time then I’ll meet her alone next time and it will definitely happen. I then have a girl meeting me after she finishes work at 9pm and I am very confident about bedding her…..but you never know. Girls change their minds about meeting in a heartbeat here.

            • Henry says:

              dude, you seriously sound unhealthy and very obsessed. you plan on taking care of it any time soon?
              u might be compensating for something or some underlying issues (english isnt my first language, i am from Germany, but u get what i mean)
              i used to suffer from back pain and used sex as a way to forget about it for a while. then i finally started dealing with the problem itself.

              i still enjoy Asia and Asian chix but have a far more relaxed approach now and enjoy it a lot more than on my first trips to SEA.

              just going for numbers is quite silly. if you post them in a forum, most people arent gonna believe you anyway, for the reasons i stated. many marketers out there.

              i dont even know my numbers, i never really counted.

            • thibault says:

              err… 10 per month on average is 300 per 3 years… just to put it in perspective… not incompatible but there is a difference between peak and average, obviously

      • Rufus Arrr says:

        Yeah. You can’t believe any of these numbers. The logistics, and finances required to maintain it is well beyond the reach of most people except for the older gents (like myself) but we are already tied in relationships. You don’t go out with ten girls and NOT have 50% of them want to forge a long term commitment with you.

        Yes, with the proper game, and the right finances you can score rather rapidly. However, the more you score, the easier the girls can tell you are a player, and your game decreases exponentially.

        If you want to be a mongrel, go ahead. You pay for the sex. You won’t get the most beautiful girls, but you will make up for it in quantity.

        If you go for the free girls, and pretend what ever you need to go to obtain them, then you are indeed a sorry person. Sorry. But if you are dating many girls, eventually your game will fail because you will get into a long term relationship.

        Thus, all this BS aobut huge humbers is just that. BS.

        • Akog says:

          There are a lot of men who string these girls along. From my experience i tell them i am ok with gf but not serious relationship i set the rules early. I like quality over numbers

  9. BangkokBaller23 says:

    Another GREAT post man!?!??

    Hope my comments don’t come across as “holier than thou” preaching. I’m just offering my HUMBLE commentary (from my own personal Viet experiences) for the sake of discussion and maybe even enlightenment for the next guy who hits the ground running in Saigon.

    Agree with really ALL your experiences (Viet girl drama) you shared. And that’s the FUN!

    We are all “Anglers”. Some guys want to go after Swordfish. Some wanna seine the river. Some wanna fly fish “catch & release”. Some wanna go deep sea spear fishing. Heck, some just wanna throw a grenade in the water and see what floats up. To each his own; but, we are all just “Anglers”.

    My $.02…
    – All girls want to FEEL/THINK there’s some emotional attachment, even if it’s P4P. Not logical; but, that’s evolution at work.
    – So, NEVER call them out on their flakiness/BS. We as Men are above that. You wanna flake….cool….I have other options.
    – NEVER talk about relationships (UNLESS u actually want a serious one). Just, “Girl, u so CRAZY! We r dating! Be cool and bring some cool friends next time for my friends!” Etc
    – NEVER try to explain something logically. You are dealing with someone who is driven by what she FEELS and her intuition. So, just keep it fun & light and appeal to that. If you are trying to use logic to win the argument, you ALREADY LOST.
    – If ANY chic gives you the “I love you…” in the heat of the moment. The ONLY response you should ever give is “I love you!” (Then climax….preferably). It’s basically international law that anything said during the heat of passionate sex is totally inadmissible. 🙂
    – You experiences in many ways echo mine in Saigon. As I mentioned before, my saying is “You can have a lot of sex in thailand…BUT, you can fall in love in Vietnam.” The key is to accept that they WILL fall in love with you and that’s OK. What’s not OK, is then moving into some kind of committed, Beta-dude relationship with her. Unless that’s what you want…

  10. BangkokBaller23 says:

    Just re-reading over your post again, can’t say enough how EXCELLENT it is as far as giving a “Newbie” a window into the world of Viet Girl dating! From the text screen shots, to the little gifts they give you, I’ll co-sign all of that S. I’m passing along your posts/link to a couple buddies who “Do” SEA; but, have only been contemplating Saigon. Much appreciated!

  11. Reader says:

    Viets are hands down the shadiest people in Asia.

    The worst parts of SEA in terms of shadyness combined with the worst parts of China in terms of fucking people over / angle shooting.

    If you’d marry her and go back to the UK for all you know she might ditch you in an instant and start hooking. Viet girls are known to pull shit like that.

    Her pants are pretty telling, she probably has a dozen guys lined up.

    All the talk would be like work to me tbh. I’d rather grind out work for an hour or two than start arguing like that, but that’s just me.

    • jspill says:

      Yeah I’d definitely not bother if it wasn’t a holiday, I was off work and had never banged a viet girl

      And I knew it could make a funny blog post

  12. Viet girls > Thai girls in my opinion. despite being a little harder to get into bed. I live around a small Thai community in the US and it’s made me write off the entire country. Pretty rude scumbags.

    • jspill says:

      Hmm i find some Asians who go abroad become westernized and ruder, and come from quite well off families to have to gone to the West so think they’re special.

      But Thai girls in Thailand i’ve found quite nice overall.

      It’s crazy how everyone has their own experiences you hear from expats who have a terrible time in certain places then other guys find the exact opposite

      • -Cam says:

        I think it is because people have different preferences. Some people prefer docile while others prefer crazy girls. Some like simple girls others want smart girls, and many guys also change their tastes, depending both the day of the week and their stage in life.

  13. Eric says:

    jspill, do you use viagra for enhanced performance? I guess you are in early 30s.

    I don’t have ED, does using viagra help for even rock solid erections and do multiple rounds easily?

    • jspill says:

      Yes that’s the whole point of it, even harder than normal in all positions / with condom / drunk, and more rounds per night. It lowers the ‘refractory period’ (recovery time between orgasms). Essentially a ‘bigger’ dick too because the blood vessels dilate even more than normal. Regular girlfriends have noticed a difference when I take it vs when I don’t.

      I use grakcu or kamagra jelly rather than viagra. Viagra’s very strong and pricey. For a young guy just take half a grakcu or half a kamagra jelly. Combine with cannabis for amazing sex.

  14. Eric says:

    any bad side effects from using at such young age? In terms of having kids, I plan to in few years..and longevity in genereal..heart, kidneys, liver etc..

    • jspill says:

      Well they say the ’11 Chinese herbs’ in Grakcu have a variety of health benefits –

      Take that with a pinch of salt, it’s probably spiked with Cialis or something, it’s too effective to be herbal. But I feel better on it than anything else, less of a rapid heart rate.

      I think occasional small doses recreationally aren’t a health risk. Grakcu stays in your system a couple days, don’t need to take it 2 days in a row, nor the whole pill.

      Viagra is said to have given old guys heart attacks so don’t take too much if old, or avoid it altogether.

      Dan Bilzerian had a heart attack on it too, he took too much as many people end up doing because it takes longer to kick in, people think it isn’t working so they take more.

      Whereas biting a grakcu in two (it’s powder inside) with water, or eating half a kamagra jelly, they act in 10 minutes.

      • Eric says:

        curious how to handle if you take viagra before a pickup and it doesn’t convert into a lay?

        even if girl comes home…I take it and say it wont convert

      • IvanPUAhasASmallPenis says:

        Its more likely that Dan Bilzerian suffered a heart attack from a combination of Viagra AND Cocaine/XTC etc.

        But he can’t come out and admit that publicly, cos the DEA would be all over his ass…they’d love to have him as a trophy.

        One quarter of all admissions to A&E departments in UK hospital related to heart problems are now caused by cocaine use.

        DB has an insane party lifestyle and if coke/XTC is not involved I’d be AMAZED.

        Having said that, I do agree that Viagra should still be handled carefully, less is more and older guys should be especially cautious.

        For some people Viagra and Cialis actually stop working over time so I can see how people will increasing dose to compensate but that’s really daft for reasons you’ve outlined

  15. The Johnson says:

    Can you get Grakcu in the Philippines? Ive been tempted to buy some viagra here but only seen the guys on Burgos street selling it and assume they are most likely duds or perhaps you can buy over the counter and they just hike the price up? I have no idea. Most viagra usually gives me terrible acid reflux, especially if im already on the beers. I could do with stocking some good stuff, need to guarantee performance when paying for it!

    • jspill says:

      No sadly not, and yes I wouldn’t trust the street guys for pills either. Once I bought kamagra oral jelly from one of those guys on walking street Angeles and it worked, as I understand it that is less likely to be fake than anything in pill form. You only have to check the expiry date, as long as it’s not expired it’ll work.

      But the pharmacies have some cheap stuff so there’s not much point using those guys. Tigerfil is cheap, if I run out of grakcu or kamagra that I took with me from Thailand, then I get that.

      I’ve bought it in Watsons in Marketplace A.venue mall and the Watsons basement level of Century City mall, 312 pesos for a box of four 50mg pills. Or you can cut them into 25mg pills. Worked pretty well.

      • The Johnson says:

        nice thanks for the info ! Found a good trick for dodging bar fines/finding cheap girls. Download Badoo dating app, then walk around burgos and see how many girls you bump into. You can then check profiles of all the girls you saw around that area and message direct.

  16. Dovl says:

    Dear god, you have absolutely ZERO–and I mean ZERO-game. All your ridiculous responses trying to “logic” her into sex. You are speaking to a child. If she says, “No one night stand,” ignore it or laugh about it and keep fooling around. Seriously, for someone who calls himself a “sexpat,” you are just painfully clueless. Go look up Max’s “Flawless Natural” or Tom Torrero’s stuff or SOMETHING. The way you handled her was as embarrassing as she was creepy.

    • jspill says:

      If I have to study PUA books then I’m glad I have no game. I still ended up banging her in the space of a few days on my first ever trip there so it can’t have been that bad, and that’d imply reading books on ‘game’ is kinda pointless for Vietnam?

    • NormalNomad says:

      Let me preface this as a post from someone who studied “game” starting at 16 and I’m now in my late 20s:

      Women who require a lot (not some, but a SIGNIFICANT amount) of “Game” are broken women. Even in the USA, the “good girls”, such as small town girls, religious types, etc, generally require little more than a decent guy who isn’t weird or creepy. “Game” is a direct counter tactic to feminism. Without feminism, “game” isn’t needed. Because feminism hasn’t taken hold of Vietnam, “Game” is moot.

      Don’t get me wrong—I had my fun with American broads. Loved fucking them and treating them like the sluts they are. But it get’s tiring, and always having to put on the clown mask and act like a dancing monkey and pretending to be disinterested (or interested but only wanting sex) all the time just to get laid with a woman who has no intelligence or personality get’s OLD sooner rather than later. Personally, I’m glad I learned game, because it helps me APPRECIATE how wonderful SEA women in general are in comparison to American girls. That said, I have no desire to go back to my try hard “game” days.

  17. Rufus Arrr says:

    Back in 2014 my partner and myself manufactured a strain of Tadalafil (Cialis) and vardenafil (Levitra). We had dfferent does, but we found the best mixture was 40mg tadalafil and 10mg vardenafil. We also added 80mg of aspirin. We employed local Chinese factories to manufacture the products for us, though there were 10 g minimums (!) per chemical. We sold the products to Iran, and Afghanistan, for a spell before the Chinese started to crack down on unlicensed exports. So we disbanded the operation. The sad story is that we had to discard maybe around three million pills.

    For a while we kept a few thousand around for personal use, party favors and for emergencies. We noticed that over time, moisture and age would affect the chemicals. The Tadalafil (Cialis) seems to have a pretty decent shelf life, but the vardenafil (Levitra) would dissipate within a six month period of time. We also noticed that both the aspirin and the Tadalafil (Cialis) would result in severe heartburn. SEVERE, and very dangerous heart burn. It’s an almost guaranteed sign of age, moisture, or impurities in the chemicals.

    If you start to experience heartburn, stop taking the medication and switch to a different product, or reduce your dosage. 5mg of Tadalafil (Cialis) should be all that a normal male under the age of 40 years should require. Take the medicine after a meal, and drink milk with it. I also strongly urge the user, if over the age of 40 years old, to take lecithin supplements (maybe four to six at a time) and eat oysters.

    Sexual ability is tied to overall health. So if you want to have the best experience, rely on your body being in peak physical condition and use medicine to overcome any gaps in performance. Truthfully, if you are under 35, you really should not need any kind of ED medication. I would avoid using it as it will cause your body to build up a dependency. That is never good.

    All of these medicines do not increase interest. They only help a man maintain a nice hard erection. However, if you want to have a hard erection AND have the sexual desire of a 16 year old, I would advise using PT-141 bremelanotide. This stuff is beyond amazing! Words can not describe how absolutely insane fantastic it is.

    The good news is that it works on both men and women, It makes you naturally horny and you can maintain interest for six to eight hours. As well as a nice long erection. It has no bad side effects, though USA study’s suggest the possibility of vomiting n some female trial volunteers.

    The bad news is that it must be kept refrigerated. It is injected under the skin near the bellybutton. (Though there is a nasal spray. Not so effective.) Oh, and it is banned in the USA. (Surprise! Everything is banned in the USA.)

    In summary. As most of the posts here reflect the needs and desires of young studs, I would urge you all to ONLY utilize medications when there are no “natural” means to accomplish your end results. Best of luck.

  18. Neo says:

    Kinda cringey with all the logic and long winded texts to a woman, let alone one from a 3rd world country that speaks poor English. It seems like you’re falling into her “looking for a bf” frame too. These girls have strong frames and they will crush your nuts if you let them.

    I think you’re too used to dealing with dumb Filipinos and Thais.

    My dating formula here is pretty simple.

    “Hi how are you” ->
    Zalo ->
    Setup a coffee date near my apartment ->
    Time restraint for 1 hour ->
    If I get slut vibes, then I invite to my apartment (really a hotel in D1 that I live in) ->
    Otherwise I invite them to my apartment on date #2

    I personally think you’re talking to these girls too much, so they put you in the BF category. I never message these girls more than 3 or 4 words at a time, which drives them nuts… which makes them want to meet me even more. Girls are weird.

    I occasionally get a girl that invites herself to my apartment for the 1st date because I drive her so crazy she has to fuck me. Recently I’ve just been doing volume for girls that come over on day 1 because I can’t be bothered to go on coffee dates.

    “Security” doesn’t even check for ID cards either, which is nice. Hell, one part of the hotel doesn’t even have security. Open the garage door yourself and walk in.

    The bad part is the rooms are basic af.

  19. Ricky Ross says:

    Seem like hard work , and the fact that these girl don’t go crazy for white dudes like in Thailand or Philiphines
    Sorry i am just saying and this is the fact.

    • Ngoc Ngoc says:

      The girls are terrible in Saigon. On top of the work you put in, they are extremely cunty and shitty unfeeling personalities.

  20. Johnny says:

    Your articles are really good.
    Dating Viet girls online when you are short term is hard. Even if you stay long term you need to adapt.
    I moved from Bangkok to Saigon and I really can feel the difference. You are tested many times about how serious you are. Better never mentionning any kind of alusion to sex in your writing unless she really starts talking openly about it. Avoid inviting directly to your place et all cost. It can happen during night time if you make her really confortable. Just be really old school creating a story although you don’t want to get married to her. Thats the best bet although you sometimes have freaks. I got a girl from VN Cupid, she literally messaged other guys when she was sitting on me during the first date and she asked me to not see any other girl if we are boyfriend/girlfriend before asking me to finish in her mouth next time 2 hours later. A pure schizo/nymphoniac. She is good fun but even the most “liberal” ones are stucked in that conservative society creating strange behaviours like her or the girl you banged. The other girl from the first article was really high value. She called all your tricks easily. I am pretty sure she could have been convinced before leaving after several dates but you have to show you are high value too (and not by money standards which is something I appreciate with Viet girls). You see many less golddiggers in Vietnam which allows you to control your budget in a better way than in Thailand. But as I said, never talk about direct invitation. I learnt my lesson by doing the same mistakes several times. Besides, you have to maintain some conversation. Many girls stopped answering me or blocked me because I ampretty sure now I wasn’t keeping enough contact. You will lose many girls if you stop talking with a girl for 2 weeks who previously showed some interest. I can also see tons of profiles on Tinder saying “no fwb no ons” those days. It is funny how quick their English has improved. lol
    It is a better place to find a girlfriend for sure, not for having a harem although you can date several girls if you have tons of time and are very prudent. Dating there is very time consuming.
    Check the ladies nights if you are short term. The clubs are tiny and the ratios really good during those nights.

  21. John says:

    Ii cànt tell one Asian girl from another but if you put a black guy up there I can point him out

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