Dating Filipino Guys

There is loads of stuff on the internet about sexy Filipina women…… but there isn’t much about dating Filipino guys. So what would it be like to date a Filipino guy?

Since I am a heterosexual male I have never done it (hehe) but I have plenty of Filipina friends who have. I also have met many Filipino guys and can give a good educated guess of what it would be like.

Filipinos are Fun People

Filipinos in general are just very fun people. They are always joking, laughing, and smiling. They never like to have any confrontation and will go far out of their way to avoid it.

They are very kind and helpful people. Even poor Filipinos I have met would offer you something they can’t really afford to lose if they saw you were in need.


They are very friendly, I travel around the Philippines by myself and it is never a problem to make friends with people. You can pretty much walk up to anyone in the Philippines and they will greet you with a smile.

I am surprised at how much Filipino guys love to sing and dance. They really love music and a few times a week I will hear a Filipino guy singing some sappy love song as he walks around town or sits at an internet cafe.

Can you imagine seeing a guy in the US do that? It would never happen because he wouldn’t want to be thought of as gay. But in the Philippines that is just a normal thing to do… and yes the heterosexual guys do it also.

Filipino Guys are Very Loving and Affectionate

You can’t walk around a mall in the Philippines or sit on a jeepney without noticing a guy and a girl who are clearly in love. PDA is taken to a whole nother level in the Philippines, but not by making out in public.

They are always holding hands, cuddling with each other, sleeping on each others shoulders. If you like to be warm and affectionate with a guy you will go more than you imagined if you are dating a Filipino.

Where to try Dating Filipino Guys

Want to give it a shot? Well online dating is a great way to try dating Filipino guys. Sites like Pinalove and FilipinoCupid have thousands of Filipino guys.
The best part is that it isn’t only Filipino guys that are currently living in the Philippines. You can meet Filipino guys from San Diego, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Chicago, Melbourne, Sydney……. anywhere really.

So if you are interested in starting up a friendship with, or even dating Filipino guys I would suggest you sign up for Pinalove and/or FilipinoCupid. Good lucking in finding the right Filipino guy for you.