Cambodian Girls – Cute Hotel Chic

Back in Cambodia when I was on my hunt for a place to stay I went to Smile Guesthouse near the beach and this very cute girl on reception shows me a room.

It was the same as basically every room I had seen in Sihanoukville, just a standard hotel room. But it had a great location 200m from the beach and also this Cambodian girl was adorable and made the place stand out.

Cute Hotel Chic

Not her, but she looked this other hotel chic at Cambodian Resort

I went back to ask what their price for a month. It was low season they said $250 for a room with aircon.  Because of the great location on the main tourist road in what was a very safe area I couldn’t pass it up, and that is where I ended up staying my entire time in Snooky.

The girl worked as the “front desk” for the hotel and a waitress for the restaurant and as bartender.  The ‘front desk’ was actually the bar.  I was curious about her age because she was borderline 18, so I asked  if she was old enough to sell alcohol and she said ‘why not?’  I asked if she was over the drinking age and she said she didn’t know what the drinking age was.

Nothing was working so I asked her how old she was and she said 19 but turning 20 in a week.  We had already been chatting for a few days before this and I think she could tell I had some interest in her.  There was a younger Swedish guy around my age staying there as well and he also would hang around the bar chatting with her a lot.

As her birthday approached one of her friends brought up the idea of us having a party for her.  Me and the Swede decided we would split the costs.  We go to a place they recommended on the beach.  It was me, the Swede, Cute hotel chick, her brother, another girl that worked at the hotel, and the friend.

They order lots of different things and I was a bit nervous when I got handed the bill.  $28.  I could not believe everything we got was only $28, I could feel all their eyes on me as I looked at the bill as I think they were scared I was gonna back out.  Me and the Swede split the bill and then they ask if we wanna go to karaoke.

Why do Cambodian girls love to sing so much?

There is not anything I would like to do less than go to karaoke, but this girl is really nice and sweet and they say they know a cheap place that will be $25 for all of us, and the Swede agrees to pay half again.  I tell them that I only have $15 left on me so they need to make sure that the bill does not go above $30.  We get to the place and it looks ok, lots of hot Cambodian girls out front but we aren’t there for that.

When we go inside our room they give us menus. We just get some beers.  Then two waitresses stay inside the room with us and every time someone puts their glass down the waitress fills it up with more beer.  Never seen such excellent service in my life!  I quickly realize what is going on and tell one of the girls to let them know we won’t need any more refills.

When the bill comes its $45.  I give them the $15 I told them I had, the Swede only pays $10.  They keep trying to get me to give the rest but I know Cute Hotel chic’s friend has a foreigner boyfriend that gives her a lot of money and she pays the rest.

What I later find out

Cute Hotel chic’s friend had a cute puppy that she would bring to the guesthouse from time to time.  Well she had wanted to sell it so the Swede bought it for Cute Hotel chic for her birthday.  He paid $50, which we later found out was more than one should pay for a puppy.

The really surprising thing that I came to find out almost a year later was that Cute Hotel chic had completely lied about her birthday.

One day I was bored and was chatting with another girl who worked at the guesthouse on facebook.  She was FB friends with Cute Hotel chic and I decided to check out her page.  It was her birthday.  Nine months after we had thrown her a birthday party she was celebrating her real birthday.

She also had lied to both me and the Swede about not having a boyfriend hoping that we would keep doing nice things for her.  I found that out about a week after the birthday party when another girl who worked there informed me.  From then on I bought her nothing, but still continued to talk with her cuz she was fun to talk to.

She no longer works for the hotel and has moved back to the province.  She got about $40 in value from me by lying, and $100 or so from the Swede.  But that pales in comparison to the 60 year old guy that bought her a motorbike.  The day he gave her the motorbike was the last day she lived in Snooky.  That night she drove off to her province never to be seen again.

What are your experiences with Cambodian girls?

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  1. Frank says:

    looks like they have picked up a Thai-type attitude to foreigners

  2. kick2dante says:

    only a few, but it will spread quickly im sure

  3. Anonymous says:

    Pump them..dump them..

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