Cambodian Ladyboys

So, Cambodia ladyboys (gets a few hundred Google searches a month, thought I’d throw up an article).

Well as I’ve blogged before, I lived in Sihanoukville for 7 months.

Even though it’s one of the smaller towns I have been to in Asia, for some Sihanoukville happened to have the prettiest ladyboys I have seen.

Maybe it was just because I was new to Asia at the time, or maybe the top tier Cambodia ladyboys flock there for the expats and backpackers.

One in particular had a very pretty face and I asked her to go to my room three times and she shot me down each.

That is pretty surprising but turns out she could tell I had no clue she was a ladyboy and knew from my mongering reputation (again, Snooky is a small town) that I wanted girls.

I never found out she was a ladyboy until finally she asked one of her friends to go tell me so I would quit asking her.  I was shocked because I thought she was one of the sexiest girls that hung out at the bars on the beach.

There was another Cambodian ladyboy who I always saw talking to different guys every night down at the beach.  She was definitely one of the most popular girls in town and I don’t think half of the guys even knew she was a ladyboy.  I sure didn’t.

She had fake boobs which was extremely rare for Cambodian ladyboys (poorer country and harder to find a sugar daddy to pay for surgery than for ‘Kathoeys’ in Thailand), but they weren’t huge fakes so you would never know.

Overall she had a great body and a pretty face.  That combination is not always easy to find.


Cambodia Ladyboy Bet

I had a friend in town and one night we stopped at a small restaurant to get a quick bite before heading down to the beach.  There was a cute girl sitting next to us by herself and he said I should say hi.

This was about a week after I’d found out that 10% of the girls in the city were actually Cambodian ladyboys so my guard was always up.  I said she might be transgender.

He said no way and offered me a bet giving me 5 to 1 on my money.  He had a lot more traveling experience than me and is a pretty good gambler so I decided to decline.  We finished eating about the same time as she did and we approached her on the way to the beach.

We talked to her on the way down to the beach and still weren’t sure.  But my buddies confidence dropped and he said ‘OK 3 to 1 now’ and she said ‘what?’ and he said oh nothing nevermind.

When we got down to the beach I asked a girl I knew there and she confirmed ladyboy.  Should have made the bet.

If you want to find pretty ladyboys then Sihanoukville is really a place you should visit. Check out the hotels I stayed at.

I didn’t spend enough time in Phnom Penh to see many hot Cambodia ladyboys around, however obviously as it’s the capital city I’d expect there are many.

8 Responses

  1. jspill says:

    looks like that Cambodia ladyboy found a sugar daddy

  2. kick2dante says:

    sure they both will be very happy

  3. Jirro says:

    Look ugly and manly. YOu must be gay

  4. Bill says:

    I like them both GG and LB. Been following your blog for some time now. Went to Cebu last summer and had a blast. never made it to Mango – so much talent just walking around. And I am an older guy, but found a few GGs and LBs who were just happy to be with me. They always wanted to go to Jollibees and be SEEN with me, or just walk around Ayala holding hands. Usually give them 2000 pesos for cab ride home. Maybe they took a jitney and banked it. Who knows?

    Going to Snooky this summer. Totally looking forward to it. Thanks for blogging.

    • SouthernAdventurer says:

      Two questions , one is what is a GC and the other is what exactly do you do with Ladyboys? I’m not judging just honestly curious. Is it like gay sex or is more just an attraction/visceral thing? I mean seeing a guy that looks like a hot chick banging another hot chick sounds hot but other then that its not my cup of tea. Like I said not judging, some of my best friends in the states were gay.

  5. Akog says:

    Disclaimer i don’t do lady boy but my buddy does and i asked him same question

    He said a hole is a hole down there and you only see tits. In the end they don’t get preggy.

    I never brought the question up again.

    Another friend of mine said he would do a post opp ladyboy. Again i asked why

    Same answer can’t it preggy

    He said it

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