Buying Weed in Cambodia

If you go to Cambodia you are going to get offered drugs.  If you walk around for a couple hours you will probably be offered weed 5-10 times by tuk tuk drivers or random guys on the street.


On the forums I post on people were relatively happy with the quality of weed in Cambodia (especially for the cost) as long as you inspect it when you buy. A friend bought the bud pictured above in Phnom Penh for $15, said it was great but when you have to shop around.

When I first got there I smoked weed from time to time but to me it was poor quality being a snob who had been smoking medicinal level stuff from Cali for years before I moved.

Having said that I rarely talked to the dealers or asked other expats where to source good stuff, instead I asked hookers to pick it up for me.

So that didn’t go too well but it led to some interesting experiences with the girls.

Pizzas & Shakes

Also unlike Thailand or the Philippines there are bars where you can openly buy ready-made joints, ‘happy pizzas’ and ‘happy shakes’. At first I thought these were with weed but it usually turned out they were with magic mushrooms.


There are some places in Sihanoukville that offer it with weed but I never stopped by (not a big fan of eating weed, especially since they just sprinkled it on top of the pizza didn’t do it properly by cooking it into the butter/oil so the thc absorbed into the fat, wouldn’t have got you high in the slightest).

I tried a happy shake one time, I think they only put about half a gram of shrooms in them.  I felt a very small body high but no visuals.  I went out to the water and wanted to sit on some rocks to chill.

To get to these rocks I had to walk on some VERY slippery rocks, after a few steps I realized I was being retarded and this wasn’t the time to test my balance.

It would probably take 3 of the shakes to get a real trip, or just pay them extra to put in your desired amount of mushrooms.


Sunset out back of Queenco Casino in Snooky

Laws & Risks

Cambodia has the same super strict laws on drug possession as every Asian country has… they just don’t seem to ever enforce them.

Even though basically no one ever gets locked up for simple possession in Cambodia I was paranoid and didn’t want to end up as the poster boy for ‘don’t come to Cambodia and do drugs.’ So I never brought anything into my room.

Others do though and it’s almost unheard of to have problems, even if you did then the bribes would be the lowest of any Asian country. By contrast I was reading the other day about a guy who did a month in prison in Thailand for being caught with 3oz of weed.

Trash Can Story Time

The hotel I was staying at had small trash cans for each room in front of their door, and I would hide mine in my neighbors trash wrapped up in some other stuff.  I knew the cleaning schedule and always removed it before they changed the trash.

Then one day they pulled an okie doke on me and changed the trash two days in a row and threw the last of my weed away.  It was just a tiny amount and not a big deal, but that meant I had to get more.

I bought my first bag from a motor driver who showed me around to some hotels (and introduced me to shack girl hehehe) on my first night in Snooky.  I didn’t get busted buying from him the first time so I might as well get it from him again.

I meet up with him on the way to the gym and grab a 20 bag (about a half ounce of shwag, better than bricked mexican shwag but not even ‘mids’ level.) He probably paid like $5 for it.

Even though I am like 99.9999% certain I am not getting set up by this motor driver he dropped me off at the gym and knows I am there.  I don’t wanna have the bag on me for my workout so decide to use my fail safe hiding spot: the trash can.

It was low season in Snooky at the time and barely anyone was staying at the hotel with the nice gym.  There was a bathroom right outside the gym that I could see while doing my quick cardio.  Today wasn’t a lifting day, I just needed 25 minutes and then I would be on my way.

I go into the bathroom and put the bag in the trash. Then I remember how I just lost a bag like that and instead ball it up in some paper towels and put it between the wall and the can. There was no trash in the can so even if they go in they won’t have any reason to empty it.

I don’t run that good.  10 minutes into my work out the cleaning lady goes into the bathroom.  She comes out with the trash bag.  Why did she change the empty trash bag.  But it didn’t appear as if she had found my stash.

She goes back in and replaces the bag……. and comes out with my balled up toilet paper.  Fuck my life.  She tosses it in her trash bag and goes off changing the other bags at the hotel.

Being a cheap bastard I’m not giving up on $20 that easily.  I cut my workout short and start stalking her around the hotel.  All I need is for her to put the bag down and walk away and I will have my chance.

I am peeking around corners and casually walking past her.  She definitely notices the crazy sweaty white guy hovering over her but I really don’t care.

Eventually she goes into a bathroom with her big trash bag and the comes out.  I rush to the door to go in….. it’s the womens room… whatever.


I go in and lock the door and will feign ignorance if she is waiting for me after I leave.  I open up the trash bag and it is filled to the brim with balled up toilet paper.  Snot rags, feminine products…… time to dig in.

I try and inspect every one because I have to squeeze them to feel if there is anything inside.  I go through the whole bag for five minutes, its not in there.  I  wash my hands thoroughly and head back out to the hallway.

Should I go offer her like $5 for the bag?  She most likely has it and her daily salary is probably like $2 or $3, I am sure she would give it to me for $5.  Instead I just give up and call the motor driver and have him come back :(.

When I had about half the bag left I decided to quit because it was such poor quality and I wasn’t enjoying it.  I also felt I was getting some ‘personality’ back that I had lost after being a stoner for 10 years and might as well see how that played out.

But I wasn’t totally sure I’d never smoke again and didn’t want to throw the bag out. I didn’t know of any trash cans that wouldn’t be changed for months so I needed a new hiding spot.

One of the rooms next to mine had been empty for close to a month and they never locked the door.  I decided to hide it under the bed in that room and I could go back in and get it if I changed my mind.  Even if guests started showing up there would surely be some free days to sneak in when it was empty…….

Or not, a week later someone else started doing month to month there and obviously got the 1 room I had weed hidden in (I run good again.)

After a month or two I had the urge to smoke again but had no way of getting in.  Until one day I was walking through the bar of the hotel and had a quick chat with cute hotel chic.  Then the guy staying in the room with the weed left, and cute hotel chic went next door to get some food.

I  had my chance.  I had been staying at this hotel for so long I knew where the spare keys to the rooms were and quickly grabbed them and ran up to his room.  A minute later I was back sitting at the bar with the keys safely in place and the bag in my pocket.

This was over 3 years ago.  I hope the statute of limitations on breaking and entering and possession are less than 3 years, and I haven’t smoked since 2012.

13 Responses

  1. jspill says:

    So how much per gram? I’m clueless with weed prices. I see an ounce is a little under 30g and you write $20 for a bag which contains about half an ounce… so about $1 per gram?

    Can you smoke openly just walking around the beach or wherever? Bribe amount if stopped by police, or that never happens?

  2. kick2dante says:

    half is 14 g’s so $1.xx a gram, i am sure if you wanted to negotiate or took the time you could get a bit better price

    if a cop sees you smoking you might run into some issues, there is one reggae bar where i saw people smoking outside a few times, but generally you dont see people smoking on the street or the beach

    odds of getting caught if you did smoke on the beach would be tiny though, cops were basically never down there

    I was told $100 could bribe you out of anything in cambo

  3. CannabisTourist says:

    Hello, did you score very good one lately ? Do they grow it all year long ? Thanks.

  4. CannabisTourist says:

    Sorry I just read that you do not smoke anymore ? Why not ? ou are too paranoid, for sur e!

  5. Clit Eastwood says:

    My experience in Cambo is about a dollar a gram. Easy to score in PP, SR and Snooky. Not sure what a weed bribe is but I paid quite a few one and two dollar bribes while on a scooter in Snooky. Once I was stopped twice by same cops and was like wtf I already bribed u once today and they laughed and let me slide.

  6. kick2dante says:

    i quit because the quality was low and it was giving me a headache every time i smoked it, even if i found great quality in asia i would have to debate whether or not to smoke again because i will do much better with girls if im not a stoner

  7. Anonymous says:

    it seems like all you do is illegal, do you do the same in your country? i bet so. low life everywhere you go

    • jspill says:

      Weed’s legal in his country and defacto legal in Cambodia (can buy happy pizzas, shakes, etc). Not every country is as retarded as the Philippines on drug laws (extrajudicial killings aren’t legal last time I checked, that’s pretty ‘low life’ to allow vigilante killings of addicts)

      • SouthernAdventurer says:

        I read every day in the newspaper here about how the cops killed x number of drug users/sellers (in raids/busts not executions). They act like its an accomplishment its much more disgusting then any drug addict. I find it ridiculous Filpinos think killing people is fine but people using drugs are evil.

        As far as weed goes I doubt any western country will have weed illegal in 10 years. Its a ridiculous idea to make a plant illegal and it sure as hell isn’t helping stop people from using considering its so heavily used.

        Speaking of weed. I miss my little green friend. Its by far the worst thing about being here.

  8. CannabisTourist says:

    Hello, do you know any good place to buy weed in Phnom penh ?
    Tuktuk are everywhere but only sell crap.
    Thank you for your help.

    • jspill says:

      I don’t, it’s probably the same low quality crap everywhere in PP. If I lived there I’d take a holiday to Thailand, buy in bulk and and take into Cambodia across land border, they don’t search bags

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