Crazy Girl in Sihanoukville

Story time on who I call ‘crazy girl in Snooky’.

Girls in Sihanoukville

So one night I after working I head down to the beach to take my nightly cruise past all the bar girls in Sihanoukville and walk the beach.  On my first pass I recognize everyone at the bar and don’t see any reason to stop.  I take a 20 minute walk along the beach just resting my eyes from staring at the computer all day and thinking about how the day had gone.

On my way back I notice a new girl at the bar.  She is alone and standing near the dance floor and looks totally out of place.  She doesn’t seem comfortable at all, I go up and say hi, she says hi back, and I ask if she would like to go have a chat by the beach and she says ok.

After spending the night together I text her the next night asking if she wants to hang out.  She says ok and I say how about at 11?  She says why not now, I say because I am working and she cusses me out saying I don’t care about her.

I text her 10 more times that night and she never replies.

The next day she texts me asking how I am, and it’s like last night never even happened.  This is a common theme for our first couple weeks of knowing each other.  Then I got hand, foot and mouth disease (go team Cambodia!) and had to tell her I went to Phnom Penh because I didn’t want her to come over.

She gets pissed at me for leaving her and cusses me out.  Of course that is quickly forgotten and when I get healthy I invite her over.  After we spend some time “making up” I suggest she go was off and use lots of soap.

I was pretty sure I was free of the HFM disease at that point, but it was still a good idea for her to be safe.

This again causes her to flip out and walk around my room muttering khmer words for 5 minutes.  I called her crazy girl (not to her face obv) for a reason and that was because she really was.

I actually think a better name for her would have been “bi-polar girl” but I didn’t realize that until crazy girl had already stuck.

‘Cut Cut Cut’

Things had been going pretty well between us, sure she would have her momentary spaz outs but nothing ever came from them and the next day we were best friends again.  Then one day she calls me while I am playing pool at my hotel with a girl that worked there.

Cute Hotel Chic was hanging out by the table and answered my phone.  This sends crazy girl off the deep end.  She texts me cussing me out for 10 straight minutes and then she calls back and says ‘you better watch your back because I get my friend to cut cut cut you.’

Now crazy girl herself is only about 85 pounds and has threatened to beat me up a few times which never really scared me.  And generally if a girl would tell me that she got someone to “cut cut cut” me I wouldn’t think much of it.  But I am calling her crazy girl for a reason, and even though she probably really didn’t……. she might have.

I lay low for the next few days not going out often and watching my back.  I was probably more worried about this then I should have been, but she was clearly not a stable person and life is cheap in Cambodia.

Eventually she forgives me and calls me up.  This time I am also playing pool at the hotel with the same girls, they both know I have been scared of this all week and I tell them to please not talk.  Right as I answer they run up to the phone and start saying they love me and come back to bed. Here we go again.

After another week she finally shows up at my place, she doesn’t really say much and seems pretty torn up.

I decide my best play is to try and get her to smile so I put on ‘Just for Laughs’ that silly British  comedy show where people pull pranks on others.  I learned this was a good show for Asian girls from shack girl when she said she wanted to watch ‘smiling white people.’

So me and crazy girl watch that for an hour cuddling on the bed and eventually she says she isn’t mad at me anymore and everything was back to normal. Girls in Sihanoukville…

13 Responses

  1. jspill says:

    cool story bro

  2. ococcy says:

    bitches be cray

  3. kick2dante says:

    who are these random named people lol

  4. Frank says:

    May only be 85 pounds but when they get crazy they turn to pure steel… you are taking a bar girl way too serious, though

  5. kick2dante says:

    i enjoyed it and thought it was a great learning experience (since i never got cut cut cut)

  6. cebubanger says:

    life is cheap over there bro be careful

  7. Camboman says:

    Dont take a bar girl seriously….if she did get a guy to go after you, just offer him double (wont be more than $50, trust me) to go pimp slap that bitch

  8. kick2dante says:

    lol ya that would work…if he gave u the chance to offer him double

  9. Bob says:

    What a shit story.

  10. Camboyamyam says:

    All I not surprise. Look also on the OC-Beach. Ladies use ko drops. Victory hill ladies arrogant and too expensive sometimes. The only one place I go, when I am in Snooky-Ville is Venus Bar Massage in downtown. Can find easy in internet. The only one place is clean, safe, fix prices and I not must pay for lady drinks. No barfine.

  11. kick2dante says:

    i found plenty of good freelancers at the beach, no problems with any of em really

    this girl was clearly bipolar, mood would change at the drop of a dime, felt pretty bad for her (once i knew i really wasnt going to get stabbed)

  12. Jacky says:

    Hi ,

    Very informative thanks, But when it came to the girl thing, “picking up girls” , this whole page took a downhill turn for me …… very disappointing, noticing a new girl on your way past the bars …… Oh well…….
    Definitely not for family people .

  13. Dim says:

    She must have been pretty hot for you to put up with that. Sounds like a crackhead.

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