Cafe Havana Makati for Finding Filipina Freelancers

By Greenbelt 3 mall

Cafe Havana is another Manila hooker bar / restaurant, similar concept to LA Cafe but more expensive.

Freelancers hang out there playing on their phones waiting for a foreigner to give them cash. Maybe 10% normal / grey area girls mixed in.

Inside area

I’m not a fan of the atmosphere inside Cafe Havana itself, it has a ‘old golddigger looking for a rich sponsor’ kind of vibe, not as laid back as LA Cafe.

Similar to bars in 5 star hotels where middle aged hookers hang out nursing one drink hoping to snag a rich tourist or businessman, e.g. Spasso’s in Bangkok.

Cafe Havana from above

Luckily you don’t have to go in as most of the tables are outside and there are tons of freelancers in that open air area of Greenbelt 3 mall.

By the Starbucks and Seattle’s Best Coffee on either side, or sitting on the benches, or just milling around.

Freelancer on the benches

So you can just walk by and see who’s in Cafe Havana and in the general area. You can tell which girls are freelancers as they’ll lock eye contact with you.

There are tons of baklas (transgenders) freelancing here too as they can’t work in many gogo bars.

Greenbelt Hooker Prices

There’s no fixed price of sex, depends on your negotiation skills but expect to pay slightly more than LA Cafe.

Around 2000 – 3000 pesos short time should be doable, basically the same as a P. Burgos bargirl without a barfine. Bit less for the ones outside Cafe Havana.

Outside tables

Maybe 4k ish for long time. If you’re not in a hurry get their number and text them lower offers, they’ll accept later they don’t find a customer.

Cafe Havana Reviews

Because of the clean Greenbelt surroundings most people don’t realise it’s full of working girls. Normal tourists and Filipinos go there for the Cuban food and then rant on Tripadvisor:

Pokpok need loving too

We all get old


Filipino American guy

That last guy makes some good points, the Cafe Havana girls can be a bit bitchy. And not hot.

Best Strategy

What I do is just get a coffee to takeaway at Seattle’s Best Coffee, see if there’s any hot freelancers on the benches outside, if so get their number or sit and chat.

If not walk over to Starbucks to do the same, taking a look at Havana on the way without going in. Repeat for a few laps trying to check out as many girls as possible.


Roaming around

About 9-10pm the most girls are there. The mall closes but the open air area stays open late.

Then if you strike out head to P. Burgos bikini bars just down the road. Hotter, younger bargirls there.

Or you can go around 7-8pm and eat at Greenbelt to start the night off, maybe bump into some cute normal girls before the mall closes. Then get a good seat somewhere overlooking the action.

Starbucks outside tables

Some groups of girls prefer Starbucks to the left, because Cafe Havana makes everyone buy something but Starbucks doesn’t care so they sit there.

If you go up to the second level above Cafe Havana you can get a view of all the action. That’s where I took the overhead pics from.

There’s a nice pizza place on that level too. Motorino.

Motorino pizza

Overall don’t expect too much, most nights you won’t see any hot girls at Cafe Havana or nearby.

But it’s worth a stroll through especially if you’re living in Makati at e.g. Gramercy or The Beacon.


Cafe Havana seats

If you do find some talent it’s nice to not have to deal with barfines, mamasans and lady drinks.

But overall I still prefer P. Burgos despite those. Has hotter girls and more options. Or just use online dating.

Cafe Havana Location

Some Cafe Havana girls will head to LA Cafe later on.

15 Responses

  1. AnonBro says:

    They should rename this place “Cafe Grandpa.” The last time I saw this many old white dudes in one place I was visiting my grandfather in an old folks home.

  2. nightlifeguy says:

    lol pickup point for old white men

  3. siberia says:

    When i lived in the Greenbelt area me and my mate used to go there for a laugh and watch the scenes unfold. To be fair the food is ok, i think the fact that the club at the New World Hotel is constantly closing down and reopening (been through 3 changes since i have been here) meant that Havana has seen the demographic of the girls pushed further up, as that club used to be legendary for freelancers. The younger ones would rather hang out at Royal, House Manila or one of the BGC clubs now so don’t generally hang around that area. Don’t get up that way much now, but the percentage of hot young girls is low, although you do get the odd one.

  4. Anonymous says:

    It should be called Cafe Grandma,, girls working there is min 30’s to 50’s especially those sitting near the front door and in the umbrella outdoor..those girls are seating on the same seat as everynight for more than a decade… too old bitches thats what you can find in cafe havana

  5. Jay Young says:

    Have tried Cafe H for early, happy hour , late and later with much disappointment. Many sit in groups and the approach is difficult. Just like trying to cut out your girl of choice in a regular night club. With the girls all sitting around the tables, its hard to distinguish the cute and slender from the many overweight and ugly hidden there in the dark. Stunner wanted P6000 for short time. Another hottie was P3500 ST and not negotiable at all. Avoid these -Just off the street- freelancers, charging “mall” prices. I’m going back to the FL’s on Burgos or at LA Cafe.

  6. Max Cohen says:

    looks like fun. need to go to the philipines.

  7. Peter says:

    Everyone needs to get their fun somewhere. We stayed here for over a week and I noticed that the girls near the Cafe are picky who they talk to. The girls not buying drinks sitting around the edges seem to be on the rough side. There are some stunning girls there at the weekends wanting 6K for short time, but to me it’s just not worth it. We met some really beautiful girls who wanted 3.5K and stayed all night. It costs nothing to talk to them, check them up closer and either go back to your table or work something out. By mid-week we tried online dating and found some stunners who just wanted to be wined and dined, have their taxi paid and be made love to all night long. Also we met no-one over 26 years old.

  8. jamal says:

    Two weeks prior to arriving in the Philippines start fishing online date sites. Be frank and up front about what you want. I am single and have lived in the Philippines for several years. I go to the mall or just walk around the neighborhoods, easy picking for foreigners. If you’re just vacationing in the Philippines and don’t have time for wine and dine, I guess the bars will be your venue. But there are plenty of beautiful and sexy girls online looking for fun.

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