Can Girly YouTube Videos be Monetized?

A while ago I got an email from cheapskate Dante (lol hotmail).


100 pesos = $2.15 😀

Of course I say yes. At the time we didn’t realize overly sex-related videos aren’t eligible for YouTube monetization, and were just messing around getting initial content onto the Nomad Philippines YouTube channel.

First Attempt at a Monetized Youtube Video

It ended up doing well with the half nude thumbnail and ‘sexy pinay hot dance‘ title, getting 33,000 views in 2 months.

Part 2 did ok too.

For me it was worth the dollar, not sure if Dante is upset it didn’t make any money though.

A good estimate nowadays for advertiser-friendly videos is $1 per 1000 views on your ad-enabled videos. So $1000 per million views.

From speaking to friends who make a living on YouTube, it used to be higher, around $3000 per million. As YouTube grows, the amount of real estate available to roll ads on is spread thinner and thinner.

What types of Videos Can be Monetized

SOME girly / sex related videos can be monetized, as long as YouTube doesn’t consider them to have crossed a line. Educational ones are fine.

Here are the official video monetization criteria – you can’t make money via ‘content with nudity intended to shock’. YouTube has image recognition technology, that can tell to some extent what is on the screen, and for how much of the video. It also looks at your title / description / tags.

Lesson Learned

Since our videos were basically semi-nudity all the way through, with stuff like ‘Sex ‘, ‘Filipina girls‘ and ‘wb/10’ in the video information, we were doomed to fail.


On videos like this even if you’ve set them to monetized, ads won’t play on them, so no revenue comes with the views.

Although confusingly in Analytics we seem to have made $0.01 on the first video – not sure how that’s possible unless it glitched and showed an ad one time, or YouTube is just trolling us.

At the least, a YouTube video is a free platform to stick some blog links on.

As entrepeneur Jason Calacanis said, ‘YouTube is an awesome place to build a brand, but it is a horrible place to build a business‘.

Of course that didn’t stop Dante filming some more friendly FilipinoCupid girls just for the blog!

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  1. kick2dante says:

    only moderately tilted now

  2. dude says:

    maybe things were different back then,
    but nowadays, no way.

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