Dating a Filipino

There are many ways to find girls in the Philippines and all of them have their different advantages. There are also many reasons that guys want to hang out with girls.

Some want to find a wife to be with forever. Some want to have a serious relationship but not get married. Others like myself just want to find willing friends that may be down for some fun, but not let emotions get involved.

No matter what you are looking for you can find it in the Philippines, but how you go about it will make things easier or harder for you. The main thing to remember is that it is all a numbers game.

The more girls that you are in contact with the better your chances are of finding the one (or ones) you are looking for. And there is no easier way to get in contact with a lot of girls in a short amount of time than dating sites.

Dating a Filipino – #ProTips

(NB – the female version is ‘Filipina’).  

In Person Meets Take Forever

Finding girls in person takes a lot of time and effort that most guys are willing to put out. Attractive girls are very hard to find here, so you really need to be dedicated if you want to go out and meet them.

But it’s not like you just walk up to that first 8 you have seen in a week and she suddenly loves you. You then have to put in more time chatting with her, texting with her, dating her……. it’s a lot of work.

And all of your eggs are in this one basket and if it doesn’t work out you have nothing. Even if you are meeting other 7’s and 6’s in public it still takes a lot of time.

I can go to the mall and only see 1 or 2 approachable attractive girls in 2 hours. If only 1 in 3 wants to even be my textmate you can imagine how much time it takes to find girls that will want what you are offering.

The plus about the girls you meet in person is that they are generally more attractive as you will only approach them if you like what you see. But it is a lot of time and effort for a marginal difference in appearance.

These girls will mostly be 6’s and 7’s with a few 8’s mixed in. Maybe if you are really lucky a 9 once a year.


Hook Up Apps Are Awful Here

Every few months I decide to give Tinder another shot. And every time I quit after a week. There are lots of girls on there, and many will swipe right.

But there just seem to be a huge amount of girls that want to hop on Tinder to play pretend slut and get attention from guys. If a girl talks about sex when you text her she is probably just teasing you.. and Tinder brings out lots of the teases.

I am not saying you can’t get laid on Tinder, you can. But the same girls that are on Tinder are also likely on the dating sites, and on the sites they will be ok with just a few messages. On Tinder they seem to want to use it as a chat/messenger and talk more.

I am sure I will be sucked back into it at some point, but I really wish I would just delete it and forget about it.

Dating Sites are Quick and Easy

On the dating sites you don’t have to have long drawn out conversations with girls. Send a quick introductory message (copy and paste works well) to every hot girl you see.

If she replies ask like one other question in the: where do you stay? How are you today? Mold. Just one question is all it takes to not be ‘rushing’ things. Then after that ask for her FB and number.

Give her FB pics a quick scan to check her out, and if she is hot text her. It’s as simple as that. You can make the initial contact with as many girls in one hour as you can in a month of walking the malls.

They also will be more likely to meet up because they are on the site for a reason. The girl in the mall hasn’t given any signals that she is looking for guys. The girl on a dating site has.

There are some time wasters on the dating sites also, but since you are only doing a few short messages to get to the point you are avoiding them.

The girls on average won’t be quite as hot as you meet in person, but the difference is marginal. And of course if one isn’t hot enough you have no obligation to meet them.

From a time and efficiency stand point the dating sites are definitely the best way to go in the Philippines. You could have a date with a different girl every night if you really wanted to and never even leave your home. One of the best options is FilipinoCupid: