Cebu City Ebook Guide & Map

This ebook and map covers all I wish I knew my first time in Cebu – it can be a difficult city for newbs.


Topics include where to meet Filipinas – both normal and P4P (pay for play) girls – how to get set up from the moment you land at the airport, where to stay, nightlife, things to do, the works.

Below is a free sneak peek of one chapter. The rest is rest is on Amazon for $4.99 with a link to the zoomable Cebu map in the last chapter. Map pins include hooker nightlife spots, normal girl spots, apartments, hotels, restaurants, malls, gyms, and places to take a girl on a date.

If you don’t have a Kindle there’s an Amazon app to read ebooks on PC, smartphone or tablet.

Your First Trip to Cebu City

Chapter 1: The Freelancer Scene

Many of the girly bars in Cebu are overpriced so I would suggest going with freelancers. Well I always suggest freelancers because I don’t see the point of paying a bar to introduce me to girls in a country where sex is so easy.

The top tier freelancers will be found at Mango Avenue and the hottest will be at J-Ave disco. I hate this place, it is filled with stuck up hookers with lots of attitude.

So if I hate it why am I suggesting it first? Because it probably has the hottest girls of any disco I have been in Asia. Even though I suggest you should take your first Philippines sex holiday in Angeles, one thing I can’t deny is that there are hotter available girls in Cebu.

cebu sex ebook guide But the question is how available are they really? I guess that comes down to how much you’re willing to pay. J-Ave is expensive for the hot ones.

Cebu City is loaded with a lot of young Koreans and they throw around money at J-Ave like it’s nothing. I bet you the first time you go into J-Ave if you watch every hot girl you see she will go sit with a Korean at some point.

That makes it harder for me as a white guy, but what makes it even harder is that I am not about to pay over fair market value. And I am also not about to go party and ‘game’ a girl for hours only to pay her in the morning.

That is one of the annoyances about hooker discos in the Philippines. Most girls here pretend they aren’t hookers, so you can’t just walk up and make them an offer in a disco. You have to ‘pick them up’ and then pay them.

I hate that shit and it kinda takes me out of the market for the hottest pros. It is one of the few things I like more about Thai girls, they are more businesslike in their approach.

If you are willing to party with them, or pay them 4000+ pesos without partying with them then you may be able to take home one of the hottest. Or you may not, cuz some will only want to be seen talking with the Koreans.

If you are like me you will have to settle for the 2nd tier girls in J-Ave that may go for 1500. Just approach any girl you think is hot and strike up a conversation. If she is friendly keep it going.

At some point ask her if she wants to leave with you and maybe talk about prices and expectations for the night. You can safely assume that most girls in J-Ave are working girls.

There might be a few normal girls on weekends, but in general any Filipina that is at J-Ave and will leave with you is certainly going to want money.

There are some other discos located in Mango Square that will have more regular girls. Try those if you don’t want a hooker. But even they may expect money from a foreigner.

There will also be a lot of girls just hanging around outside J-Ave and the rest of Mango Square. They are all hookers and will go for cheaper than the girls in J-Ave. 1000 would probably be the minimum, and many may ask for more.

The later it gets and the less chance they have of getting a good score the cheaper they will go for. There are also some pimps around that will get you girls.

At a place like Mango you really shouldn’t need the assistance of a pimp, but you should be fine in dealing with them as long as you make sure the girl is old enough.

The 3 minute walk from Mango to the ‘Fuente Circle’ will have you pass many guys that will offer you girls. Take one at your own risk, but many guys have reported doing so on forums with no issues.

There’s another 6300 words in the full Cebu ebook guide and map! A 7000 word survival blueprint.

18 Responses

  1. jspill says:

    Dante showed me around Cebu, def knows his stuff. Although if he tried wearing trousers and a shirt that fits for once he’d prob do better in the discos

  2. kick2dante says:

    lol discos……. f that

  3. Julien says:

    I suppose you give a “gift” or “taxi money” to the girls who accept to come to your place. Can you tell how much is needed approximately?
    Thanks a lot for your useful articles by the way

  4. kick2dante says:

    you’re welcome julien, actually i ask all girls if they ‘go with man for money’ (as well as if they are a ladyboy lol) before they come over so i dont pay them, odds are that a girl you meet online wont be that hot and im not going to pay a 6……. ill buy them dinner and pay real taxi money but thats about it

    but for a dating site girl that you are assuming is a pro 1000 should surely be enough, even 500 on top of their actual taxi money should be fine (assuming it was just 1 bang)

  5. Julien says:

    Thanks Dante. What is the usual amount for the real taxi money?

  6. kick2dante says:

    in Cebu its generally between 100-150…. a great site is

    the most i have ever paid in cebu was 300 and that was for a girl who lived really far away and was to stuck up to take a jeep into town before getting a taxi……. most girls that live that far away will agree to jeep into the city before getting into a taxi

    manila is another animal, i had a 400+ peso fair there and have been with far less girls in manila than cebu

  7. bender says:

    Cebu has lots of young skinny girls

  8. kick2dante says:

    ill take your word for that bender, no need to post any photographic evidence ok

  9. Bishop says:

    Any freelance spots on the IT Park / Salinas side? Sometimes if I don’t end with plans for the evening I would just like to head out and try to make something happen whether it be getting numbers or picking up freelancers but I haven’t formulated a good game plan for that yet (it’s only my second week).
    BTW ended up in this area at least partially from your recommendation. I was planning on checking out various areas but I picked an AirBNB here and was immediately hooked, singed up for 6 months at LGF2 but I expect I will be here much longer if the first two weeks are any indication. Thanks for providing the info that made for a smooth (so far) transition!

  10. kick2dante says:

    glad its working out for you, that is definitely the best area so no need to check out other spots…. hmmm only spots for freelancers i can think of around there would be ayala (which isnt a great spot for them) and there is a disco right across from ayala (on the waterfront side of the road, located near the entrance to the metro department store on the 2nd floor in ayala) that i hear may get some freelancers after ayala closes, but ive never been there

  11. Tyler Durden says:

    Hey man, I’d like to get a couple of your eBooks but I have no Kindle. Is there a pdf version?

  12. kick2dante says:

    There’s a Kindle app Amazon made to let people read on PC, phone or tablet –

    Will get round to adding a .pdf version too though I think

  13. Joe says:

    Hey Dante
    Have you ever considered writing an “Lazy Mans Guide To E-Commerce/Internet Marketing/Freelancing/Etc”. Basically, just a way for any nomad to make 2k net/month so he can live near the beach and have nice Asian cuties in his life.

    Ps- What beaches have you been to in the USA? I love California’s beaches-have you been to those of Floridas?

  14. kick2dante says:

    yeah that’s in the pipeline!

    im not really a beach person, only ones i have been to were in florida long ago

  15. Joe says:

    I only ask to say I love big waves and varied terrain near he beach (rocks, hills, steepes,Etc)

    Bali and Phuket from YT vids seem to have big waves, clear water, and interesting surrounding terrain aka the best of Southern California for 1/5 the price.

    Please put me on your list. I need a copy when it comes out as location independence is a high interest for me.

    Ps-what are your favorite cities in the Philipines and Thailand?

  16. kick2dante says:

    sure will email you when it’s out

    my two favorite places to live that I have been to so far are cebu and angeles city, both have their pros and cons, neither are good for a beach

  17. Sheena says:

    True. I used to party a lot when I was still living in Cebu City (my hometown before I moved to Thailand) and J.Ave is filled with hookers. Back in the day (when Koreans hadn’t invaded Cebu for Tourism), you’d see ’em with Americans or Europeans.

    Although, whenever I’m back for a visit, I usually chill at VUDU at Crossroads, Penthouse or Loft at IT Park. These clubs offer a chill kind of vibe which I like. You might want to try Club Pump as it is the second club to get a hookup. LOL! 😀

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