Cheap Cebu Condo Near Casino & IT Park | LA Guardia Flats 1

In the last post I gave examples of some of the high end condos on AirBnB that do monthly rates  – Knightsbridge and Gramercy in Manila, and Calyx Centre in Cebu. Someone commented I should post some more original content, so here it is – La Guardia Flats 1 at the end of La Guardia Street, Cebu.


It’s centrally located between JY Square Mall and IT Park, and about 1km North of Waterfront Casino if you scroll the map down. A fews mins cab ride to Mango Square, MO2 club, Ayala Mall etc.

Has a minimart nearby for emergency condom runs, Nuat Thai massage joint (sadly no handjobs) and a bunch of restaurants like Golden Cowrie to take a date to then say oh hey I live just there wanna come over?

The apartment is basic, people used to Thailand condos might not like it, if you only need a place to crash though it does the job. It’s a small ~25 sqm studio room with hot water shower, air con, TV, fridge, balcony. I put a couple pics of the view from the balcony in my 6 months in Cebu post.


Girls off FilipinoCupid were pretty impressed with the place (although that’s not saying much) and it was easy for them to get to on the jeepney routes, they came straight over without flaking. Tell them Chika-an restaurant is just around the corner, they love a date at that place.


On AirBnB it was 19k pesos ($400) after tax so not super cheap. It has 8 floors and a security guard downstairs. The room owner gave me a Smartbro stick for internet, bedsheets, a fruit platter, a bunch of water, basically everything I needed.


Sign up to AirBnB via the links on this site for $35 off then find the ad for this room here, with more pics from the owner and night time views from the balcony (show the girls that as an excuse to get them over).

For long term rental prices at La Guardia I saw the ad below for 16k unit while I was there. That’s a corner unit, from Googling around some standard units were 12 – 15k but that was a couple years ago.


Overall the best thing about it is location, good if you’re playing live poker at the Waterfront every day and meeting Pinays on dating sites. For P4P girls somewhere walking distance to Fuente Circle might be better.

NB there’s a La Guardia Flats 2 too, two different places.

8 Responses

  1. jspill says:

    nice legs

  2. sam says:

    See, now that’s what I’m talking about! Unlikely I’ll ever have to use it but it’s there in case I do. Peace!

  3. abcdef says:

    I checked this place out.Its exactly as advertised and a pretty good overall vibe(safety,location,clean)…Im definetly putting it on the list of places i might stay…..Nice view!

  4. kick2dante says:

    Yeah if it was a little bigger and the owner set it up with a PLDT broadband line for internet it’d be perfect.

  5. Bishop says:

    It’s amazing how something so modest by American standards can impress the Filipina. I had one girl stop mid sentence as we entered, ‘Why would you spend 20K on a small…this is the nicest place I’ve ever been to.’ Night swimming and Tonyo’s also great for cheap dates. I am in Flats2 if anyone has any’s right off LaGuardia and Salinas near the bakery you’re probably familiar with. It saves about 5 minutes round trip everytime you leave the house since everything is closer to 2 than 1.

  6. kick2dante says:

    ya flats 2 is nice, room a bit bigger than calyx, silly they make you pay for any guest you bring to the pool though

  7. Bishop says:

    Ha.. did they actual enforce that at Flats1? I have had 10+ guests, have never thought about paying and I don’t think anyone has ever thought about bothering me about it.

  8. kick2dante says:

    ive never swam there, when i checked it out they told me about it and then when i visited a girl that lived there (thinly veiled “i know a female” brag) she also told me about it

    good to hear they dont enforce it, always thought it would be pretty hard for them to

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