Stand Up Comedy Bar in Cebu | Dating & Pickup Spot

A lot of cute office worker chicks in Cebu go to see the stand up performances at 22nd Street Comedy bar. On the right side of Mango Square opposite J Ave.

Pick Up Cebu Girls

The comedians interact with any foreigners that go especially if you sit near the front. All eyes will be on you as they’re getting you involved in the act. Then you have an ‘in’ later on to chat to the Pinays there.

This comedian made big penis jokes at me for a couple minutes. He told me to try a Filipina girl and explained what various sex acts will cost me 😀

‘You can fit the whole European Union’

22nd Street Comedy Bar

It’s only a couple bucks entrance fee and they serve cheap Filipino food and drinks.

Instead of buying a bottle at a VIP table in a disco you can just hit the Comedy bar early and position yourself in a prime spot by the stage.

The Cebu comedy bar opens about 9pm every night and starts to fill up around 10 or 11. In between the stand up routines the comedians sing or invite people in the audience to get up and belt out a tune.


Almost every Filipino can sing

People get up to hand the singers their song request on a piece of paper, and give them tips. So that’s another way to make yourself stand out a bit and see who’s making eye contact.

Or get on stage yourself. I went there with commenter southernadventurer who got up and sang Bon Jovi you give love a bad name. The girls were impressed.

When this Pinay got up they asked her if she was single and she said she had a foreigner boyfriend, didn’t get that bit on video though. I’m jealous 🙂

Karaoke cutie

After the show the comedians came over and said hi. If I lived in Cebu I might try to see if they can introduce me to some chicks. Gay guys usually have tons of girlfriends and will be keen to hook you up with one.

Good Date Spot

It’s also a perfect place to take a date if you already have one as she’ll be laughing her ass off all night and you won’t have to talk to her as much. Every pinay I took there loved it.

Another Pinay singer

The comedians use a mixture of English and Tagalog so you’ll understand a decent amount of the jokes.

Discos Next Door

The show goes on until well after midnight, when it starts winding down you can try asking girls if they want to hit a club. Alcohology is the more ‘normal’ club for locals then J Ave is more of a hooker disco. A normal Pinay shouldn’t mind dancing there for a bit though and it has the best dancefloor of the Mango clubs.

A ladyboy comedian

Shooting some pool at one of the sports bars on the main Mango Avenue strip is another option. Or just get some phone numbers to expand your rolodex and set up some dinner dates, because a lot of the girls that go to Cebu comedy bar aren’t the type to go clubbing.

Stand Up Comedy Cebu Video

Here’s more footage from another night at 22nd street bar. The comedians recognised us and got us involved again. When we said we ‘work online’ they made jokes about cybersex and child pornography 😀

While it was just banter this is a good example of how Filipinos are a bit smarter and know that some foreigners in Asia are dodgy. So you have to come up with some good story as to you why you’re in the country when you’re hitting on middle class chicks. They might think you’re a ‘player’ or worse.

9 Responses

  1. BangkokBaller23 says:

    Nice tips & run down. I’m always on the lookout for new venues/strategies to go have fun with the locals!😉

  2. Fantastic. Seems like a fun way to pass the time. And here I thought there was nothing fun to do in Cebu.

  3. jspill says:

    Thanks guys forgot to add the 2nd video, got about 5 mins more footage. Added now. At the end they ask what we’re doing in the Philippines, we said ‘work on the Internet’ and they reply ‘oh cybersex? child porn?’ lol. Foreigners are getting typecast more and more so it’s important to have a good explanation of why we live there when they ask, not give off vibes of being a player / criminal etc. when picking up chicks.

  4. SouthernAdventurer says:

    Hey bad news this place is closed. I was going to go that night I messaged you about your doppelganger. The place didn’t even have tables anymore.

  5. ali says:

    fantastic bar!

  6. jspill says:

    Confirmed this place is closed, just checked

    J Ave still gone too, new club in same spot called Hype

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