Top 3 Budget Hotels Phnom Penh

One of the best things about Cambodia is how easy it is to find cheap lodging.  With it being so cheap for hotels Phnom Penh is kind of a backpackers dreamland because you can stay there affordably without having to commit to a lease.

Hotels Phnom Penh

There are so many hotels in the $15-$20 a night range even in the touristy areas of the capital city Phnom Penh.

With so many to choose from there are a few things that set some apart from the rest.  Location is probably the biggest factor.  On my last to trip to Phnom Penh my hotel was near the restaurant Chat n’ Chew on street 172.  I mention Chat n’ Chew because it is one of the best restaurants I have been to in Asia.  It is one of those rare places where you can order beef and it actually tastes like beef.

Street 172 is right in the heart of the tourist area of the city and very centrally located for places where foreigners will want to go in Phnom Penh.  It is also far enough away from the bars that you don’t have to deal with noise from them late at night.  I would recommend staying in that area if you are looking for a hotel in Phnom Penh.

Top 3 hotels Phnom Penh has to offer

Sundance Inn

Sundance Inn is probably one of the better value hotels in the world, not only better value hotels in Phnom Penh.  At $20 walk in rate (might be able to find better on Agoda) a night you get a big room with aircon in a nice area of the city.  However what sets Sundance Inn apart from the competition are the fact that every room has a desktop computer with quality reliable internet and a refrigerator.

There is also a nice bar downstairs and a swimming pool.  I am not sure what more there is to ask for from a hotel.  And the cherry on top is that it is located right in the heart of street 172.  On my next visit to Cambodia I may have to ask them about their monthly rate because it almost sounds to good to be true.

White River II

If Sundance Inn is fully booked and you need a backup plan for a hotel in Phnom Penh then you could stay at White River 2 which is located nearby.  There is also Whiteriver 1 but that should be your backup backup option as it is a bit older.  White River 2 is also located right on street 172 with a great location.

Rooms are $15-$20 a night with aircon and while they are not as nice as Sundance Inn they are certainly liveable enough for your stay in Phnom Penh.  They have a nice restaurant on site and I would recommend the French Toast for breakfast.

Blue Lime

If you want to spend a little extra on your hotel in Phnom Penh then you could try the Blue Lime.  I had a friend who stayed there last year and he raved about the place.  He said it had a very nice resort feel to it and he would certainly stay there again.

Prices are about $50 a night which is quite a bit for a hotel in Phnom Penh, however he thought it was worth the price.

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