Bus / Taxi from Manila to Angeles & Back

Beeway Travel driver

When looking for a reliable taxi service from Manila to Angeles I Googled it along with ‘philippines-addicts’, that’s a good forum with information from expats.

I found a fairly up to date thread with two expats arguing over whether Margarita Station or Beeway Travel, two private car hire companies, were best.

Taxi Manila to Angeles

I picked Beeway Travel as Margarita Station only seems to pick up from Manila airport (?), everything turned out fine. 2500 pesos ($50) door to door from my Airbnb condo to my Angeles hotel in 2 hours.

Safe driver, Uber quality (Uber themselves don’t leave the Manila city limits), air conditioned Toyota. Not swerving across the road, high on meth or blasting the radio. Room for a big suitcase.

Taxi Angeles To Manila

Then the same driver (Rommel was his name) picked me up from outside my Angeles hotel after my trip and took me back to Manila for the same 2500 rate. They pay all the tolls either way.

I’ve used hotel taxis before, bit more expensive e.g. Fields Hotel arranged me a car to Manila for 2900.

Bus Angeles to Manila

Or you can take a trike that charges foreigners 150 to go to Dau bus station in Angeles, then buses to Manila leave every 30 – 45 mins or so to Victory Liner Pasay station. Sometimes they stop at the Mall of Asia.

Trikes on Walking Street

When you get to the Angeles bus station a guy will offer to show you where the bus is hoping for a tip.

Bus Manila to Angeles

This one time I met a Pinay at a coffee shop, said she worked in a call center but turned out to be a hooker.

She brought a sister and cousin to the first date last minute who kept ordering buckets of beer and asking me ‘is it okay’ (I had one water). Implying I’d cover the bill which I wouldn’t have minded.

Then my girl started asking ‘what’s our deal if I go to your hotel’. I said ok I like hookers but I’m not buying food & drinks for one that didn’t tell me in advance, and her friends, then paying for sex, it’s unfair.

Plus she wasn’t that hot, ok for a freebie but she was annoying me at this point. I gave cash for half the bill for 4 people (they ordered the most) which I thought was generous and left.

Got an angry ‘fuck you!’ text message and she knew where my Manila condo was so I thought ok I’m off. No time to book a taxi from Manila to Angeles so I got the last bus at 1am.

Manila Bus station

It cost 140 pesos, adding on taxi fare to the Pasay bus station and then ripoff trike again (150 pesos) from the Dau bus station to your Angeles hotel, you’re looking at ~350 pesos total cost via bus.

Shared Car Angeles to Manila

From the Dau bus station you also have the option of a shared car for 500 pesos per person, a lady approached me and I got in, then waited for two more passengers to fill the car up.

It was a decent car, said she worked as an Uber driver in Manila so I went with it. I got lucky as the other two passengers turned out to be smoking hot girls.

They explained they were from Pampanga and travelling to Manila for work, at the Remington hotel. Seemed very well spoken compared to the average Angeles girl and I didn’t get a hooker vibe.

Shared taxi Angeles to Manila

I swapped numbers with one and we texted back and forth for a while, the taxi was dropping me off at the airport to fly out. When I went back to the Philippines on my next trip I texted again.

‘Come see me at my work!’ that was a bit of a red flag but I’d never been to the Remington hotel whiskey bar, which she now explained was where they were working.

It turned out to be Single’s whiskey bar where on the 2nd floor you pay 2000 pesos for unlimited drinks and have different hot girls with you in a rotation every 15 mins, 300 per lady drink you buy on top.

And I could request just her and her friend for an additional fee, instead of girls rotating. I was like lol thanks for letting me know.

Thankfully she came downstairs to the ground floor and up to the third floor by the Lucky Fish casino, so we got to have a few normal drinks together.

By Lucky Fish Casino

So they were basically hot PR girls, not hookers but these girls will often go with a guy for the right price. I didn’t make an offer just had a few ~300 peso drinks. I liked her less as I got talking to her more.

She didn’t want to hit Manila house club in the Remington with me after work either, ‘tired’.

White Taxi Manila to Angeles?

Once I negotiated 2000 plus I pay the tolls, to get to Angeles, from City of Dreams casino, that’s a bit rare though. I’ve also done 2500 without tolls from P Burgos.

I wouldn’t recommend going with a white taxi though they don’t drive that as safely as private taxis. But 2500 is about what it would cost to go there and back on the meter.

Once a friend managed to find a Grabtaxi driver in Angeles who agreed to take him to Manila for 1300, he must’ve been going there anyway.

Dante also recommends the bus run by Swagman hotel in Ermita, I haven’t taken it before though. I read they’ve switched to using vans. There’s also a Southern Cross bus company, haven’t used that either.

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Cute Tollway girl I saw while in the taxi from Manila to Angeles

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  1. RumandCokeMan says:

    Just a suggestion- Are there any famous nature sites (mountains, parks[including beaches], wildlife reserves, etc), festivals (food, music, etc) or theme parks (water parks, roller coasters,etc) in SEA you guys could cover?

    I know some bitched and complained about JSpills boat and beach excursion date w/ normal girls posts but Inactually liked them and found them educational/informative/considered it good travel blogging. It’s good to see what all these countries have to offer outside of the RLDs.

  2. thibault says:

    lol at the story. its the exact same one as the girl next to the hotel.
    i bring fruends you pay, i ask money for sex.
    so, rule: never pay for anyonebut your girl.
    rule: always consuder they want money.
    you could have fucked her for the same price

  3. cuck says:

    i like to take the bus. taxis aren’t any faster and they cost a lot more. btw if you were going from angeles to makati the bus driver will ask if anyone wants to get off in makati and they will drop you on the way behind holiday inn and glorietta mall

  4. Jobo says:

    Jspill you shouldn’t have bought the group anything and no need to run. Tell them to fuck off and buy their own drinks. Most Pinoys are pussies much too scared to confront you.

  5. BangkokBaller23 says:

    ❤️ the honesty in your writing Jspill! You share all the stuff when you did as we ALL have done at some point (make a left instead of a right w/girl X). Who wants to read about the “perfect” pick-up, lay report, and whatnot. The HONESTY is what makes you guys different. Keep it up!!!!!!😎

  6. southernallstars says:

    When travelling to or out of Manila, I always try to do this on Sundays, the traffic is horrible on weekdays, but you will have the streets for yourself on Sunday, if at all a minor traffic jam somewhere between Makati and Cubao, but it’s usually a fast ride. By all means would I avoid rush hours and generally Fridays. I think the traffic got worse during the past few years…

    I am cheap but hate buses so I often take a white cab, it seems like Jspill said 2500 Pesos is the going rate, though I guess Filipinos may get better rates.

  7. A. says:

    I tried to book with beeway but their site is down. My grab driver just charged me 3500 instead of the 2579 the app quoted me. I’m pretty impatient and didn’t want to deal with taking an even longer bus ride so I said whatever. I think he’s ripping me off so I reported this to Grab support at the beginning of this ride to inquire WTF is going on. Maybe I’ll get the difference back after Grab investigates. Totally gonna message Uber that they should expand outside of Manila Metro.

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